What Is The Largest Contentful Paint For On A Website?


What Is The Largest Contentful Paint For On A Website


What Is The Largest Contentful Paint For On A Website In 2021?


What is the largest contentful paint for on a website in 2021 when Google is saying that our site loading speed should be under 2 seconds for the first view people will see of our site as a ranking factor?


What Is The Largest Contentful Paint For In 2021 & Beyond


Hi, my name is Jeff and I think you made a wise decision by reading my post on the largest contentful paint on a website in 2021.

Many website bloggers, online marketers, eCommerce site owners, and marketing promotional sites are in overdrive to fix the longest contentful paint loading time on the Google search console.

But what is the largest contentful paint for when applied to a website speed loading score and what time frames do google allow?

It is approximated that by the year 2025, around 75% of the world’s population will be accessing the internet by just using their smartphones.

Another interesting factor indicates that only 15% of all websites online will meet this new largest contentful paint guidelines.

This opens up an incredible opportunity to steal rankings of your competitors that are only managing 5 to 7 second largest contentful paint (LPG) scores.


The Google Algorithm Update For 2021


Google normally releases a core algorithm update each year but the unusual aspect of this 2021 update is that they have been talking about this for a long time.

They have given us all fair warning and in May of 2021, Google released their algorithm update that targets user experience and mainly, mobile LCP page loading times for all websites.

The largest contentful paint is basically how long it takes to load the very first image that people will see on their mobile.

It’s a well-known fact that if your website does not load on a mobile browser within 3 seconds, most people will click out.

This factor alone could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


What Is The Google Core Algorithm Update? What’s Included… 


This year 2021 Google core algorithm update will include aspects that relate to user experience for the people visiting your website on mobile devices.

The 3 main areas that are up to scrutiny with your website’s mobile speed are…

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LPG) – The time taken for the viewer to see the first image on your website.
  • First Contentful Paint (FCP) – The first piece of content the viewer sees on their mobile.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – The unexpected movement of web page elements while the page is downloading its content.

Many past Google algorithm updates have targeted things on our websites that weren’t our fault but this 2021 update is very different.

If your website is loading over 2.5 seconds on Google Page Speed Insights for LPG, then the chances of this new era with web page loading speed can and will affect your site.


What Is The Largest Contentful Paint For? What To Expect From This Post


Nearly every website online has a first image of the content that appears near the top of the site.

Whether it’s an advertising banner near the head, an image to help explain what your post is about, or a profile picture in the side widget…

They all have to load javascript and this is where the Largest Contentful Paint comes into play.

The How To With WordPress Speed

In this post, we’ll also look at the First Contentful Paint that can hold 10% of your overall website score and what is the Cumulative Layout Shift all about?

You’ll also be able to browse handy information about how to engage one of the fastest-loading WordPress websites on the planet and how you can get up to 25 of them.


 What Is The Largest Contentful Paint For? Post Navigation:



A Little Bit About The Website You’re Now Looking At


The website you are now looking at is a WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and is just over 2 years old.

According to WordCamp, there are over 750 million websites built that use WordPress and it’s predicted to get even bigger over the next following 2 years…

With these types of numbers, it’s no surprise that WordPress has earned the title of the best CMS system to build blogging, small business, and product store (eCommerce) websites.

Even big well-known sites like Walt Disney, Sony, MTV, BBC, and New Yorker all rely on WordPress websites to run their business.


How Many People Use WordPress in 2021?


It is estimated that there are 64 million sites that people have built on the web that use WordPress and 400 million people visit WP sites every month.

The percentage of WordPress websites online accounts for around 39% of the entire web and 64% of CMS-built sites.

WordPress is the most liked CMS system because of its easy beginner-friendly interfaces and their aim to make site building accessible for everyone has them land on the top spot.

The WordPress website content management system is in a league of its own and allows everyone to build online shops, blogging sites, small business websites, a news site, or anything that you can imagine.


What Is The Largest Contentful Paint About?


The largest contentful paint is all about the first bit of content that people see when they click on your ‘Meta’ title.

Once a person clicks on your post title they find within the search engine listings, the LCP is usually their first contact – the first thing they will see.

My Website Largest Contentful Paint Time

This content is normally an image made up of HTML content so it makes a lot of sense to keep images sizes to a minimum.

Websites that have huge spread images as their first paint can be notoriously slow to load and whilst they may look the part, website speed is dramatically reduced.

Best Practices: Try and load your first image as small as you can and images under 550 pixels wide usually work best.

Another aspect that can affect site speed with your Largest Contentful paint is the type of images you download.

If the image is not describing a graph or numbers, always download as a “Jpeg” as these images load far quicker than a PNG.

A good “Largest Contentful Paint” should always be under 2.5 seconds.


What Is The First Contentful Paint About?


The First Contentful Paint is all about the first bit of written content people will see on the browsers.

To keep it simple, the FCP can be measured as the time it takes for the user to respond with your website content.

A fast first contentful paint can reassure the user that something is happening and keeps them waiting for more…

Websites that have a lot of “HTML Javascript Text” placed near the header of the website require the javascript to be loaded before a visitor sees the first paint of your text.

Best Practice To Fix: Aquire a fast-loading web host that has advanced caching tools to increase your site speed.

Keep text content to a minumum near the header of your website to minimize load time.

My Website First Contentful Paint Time

A good “First Contentful Paint” should always be under 1.8 seconds or less.


What Is The Cumulative Layout Shift About?


The Cumulative Layout Shift is all about the movement of your webs page when the rest of the content is being loaded.

It’s a score based on the “Cumulative Shift” of how much your content is jumping around when other things like images, advertisements are loading.

An unstable CML web page can be very frustrating to your website visitors as they can often lose their place when reading your content.

Or worst of all, making you click on the wrong button.

Best Fixes: Set all images you download to your web page with width and height attributes.

Keep text content to a minimum near the header of your website to minimize load time.

My Google Cumulative Layout Shift Time

A good “Cumulative Layout Shift” should always be under 0.1 seconds or less and a score of over 0.25 needs urgent attention.


How To Test My Website Load Speed?


The best way to test your website load speed is by using a free tool called, “Google Page Speed Insights.”

Google page speed insights are powered by ‘Lighthouse’ and the score your website gets is closely associated with user experience.

And since Google is all about user experience, the recommendations to fix errors should be closely adhered to…

But before you head off to test your site, it’s not all doom and gloom.

As long as your LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) is under 2.5 seconds and the FCP (First Contentful Paint) is under 1.8 seconds, you are doing better than around 85% of websites online.

Cumulative Layout Shift is also an important factor and should be under 0.1 seconds or less to rate a good user experience.

To get the best user related speed loading times by Google, always run the test at least 3 times and if possible, delete the cache of your site before running.


How To Increase Speed For A Website The Easy Way


The easy way to increase speed for a website is to follow the tips I have provided for you above.

Try not to create your website around ‘Flashy’ large site header images, avoid too much text content near the head, and set width & height attributes for the images you download.

Have a look at my Google page speed scores that I’m achieving below for just under a 3, 000-word post.

These scores will not only put me in good step to rank highly over my competitors but also create a great user experience for my readers.

Google Page Speed Scores For A Website

But I could not have scored these scores by just tweaking my website to the specifications.

You do really need a fast hosting company that has a professional image bandwidth saver and advanced caching tools to score over 90/100 for mobile speed.


How To Get Up To 25 High Speed WordPress Websites


Knowing where to get 25 WordPress websites hosted on the one platform that loads lightning fast can be an extremely hard task to accomplish.

All WordPress sites come with an easy login dashboard interface and total site security from bots & hackers added at no extra cost.

You may not need 25 websites but wouldn’t it be a nice feeling that you’re not being charged extra money if you want to build a second, third, or fourth site.

Host and build up to 25 WordPress websites that all come with their own site security certificates.

Professional keyword tool to get your small website ranking on the first page of Google.

24/7 fast response website support to help you out with any technical issues and hundreds of training videos to have you building your business website like a pro.

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The Best Hosting For Small Business!


The best Hosting for small business in 2021 must not only come at a reasonable price each month but also have great features that are gonna save you money as well.

Features like an in-house domain name store to purchase domains for $13.99 for a dot com that won’t triple the price on renewal.

Lighting fast hosting that will have the business pages of your site loading super quick included with the package.

The Kraken Plugin is designed to have your website images loading as fast as possible. 

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The Best Website Hosting For A Blogger!


The best WordPress Hosting for a blogger in 2021 is where you can build up to 25 fully hosted websites for any marketing campaigns you want to put out there…

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The Best Website Hosting For Ecommerce Stores!


Just like the very affordable site hosting for small businesses and internet bloggers mentioned above, the best website hosting to build eCommerce stores can be obtained here too.

All eCommerce stores & functionality features are included with the low monthly cost with no UPSELLS added on.

With the multitude of WordPress eCommerce plugins that are available to add to your website, you can have your own online store up and running in no time.

The difference here is that there is a good selection of full-length professional webinars all to do with eCommerce if you want to sell your own products online.

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Some folks can make money sooner than others depending on the effort they put in…

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What Is The Best Web Hosting About In 2021?


We all like to save money when building a WordPress Website – so what is the best web hosting about that gives us the best value for our dollar?

We all like to save cash and this is especially the case in modern times. We also want quality, all the tools we need that include a great service with an outstanding product at the best price.

Am I right?😀

The WordPress hosting platform below is where I have been hosting my websites for the past six years and allows me to build up to 25 WordPress sites on one of the fastest servers on the web today.

This WordPress hosting platform was established way back in 2005 so you can take comfort in knowing this reputable company won’t disappear overnight.

The Best Way To Host A High-Speed Website

When it comes to finding the best way to host a WordPress Website, several factors like the speed of the hosting to let visitors view your site in the fastest times possible and fast 24/7 site support & help when things go wrong is a must.

Other important factors like being able to log into your WordPress website from an easy-to-use dashboard interface and included software that lets you know the site health of the site as you grow your online business.

The Features To Expect From Your WordPress Hosting

Just below is a list that will give you a much clearer picture of the tools that are included to build your WordPress website and things that should be included with other hosting platforms…

  • Professional around-the-clock 24/7 site technical support team.
  • Build and host up to 25 WordPress Websites.
  • Daily automatic backups of your websites.
  • An in-house domain searcher to purchase domains.
  • Full email account attached to each website you create.
  • Full training on how to build out your new website.
  • Full training on how to rank your new website on Google.
  • Professional keyword tool to help rank your business pages.
  • 24/7 help and support from a professional marketing community.

Added Benefits Of Your WordPress Hosting

Not only this, but your website hosting also comes with FULL site protection to protect you from the nasties online that can play havoc with your online business like…

  • Enterprise Security
  • Botnet Security
  • 24/7 Access To Server Admins
  • 30 GB Of Website Space
  • 500K Visitors/Month
  • Amazon c3.large (Faster)
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

You would kinda think that a WordPress hosting platform that included all these impressive features would be expensive but rarely do we see something that has ‘Real’ value without the expensive price tag.

Heck, the site support team will even help you to transfer your established WordPress Website and won’t even charge you a cracker – how good is that?

What Is The Cost Of A WordPress Website? Summary…

What is the cost of a WordPress website hosting you would expect to pay each month with the same benefits listed above?

Are you paying over $80 a month, over 90 bucks/month to host your most valuable asset that just includes the basics?

Well, I’m here to say that you can build and host up to 25 WordPress Websites that include all the software and hosting features that are gonna blow your mind for less than 50 bucks a month.

Come and check this amazing hosting and marketing training platform out for yourself.

You won’t even need to give any credit card details to scope this all out. Just 7 full days to ask as many questions as you like.



Thank You For Visiting My Post!

If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to discuss Google’s new core algorithm update, just drop your question in the comment box below… I always reply back to my readers in a timely manner.


Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


  1. Hi Jeff, 

    Your post on the Largest Contentful Paint and other Google algorithm updates has helped me understand some very important ways to improve my website in order to keep visitors who come to my websites. I’ve gone back into my posts this afternoon to check on the size, height, and width of photos and other suggestions you’ve shared. Staying up to date with Google updates is vital for website survival.

    Thank you, Tamara!

    • Hi there, Tamara!😀
      Yes, keeping a good user experience with fast website load times is very important as it can hurt your post rankings if your site is loading too slow.
      I have noticed there are a lot of popular websites that I’ve run through Google Page Speed Insights and the results of their Largest Contentful Paint scores are less than impressive.
      Even websites of people I know and lesser-known websites that I have tested fall way short of the 2.5 seconds or less rule for LCP as Google recommends.
      In fact, they are saying that up to 85% of websites will not meet Google’s new website speed criteria.

  2. Hello there, this is an interesting and detailed post. That is quite mind-blowing how much people will be using their phones to access the internet in just a few more years, but it makes sense. You mentioned article sight speed often and that is something that my website struggles with. Even when the pictures don’t feel all that big, I feel like it is a huge factor for my page loading times.

    My largest contentful paint is over 12 seconds and this is after running the post URL through the Google speed tool 3 times.

    Do you reckon that where I host my website has anything to do with such a slow website speed?

    Thanks, Mike!

    • G’Day, Mike!😀
      Where you host your website can have a huge effect on website load time and especially, the Largest Contentful Paint loading.
      Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that serves content directly to users for a chosen country can reduce LCP times.
      Alternatively, choose a paid shared hosting platform that has advanced caching and site compression tools and you should see some improvements with your overall website loading times.
      Try not to go for the free CDN’s and shared hosting options as these often don’t produce the results needed for the website required with Google’s new 2021 update.

  3. Once upon a time, content creation was simply all about creating content with good keywords that Rank and providing something new to the world wide web. However, nowadays, as you say, you really do need to work at your website speed, especially as technology evolves to be faster with more mobile users all the time.

    This has been a very interesting read and I have bookmarked it for future reference. So thanks for sharing this resource hub with us.

    I’m Just wondering if you can recommend any further training on how to improve the Largest Contentful Paint time on my website?

    At the moment, I’m scoring a lousy 10.8 seconds for LCP.

    Thanks, Lance!

    • Nice to meet you, Lance!😀
      Considering around 85% of websites won’t meet Google’s new algorithm update, this leaves an incredible opportunity for the rest of us to get better rankings for our website posts.
      You can read about how to improve the Largest Contentful Paint times and other speed metrics that can speed up your website as picking a good hosting company for your WordPress site makes all the difference.
      I’m scoring 2.5 seconds and under for all my pots with the LCP which is under Google’s recommendations of 2.7 seconds.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    Amazing article on website speed! As a website owner myself, I was constantly frustrated with seeing that my website speed performed poorly on mobile devices and couldn’t find out why! Thanks to your article, I used the google speed test and found out that it was my website hosting that was causing the issue! I took your recommendation and switched my WordPress site to the hosting platform you recommended. My mobile speed score went from 61 to 93 and my desktop score jumped to 100/100! I am so thankful for your insightful article. Great work.

    • Hi there, Pat!😀
      Wow, that’s certainly a big improvement on your site speed! Where you host your website can have a big impact on the speed of the site.
      With a score of 93/100 on Google Page Speed Insights, I would imagine your LCP time to be well under 2.7 seconds.
      Considering I spent half the day testing out some popular websites on the web and only a couple of them scored good load speed results. The rest were scoring abysmal scores for Largest Contentful Paint scores of 20 seconds or more so they would want to improve sharply on this to comply with Google’s new mobile user-friendly core algorithm update.

  5. I appreciate you giving me fair warning about the changes in Google. I have been watching my loading speed very closely over the past two years and have needed to make pictures on my pages smaller and smaller to keep loading speeds under 3 seconds. I can see that now the new rules came in in May 2021 that I will have to rethink all the pictures on my website for the first loading. An excellent explanation and worth the read. Thanks.

    • Thanks for commenting here, Lily!😀
      Yes, that would be about right. Google has been warning us about our website loading times and especially about the mobile speed of our sites for a long time.
      It’s only natural that huge images near the head of the website take longer to load. This factor alone may be okay if you have around 500 words per post as this cuts down on request times.
      But if you’re writing 1500 words plus posts, this makes the page heavier and increases ‘Request Times’ dramatically.
      You may get away with this new Google site speed update regarding user experience if you own a one-page website combined with good hosting but a bloggers site that contain many posts and is way heavier in nature can need changes to meet the new guidelines.
      Is your website loading time of 3 seconds or less for the Largest Contentful Paint Lilly or is this for the overall time of the site loading?
      If this is your LCP score, I would try to get it under 2.7 seconds for the best results for ranking highly on Google.

  6. Though mobile phones are useful, for secretaries and virtual assistants who have to be ergonomically positioned at a proper desktop computer to work, they will never take over the use of desktops.

    I used to be a legal secretary working in the conveyancing department of a solicitors’ office.

    I had to type at high speed (75wpm) all day for five days a week. For months at a time.  You just can’t use all your fingers to type at that speed on a mobile phone and view whole pages and documents for errors and detailed typing.

    Mobile phone use is largely amongst the younger generation who cannot yet afford a laptop or desktop computer.  So definitely the need is rising.  Also, responsive themes make for faster site loading speed.  The fewer plugins for WordPress users, the better. 

    • Hi, Stella!😀
      Whilst I agree a lot more young people use mobile phones there is also a huge demographic of older people using their mobiles to look up information and purchase goods.
      It’s true that desktops will always have their place but usage by mobile phones is increasing at an alarming rate and we all need to have fast-loading mobile versions of our websites.

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