What Is The Best WordPress Plugin?


What Is The Best WordPress Plugin?


What Is The Best WordPress Plugin For Website Images?


What is the best WordPress Plugin in 2021 for faster loading websites? See how to improve site speed and how to improve site ranking with SEO-friendly optimized images.


What Is The Best WordPress Plugin For Website Images In 2021?


Hi, my name is Jeff and I think you made a wise decision by reading my post on the best WordPress Plugin for faster loading website images in 2021.

Many website owners have to contend with slow page speed loading times just because the images on their site aren’t being optimized.

In fact, under-optimized website images is one of the biggest culprits that contribute to slow site page loading times.

And in 2021, Google has taken charge with penalties being rolled out to websites that don’t meet their criteria.

In this post, you’ll see how you can dramatically speed up web page load times with a state-of-the-art image plugin from WordPress.

Join me below as I uncover the best WordPress Plugin for website images that Google will love you for.


What Google Says About Slow Loading Websites In 2021!


Google has repeatedly warned us about having slow loading websites over previous years but from may of 2021, they are finally going to take action.

Many past Google algorithm updates have targeted things on our websites that weren’t our fault but this 2021 update is very different.

This year 2021 Google core algorithm update will include aspects that relate to user experience for the people visiting your website on mobile devices.

The 3 main areas that are up to scrutiny with your website’s mobile speed are…

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LPG) – The time taken for the viewer to see the first image on your website.
  • First Contentful Paint (FCP) – The first piece of content to viewer sees on their mobile.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – The unexpected movement of web page elements while the page is downloading its content.

If your website is loading to slow on Google Page Speed Insights for Largest Contentful Paint. then the chances of this new era with web page loading speed can and will affect your site.


The Best WordPress Plugin For Blogs And All Types Of WP Websites


The best WordPress Plugins for blogs and all types of WP websites to optimize your site images like no other WordPress image optimization plugins can is called, Kraken.

Kraken is an image optimization plugin and they are by far the industry leader in terms of image optimization.

As industry leaders, the Kraken WordPress Plugin processes images on their own servers which leads to more efficient optimization.

Unlike other image optimizing WP Plugins like EWWW that process and optimize images on the “server,” meaning that the server has to do the resource-intense job of crunching images before they are served.

Adopted by other major companies like Dell, HubSpot, Hallmark, GoDaddy among many others, Kraken have optimized over 3 BILLION  website images and this number is growing rapidly daily.


What Is The Best WordPress Plugin? What To Expect From This Post


Most often the reason for a slow loading website is due to one issue, imagery on your site. 

In many instances for having a slow WordPress site speed when tested on Google Page Speed Insights is having images that are not optimized for the web.

Image optimization is incredibly important to the success of your online business.

Slow loading images on your website are in many cases the sole culprit of a poor user experience and poor site speed results.

And worse yet, Google can punish your site in terms of rankings and exposure on their search engines if you have a slow website.

This factor alone could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to increase your web page loading speed and how to find the fastest web hosting for your website.

You’ll also be able to browse handy information on how to engage and use the ‘Kraken Plugin” and where you can find this speed crunching plugin.


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A Little Bit About This WordPress Website You’re Now Looking At


The WordPress website you’re now looking at is a WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and is just over 2 years old.

According to WordCamp, there are over 750 million websites built that use WordPress and it’s predicted to get even bigger over the next following 2 years…

With these types of numbers, it’s no surprise that WordPress has earned the title of the best CMS system to build blogging, small business, and product store (eCommerce) websites.

Even big well-known sites like Walt Disney, Sony, MTV, BBC, and New Yorker all rely on WordPress websites to run their business.


How To Increase Web Page Loading Speed


Google’s new broad algorithm update that took effect in May 2021 and looks at how to increase web page loading speed for your website.

This 2021 update is all about “user experience” and is mainly focusing on how fast your website loads on mobile devises.

The good news is that most WordPress Themes are mobile responsive and will serve users a clean template to read on.

With good news normally comes with a bit of bad news in saying that, most WordPress themes are optimized for speed but it’s what we put on our websites that slow them down.

In the list below, I’ve included some best practices to increase web loading speeds as…

  • Keep your plugin downloads to under 12 plugins.
  • Place width and height attributes to all downloaded images.
  • Get a good caching plugin and optimization plugin.
  • Don’t place large images near the ‘Head’ of your website.
  • Try and keep page requests per post to a minimum.

Best Practices: Try and load your first image as small as you can and images under 550 pixels wide usually work best.

Another aspect that can dramatically affect site speed is the type of images you download.

When possible, always download your images near the head of your website as a “Jpeg” as these images load far quicker than a PNG.


What Is The Fastest Web Hosting Service?


To keep it simple, the fastest web hosting service can be measured as the time it takes for the user to respond to your website content.

A fast serve up of your website whether being content or an image they see first can reassure the user something is happening and keeps them waiting.

In fact, most visitors will click out of your site if they can’t see anything loaded within 3 seconds.

The major culprits for slow loading websites are mostly images that are too large and HTML JavaScript that has to be loaded before a visitor sees the largest contentful paint of your content.

Other culprits that contribute to slow site load is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL (Structured Query Language) that all add to page lag.

This is because WordPress can run JavaScript code, plugin scripts (PHP), and MySQL database queries many times just to view a single page.

Best Practice To Fix: Aquire a fast-loading web host that has advanced caching tools to increase your site speed and reduce the number of plugins installed.


A WordPress Image Plugin For A Fast Website!


It’s no doubt that slow-loading images can affect your website loading times dramatically and a WordPress image plugin for a fast website is a must.

Unfortunately, most WordPress image plugins that you download onto your site, don’t have their own optimization servers.

This means that image HTML content has to run through the WordPress database and then be served to the visitor.

The Kraken image plugin is very different. Instead of sending HTML JavaScript code to the WordPress database to be processed, Kraken optimizes the image on it’s own servers directly within the plugin.

It’s a fact that not many people know about the Kraken image plugin but just imagine the savings in time per loading speed you could save for your images.

Another big bonus with the Kraken plugin is that you can delete all caching and optimization plugins to do with JavaScript & CSS.

And any other plugins related to site speed – your site speed is going to love you…


How To Use The WordPress Kraken Plugin


Using the WordPress Kraken Plugin can be easily achieved by entering an API Key, a API secret code, and set your settings to “Intelligent Loosy.”

Then all you have to do is select ‘Media Library’ within your WordPress site dashboard and select the images you want to Krak.

From there, all that’s required to do is pick “Krak ’em all and press the apply button as seen below.

How To Use The WordPress Kraken Image Plugin

There’s also an option to optimize your images as you download them which is a great feature for saving time… 


How To Test Website Load Speed For WordPress


The best way to test your website load speed is by using a free tool called, “Google Page Speed Insights.”

Google Page Speed Insights is powered by ‘Lighthouse’ and the score your website gets is closely associated with user experience.

And since Google is all about user experience, the recommendations to fix errors should be closely adhered to…

A good score to aim for is any Green score for mobile and desktop.

Before I was running the Kaken Plugin On this website, I was scoring a pretty poor 62/100 for mobile, and only low 80,s for desktop.

With the Kaken Plugin optimizing my images, I’m now achieving scores in the 90,s for both the mobile version and desktop as can be seen below.

My Website Site Speed Score On Google

To get the best user-related speed loading times on Google Page Speed Insights, always run the test at least 3 times, and if possible, delete the cache of your site before running.


How To Increase The Website Speed With WordPress!


Learning how to increase the speed with a WordPress website needs be hard but the hard reality to this, people can spend months trying to speed up their site to no avail.

Each time a visitor clicks onto your website from search engines, WordPress has to gather all the page information on their servers then relays it back to the viewer.

This process can sometimes take forever and achieving site speed to keep Google happy can be a daunting task.

But with this WordPress site speed tool, serving website caching that sits in the front door of your website makes a lot of sense.

This all works by caching and serving static versions of your website pages and posts straight to the requesting visitor.

It’s an extremely fast, scalable, and robust server software that handles all requests to your website.

This server is able to serve web pages at lightning pace, literally responding to the requesting browser near instantly.

This site speed software is similar to services like Cloudflare, among others, but it’s built right into your websites.

It can also handle a lot of traffic, much more than any Web server could without crashing down!

SiteSpeed keeps real-time versions of your website which it can deliver to browsers in hundredths of a second, thus preventing the request from ever even hitting your website’s server.


A WordPress Site Builder With The Kraken Plugin!


Knowing where to a WordPress site builder with the Kraken Plugin included for free can be an extremely hard task to accomplish.

Considering the Kraken io image plugin can cost you up to $79 a month to engage, getting it included with your site builds is a fantastic offer.

Now just imagine if you could build up to 25 of these “Kraken’ optimized websites for under $50 bucks a month.

You would call me CRAZY, right?😀

As an added bonus, all WordPress sites come with an easy login dashboard interface and total site security from bots & hackers added at no extra cost.

They also include the exclusive SiteSpeed tool to have your WordPress websites loading as fast as lightning.

You may not need 25 websites but wouldn’t it be a nice feeling that you’re not being charged extra money if you want to build a second, third, or fourth site.

Hosting and building up to 25 WordPress websites that all come with their own site security certificates and a professional keyword tool to get your website ranking on the first page of Google can cost you well over $200 a month.

24/7 fast response website support to help you out with any technical issues and hundreds of training videos to have you building your business website like a pro.

>>Host 25 WordPress Websites For Only $49 A Month!<<



What Is The Best Web Hosting Company About?


We all like to save money when building a WordPress Website – so what is the best web hosting about that gives us the best value for our dollar?

We all like to save cash and this is especially the case in modern times. We also want quality, all the tools we need that includes a great service with an outstanding product at the best price.

Am I right?😀

The WordPress hosting platform below is where I have been hosting my websites for the past six years and allows me to build up to 25 WordPress sites on one of the fastest servers on the web today.

This WordPress hosting platform was established way back in 2005 so you can take comfort in knowing this reputable company won’t disappear overnight.

The Features To Expect From Your WordPress Hosting

Just below is a list that will give you a much clearer picture of the tools that are included to build your WordPress website and things that should be included with other hosting platforms…

  • Professional around-the-clock 24/7 site technical support team.
  • The ability to move your WordPress website hosting smoothly.
  • Build and host up to 25 WordPress Websites.
  • Daily automatic backups of your websites.
  • All websites include the “Kraken” Plugin.
  • All websites include the “SiteSpeed” feature.
  • Full website security agaist robot attacks
  • An in-house domain searcher to purchase domains.
  • Full email account attached to each website you create.

And if you’re a beginner thinking of starting a new website online, the platform also includes…

  • Full training on how to build out your new website.
  • Full training on how to rank your new website on Google.
  • Professional keyword tool to help rank your business pages.
  • 24/7 help and support from a professional marketing community.

Extra Benefits Of Your WordPress Hosting

Not only this, but your website hosting also comes with other professional features that others don’t include in the price with your online business like…

  • Enterprise Security
  • Botnet Security
  • 24/7 Access To Server Admins
  • 30 GB Of Website Space
  • 500K Visitors/Month
  • Amazon c3.large (Faster)
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

You would kinda think that a WordPress hosting platform that included all these impressive features would be expensive but rarely do we see something that has ‘Real’ value without the expensive price tag.

Heck, the site support team will even help you to transfer your established WordPress Website and won’t even charge you a cracker – how good is that?

What Is The True Cost Of A WordPress Website?

What is the true cost of a WordPress website hosting that you would expect to pay each month with the same benefits listed above?

Are you paying over $80 a month, over 90 bucks/month to host your most valuable asset that just includes the basics?

Well, I’m here to say that you can build and host up to 25 WordPress Websites that include all the software and hosting features listed above that are gonna blow your mind for less than 50 bucks a month.

Come and check this amazing hosting and marketing training platform out for yourself.

You don’t even need to give any credit card details to scope this all out.



Thank You For Visiting My Post!

If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to discuss with the Kraken Image Plugin or anything about WordPress website speed, just drop your question in the comment box below… I always reply back to my readers in a timely manner.


Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


  1. Hello, Jeff.
    I saw your post about the best WordPress plugin on Google and just had to drop by. Kraken is a must-have WordPress plugin tool for quicker website loading speeds. I already use the Kraken Image Optimization plugin on my blog, but I had no idea it played such an important role in page loading speed. Your article was both informative and relevant. I now understand what I need to do to improve the speed of my website. This is a post that should be shared.

    • Hi there, Nsikan!😀
      If you enjoyed this post about the Kraken Image Plugin to help you with on-page website speed, I know you’ll enjoy this post about Google’s new core algorithm update that was rolled out in May of 2021.
      Google is saying that our website’s Largest Contentful Paint time to load should be below 2.7 seconds and they are going to be rolling out penalties for sites that don’t meet the new guidelines.

  2. I agree, having your images load up quickly along with your site is ultra-important, especially when it comes to Google ranking. But it just got me round to thinking about things here. My site is very slow loading and I have deleted a lot of my WordPress plugins in an attempt to speed up things.

    My website blog sped up a bit but I’m still far from Google’s recommendations for Largest Contentful Paint. If I get the Kraken Pugin as you suggest, will this speed up my site significantly?

    Thanks, Paul!

    • G’Day, Paul!😀
      Yes, downloading the Kraken WordPress Plugin can speed up your website speeds considerably!
      As images are the main culprit for slow website times, the way we serve them up can reduce site lag. Most WordPress imaging plugins are not loaded on their own servers and have to be requested by the server and then re-downloaded onto your site.
      Kraken optimizes all the site images on their own servers within WordPress itself thus eliminating the request times of all your website images.

  3. Honestly, website image plugins play an important role in WordPress because, without them, our website speed would be atrocious. Can you tell me how I can download the Kraken WordPress Plugin and how much would this cost me per month?

    Thank you for your post on website speed and I’m going to have a look at some of the other online marketing tips you have on your site.

    • Nice to meet you, Michael!😀
      The WordPress Kraken Plugin costs for a medium website in content would cost you between $19 to up to $40 per month. They also have yearly plans available at $190/$390 per year.
      The cost really depends on how many gigabytes of images you have on your website. So if you have a large site with lots of images, you could have to pay up to $79 a month or $790 a year.
      As website masters like to use lots of images, a medium-sized website can cost you around $40 per month for just one website.
      If you are like me, Michael, and don’t like spending unnecessary money – you can host up to 25 websites on high-speed hosting for only $49 per month.
      And all these WordPress websites come with the Kraken Plugin, 24/7 site technical support, and a professional online marketer’s keyword tool.

  4. Wow! you gave us some great fixes here Jeff. I have struggled with getting my website to load faster and I recently changed to a free WP theme called Astra. It really helped to speed everything up and I added Blog2social to be able to schedule all my posts to social media so that I didn’t have to do it every day. But I had thought about loading Kraken as I have heard good things about it. I checked my loading speed in Google Page Speed Insights whilst reading your article and my website is only scoring 3.7 seconds loading time for the largest contentful paint. Thanks for bringing these important Google outlines back to my notice.

    I also noticed that you’re recommending a hosting platform that includes up to 25 WordPress websites. 

    Do all these sites come with the Kraken WordPress Plugin at no extra cost to me?

    Thank you for this post on the best WordPress Plugin for website images.

    • Thanks for commenting, Lily!😀
      You’d want to get your Largest Contentful Paint under 2.7 seconds to meet Google’s new 2021 core algorithm update.
      Achieving this is not that easy and I think heaps of websites online are going to be punished by this May update. Where you host your website and site images are the main culprit for slow loading speeds so you really do need to correct this.
      To answer your question above, all the 25 WordPress websites do come with their very own Kraken Plugin and high-speed hosting.
      My Largest Contentful Paint for loading speed for this website that contains over 3, 000 images is 1.8 seconds and is hosted at the same hosting platform that I recommend.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing a good article to read to learn more about the best WordPress plugin to download for optimizing images, It’s quite hard to get everything right with a new website and site speed is definitely an ongoing issue, and I think it got hit by Google’s new 2021 algorithm update as it doesn’t get as much traffic as it used to get. So I think this might be because the images are probably slowing down my website, I’m glad I found your article as I didn’t know there is a plugin to solve this problem out, I will give the Kraken plugin a try.

    • Hi there, Alejandra!😀
      I’m glad you sorted your website speed issue out as this is becoming more important with user experience for people visiting your site.
      I reckon Google in the coming months will place great emphasis on website loading speed and images are one of the biggest culprits for slow sites.

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