What Is The Cost Of A WordPress Website?


What Is The Cost Of A WordPress Website?

What Is The Cost Of A WordPress Website? A Free Guide

What is the cost of a WordPress website and is WordPress free for us to use if we want to earn commissions online with an affiliate marketing blog site?

Are you running a WordPress website and are you hosting your site on WordPress.com or are you using hosting platforms like GoDaddy or BlueHost just to name a few?

Or are you planning on initializing a WordPress website and want to know if you can self-host your new site on the WordPress platform itself or other hosting servers like BlueHost, GoDaddy, and Pressable – is so, you can find the answers here…

Either way, if you need to find the best way to host a WordPress website and if they can fix any problems that can arise 24/7 – you have come to the right place.😀

Join me below to discover what is the cost of a WordPress Website and the best cost-effective ways to host your new site. 

What Is The WordPress Hosting About?

What is WordPress Hosting all about and what kind of plans could best suit you that gives the best contact support for the type of online business you want to start?

Well, on WordPress themselves, they have 2 plans you can pick from.

These are WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

Many people first starting a business blogging site often confuse the 2 and basically, if you get a WordPress.org account, you have to host your site on a server hosting like GoDaddy and WordPress.com, you’ve got to host the website on the WordPress hosting.

Whilst getting a free website from WordPress.com won’t cost you a cracker, there are off course other costs you should consider before grabbing your freebie site.

Is WordPress Free To Use? WordPress.com

For people that just want to own a WordPress.com website to blog about things (hobby bloggers) that are important to them, then a free WordPress.com site hosted on WordPress hosting would work out fine.

Please Note: email platforms are not included with a free WordPress.com website and to receive emails, you’ll have to purchase an external email server like Titan and Google Workspace.

>>Free WordPress Website With Hosting & Email Here!

But if you want to make money online with your site, then you’ll most likely have to cough up for a Business Plan that costs $33 a month that’s billed yearly to host that lets you remove the WP advertising banners and WordPress branding.

WordPress Pricing Plans

The Business Plan also lets you add Google AdSense, allows you to pick from premium themes, and gives you the ability to add custom plugins that can improve the look and functionality of your new site.

Grabbing the Business Plan also allows you to add your own “Domain Name” instead of using a sub-domain that has WordPress.com at the end.

The Business Plan also gives you 200 GB storage and 24/7 live chat for support-related questions to your website.

Is WordPress Free To Use? WordPress.org

WordPress.org is also a place where you can get a free WordPress website where you can add plugins, grab new themes, and place Google AdSense banners within them.

They don’t come with the restrictions of a free WordPress.com website and you can basically customize these sites as you wish as long as your online business is not dealing in illegal activities.

With the WordPress.org website though, you’ll have to host this site on your own hosting like GoDaddy, Pressable, Wealthy Affiliate, and Bluehost Management.

But as you may run into problems with your WordPress website from time to time, getting a WordPress.org site does not qualify you to get help and support for fixes when you need it most.

WordPress Website Support

As often is the case, your new WordPress website can have issues like not being able to log in through the dashboard, plugin problems that can crash your site, and theme issues can all add a huge burden when running a WordPress website.

And if your website does go down like the many times this has happened to my sites, getting quick 24/7 help & support is vital.

Now, the biggest issue I have found with getting quick fixes to your site woes is the cost it’s gonna cost you!

Places you can host your WordPress.com website are cheap enough and range from just under 4 bucks a month but the real ‘Kicker’ is when you need assistance for site decides to misbehave.

Where To Host A WordPress Website?

This section looks at 3 hosting platforms and where to host a WordPress Website that doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg to get help and support when things go wrong.

GoDaddy Hosting Pricing – Website Support Extra

The GoDaddy hosting pricing is as cheap as chips and ranges from $6.99 a month and includes a free domain name but watch out if you need support.

GoDaddy works on a credit system to get help with fixes on your WordPress Website if things go wrong and basically, one credit equals one website fix.

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

This is charged at a monthly rate from 1 credit with the starter pack at $65.99 but if you need several fixes which can happen, this jumps up to $100.99

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost Managed WordPress hosting will cost you around $39.99 to grow and host your website but this package does come with extra costs if you want to add more features.

Whilst the Bluehost hosting for WordPress managed websites does include full backup & 24/7 site support, extras for a premium SSL, a dedicated IP, site lock, and SEO tools can run the total costs to over $50 per month.

Pressable Hosting – Includes 24/7 Site Support

Pressable hosting is another option to host your new WordPress website and this platform comes with 24/7 help & support for $45 per month.

This includes the hosting of up to 3 WordPress websites, 20 GB of storage, and 50,000 visitors each month.

What Is The Best Hosting Site For WordPress?

Whilst the 3 hosting platforms listed above are a good basis for hosting and building your WordPress website – what is the best hosting site for WordPress that gives us the best value for our money?

We all like to save money and this is especially the case in modern times. We also want quality and great service with an outstanding product at the best price.

Am I right?😀

The WordPress hosting platform below is where I have been hosting my websites for the past five years and allows me to build up to 10 WordPress sites on one of the fastest servers on the net today.

This WordPress hosting platform was established way back in 2005 so you can take comfort in knowing you have made the best possible choice where to host your new website.

The Best Way To Host A WordPress Website?

When it comes to finding the best way to host a WordPress Website, several factors like the speed of the hosting to let visitors see your site at the fastest loading times possible and fast 24/7 site support & help when things go wrong is a must.

Other important factors like being able to log into your WordPress website from an easy-to-use interface and included software that lets you know the site health of the site as you grow your online business.

The Features To Expect From Your WordPress Hosting

Just below is a list that will give you a much clearer picture of the tools that are included to build your WordPress website to earn money online with affiliate marketing that should be included with other hosting platforms…

  • Professional around-the-clock 24/7 help & support team.
  • Build and host up to 10 WordPress Websites.
  • Daily automatic backups of your websites.
  • An in-house domain searcher to purchase domains.
  • Full email account attached to each website you create.
  • Full training on how to build out your new website.
  • Full training on how to rank your new website on Google.
  • Professional keyword tool to help rank your posts.
  • 24/7 help and support from a caring marketing community.

Added Benefits Of Your WordPress Hosting

Not only this, but your website hosting also comes with FULL site protection to protect you from the nasties online that can play havoc with your online business like…

  • Enterprise Security
  • Botnet Security
  • 24/7 Access To Server Admins
  • 30 GB Of Website Space
  • 250K Visitors/Month
  • Amazon c3.large (Faster)
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

You would kinda think that a WordPress hosting platform that included all these impressive features would be expensive but rarely do we see something that has ‘Real’ value without the expensive price tag.

Heck, the site support team will even help you to transfer your established WordPress Website and won’t even charge you a cracker – how good is that?

What Is The Cost Of A WordPress Website? Summary…

What is the cost of a WordPress website hosting you would expect to pay each month with the same benefits listed above?

Are you paying over $70 a month, over 80 bucks/month to host your most valuable asset that just include the basics?

Well, I’m here to say that you can build and host up to 10 WordPress Websites that include all the software and hosting features that’s gonna blow your mind for less than 50 bucks a month.

Build A Free Website For Beginners

You can even get started to build a free website for beginners that includes the same features as the paid version but on a sub-domain site name.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to build a free WordPress Website that is fully hosted with 24/7 site support for zilch.

And not only that, they will teach you how to get your new WordPress Website ranking on Google.

This free membership is yours to keep for life as long as you are working on your website.


Thank You For Visiting My Post!

Please do leave me a comment down below if you think you’re paying way too much for your WordPress Website Hosting. I always reply back to my readers in a timely manner.


Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
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  1. Well, I believe it is to whatever we make it to be because getting started with a WordPress site can come in both many ways from being free to being costly to anything. However, I feel that a lot more can be done to ensure that all hands are on deck and little to no cost is incurred by following the right approach to it. Thanks!

    • Hi there, Lisa!😀
      You can build and host a WordPress website with WordPress.com if you are a “Hobby Blogger” that just wants to share information on your site with others.
      But if you’re serious about making money online, this is when the costs can soon add up.

  2. Thank you for sharing this vital information about WordPress this has truly opened my eyes. I have been thinking of building a WordPress Website for some time now, and thanks to your post about what is the cost of a WordPress site, I now have a better idea of how to achieve this.

    Which is the best package to subscribe to, among the 3 main packages and the WordPress Builder Platform you are recommending?

    Thanks, Dan!

    • G’Day, Dan!😀
      The 3 WordPress Hosting Platforms I have mentioned in my “What Is The Cost Of A WordPress Website” are fairly good options to host a WP Site.
      The WordPress Website Builder & Hosting Platform I recommend has been in business since 2005 and offers more added extras to sweeten the deal.
      This includes full training on how to build your new WordPress Website, a Professional Keyword Tool to rank your site on Google, and an in-house ‘Domain’ purchasing center which includes an email platform service to receive and send emails.
      Along with all this, you’ll have contact with a 24/7 website support team on your side that can do ‘Quick’ fixes for most WordPress site issues that arise.

  3. Thanks for giving me some vital information I needed to see with this “What Is The Cost Of A WordPress” Review.

    Your Premium WordPress hosting service looks to be the better deal especially when the offer comes with so many added benefits for less than the others.

    Is there any extras I should be aware of with this deal?

    Thanks for the info, Davis!

    • Hi, Davis!😀
      No, the premium WordPress Hosting Service does not include any Upsells and you can even save more money by picking up the yearly membership.
      Most of the other WordPress hosting services charge by the year anyways so this could be a great option for you.

  4. This was a very amazing post and it’s wonderful to share this with us and also serves as an eye opener to see the different kinds of options available to me to build a WordPress website.

    I think I’ll have a look at your free option to start my WordPress website as my budget is very limited at the moment.

    Thank you so much for sharing this here.

    • Thanks for commenting, Colin!😀
      Yes, the free membership to build and host a WordPress Website is a ‘Ripper’ deal and there are definitely no extra costs to pay to keep building your site.
      This also includes 24/7 site support if something goes wrong with your WP website and it crashes or goes crazy.

  5. For anyone that really wants to build a WordPress site and make money, they shouldn’t use a free one. I’m hosted on Wealthy Affiliate. It costs $49 monthly to host a WordPress site and this is great value since I can build up to 25 sites on the same hosting.

    Appreciate the clarity that one can create a free WordPress website without being restricted from adding plugins, installing themes, and placing ad banners!

    • Hi there, Lily!😀
      Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress builder and hosting service is one of the best value site host platforms on the internet.
      And the fact that they have been helping people build a web-based business to earn commissions online since 2005, a credible one too.
      I especially love the fact that you also get a free professional keyword tool and full training videos to help rank your new website on Google makes it way more appealing than other WordPress Hosting Facilities.

  6. This is a nice article you have written. This would be very helpful for people that want to know what is the cost of A WordPress Website and are in search of a platform like WordPress to start a new online business.

    How many WordPress websites can I host at Wealthy Affiliate and are there any extra costs I have to pay?

    Thanks, Nelson!

    • Hi there, Nelson!😀
      You can host up to 25 WordPress Websites and this includes 24/7 site support, site protection, automatic backups of your websites, a professional keyword tool, and easy to use interface to download plugins, themes, etc.
      Everything is included for only $49 a month with absolutely nothing else to pay, Nelson.

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