What Is The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name From


What Is The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name From


How To Pick The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name From


When securing a website name, how do we pick the best place to buy a domain name from that don't charge ridiculous fees to renew each Year? Top web domain platforms should not only have great prices on your domain names but also be free of extra charges when it's time to renew.

Follow me below as we discover how you can get Domains for only $13.99 that are guaranteed to stay at the same price each renewal time.

Not only are the .com domains the best value on the web, but they all also come with free services that you'd pay $70 + for just for one domain!

  • High-Speed Hosting
  • Fully Functional WordPress Websites
  • Free Keyword Tool to find the best Domain Names
  • 24/7 Site Support
  • Top Notch Security Features
  • Website Domain Privacy Settings
  • Free Email Platform
  • SSL Website Secure Channel Certificates


The Best Domain Names Prices


There are not many instances online where you can purchase a domain name and have the whole kit and kaboodle thrown in. There's not much point getting a good site name if you have to pay kazillions for a working website, hosting, privacy settings, well you get the picture here right 😃

Just image the money you will save if you want to pick 3 or 4 domain names. I used to host all my web domains at GoDaddy. They were charging me $49 to renew each year and that included the privacy settings.

I now have 10 websites online and it used to cost me close to $1100 per year. This price didn't even include any working websites or hosting charges.

Whether you are building a website for Affiliate Marketing or starting your own brick and mortar business, we all want the best services and to save money in the process - is just a bonus...

Have a quick look at the price differences between where I purchased my domains (left) and GoDaddy prices per year.


How Much Does A Domain Name Cost Per Year


As you can see - my bank balance is in far better shape and there are no more worries about excess fees.

I know pay a flat rate of $299 per year and this fab deal comes with many added extras like:

  • Build and Host Up To 25 WordPress Websites
  • 100's Of Themes To Choose From
  • 24/7 Site Support
  • Easy Login Dashboard
  • Free High-Speed Hosting For Your Websites
  • Professional Keyword Tool
  • 24/7 Support & Help To Build Your Website

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What's Needed To Pick Your Perfect Domain Name?


New bloggers and business owners can spend hours (days even) racking their brains trying to pick a bonza domain name for a new business.

But that's just taking away valuable time from building their online websites.

Wouldn't you agree?

The process of finding ideas for a website domain name is actually easier than you think.

In this article, I'm gonna guide you on how to pick a domain name for your website in 30 minutes or less, so you can spend more time focusing on your business ideas.

Sound good to you, my eager apprentice?


What The Heck Is A Domain Name?


Put simply, a web domain name is the address URL of your website. For example, mine is, 'The Best Stay Home Jobs.com'.

With a domain name, you won't have any website presence online, hence no Visitors or Income.

If you wanna stand out in the marketplace and become a successful online marketer or business owner, then it's very important to start YOUR OWN website with a domain name.


Receive Free Searches On The Keyword Tool I Use


3 Awesome Reasons Why You Need A Good Domain Name!



How To Buy A Domain Name For Your Website


Firstly, by having your own web presence and brand, you are going to create AUTHORITY! It's going to put you miles ahead of the rest who are doing it all wrong - the ones who spam Social Media Groups with junk, etc.

The second good reason you need your own domain name is that it's gonna rank your website higher in the Google listings.

Now, the third and final reason is that as you create content and web authority, your domain is gonna increase value down the track.

Did you know that bloggers can sell their websites for $10,000s?

Pretty incredible, huh?

You can sell your web-domain if you want to, but let's say your site is pulling 1,000s of visitors per day and your income increases month-by-month - would you want to sell your estate for a one-off lump sum payment?


2 Ways To Pick a Domain (Choose What's Best For You!)


When it comes to picking the perfect domain names you want, there are two avenues available.


#1: Keyword Rich Domains


The keyword rich domains option is "exactly" how it sounds.

You simply choose a keyword-rich-domain.

For example, The Barbecue Sale.com.

But you'll need a keyword tool that includes competing for traffic functions and a domain availability area. Jaaxy is the tool I use because you get 30 free searches to get the job done. Plus not to mention it's the best keyword research platform in the whole World.

As for the availability of the chosen domain name, Jaaxy also shows you that to save you heaps of time.

From my example search above, you'll see that the .com is available for the keyword rich domain, The Barbecue Sale.



The Barbecue Sale Keyword Results


But why use a keyword-rich domain (KRD), you ask?

Well, as you can see from my search, the keyword generates over 600 searches per month.

So with a 'KRD', you can get some pretty nice traffic to your website when your domain ranks on the 1st page of Google for that keyword phrase.

But with that being said,  as you build out your site with heaps of targeted keyword rich content, your gonna get plenty of extra organic traffic anyways.

The great thing about thinking up on ideas for keyword rich web domain names is that Google "loves" them! The only point to remember when doing your research ideas is to keep your (QSR) under 100 and the'SEO Factor' over 80.

The other thing you must know about 'KRDs' is that Google and other search engines like Bing have adapted to the sneaky tricks of "Blackhat" SEO marketers.

Many moons ago when Google had lots of loopholes to exploit, some marketing people built websites/blogs on "keyword rich domain" names for easy ranking and traffic.

But now, it's not so easy to get your domain ranked on page 1 because Google expects you to put in effort and toil for some months before you reap the rewards.

I think this is kinda fair as we don't want a whole lot of spammers taking page 1 spots over people that actually put the effort in. What do you reckon?


#2: Your Own Brandable Domain


While picking up a keyword rich domain (KRD) is a nice option, choosing a web domain name that suits YOU and Your Business Ideas is also a solid option, in my book.

When you roll with memorable names that suit your style of business, I think you take more pride with your online biz.

The Best Stay Home Jobs To Get

Before I chose 'The Best Stay Home Jobs.com' I was going to go with 2 other domain name ideas that appealed to me.
  • HowToMakeOnlineMoneyFromHome.com
  • HowToEarnMoneyOnTheInternet.com

"The Best Stay Home Jobs" is a far better and unique brand name that fits better with the brand I'm building, and it's a whole lot easier to remember.

Don't you agree?

Wanna know my little secret?

I got my inspiration from friends stay at home moms that I knew that wanted to fill in the quiet parts of the day and start working from home. When I had to close my traditional business up, I never really thought that an online career from home was viable but here I am.

I thought to my self, If they can do this online marketing thing and make it profitable, so can I. Hence the name of this website was born.

If you need an extra helping hand with picking domain names for business, get 30 free domain keyword searches with Jaaxy - you'll get tonnes of ideas!

The Bottom Line:

Be creative as you want, find some inspiration (like I did) if needed, and chuck some ideas into the Jaaxy search box.

Pick a domain name that you're gonna be proud of turning into a successful business in the long-run.


3 Tips For Choosing The "Right" Domain...


So by now, you should have a fair idea on what type of domain name you want for your website, right?


But before you go racing off to purchase the first domain you come across, I'd like to share 3 important tips to take in consideration.

Tip#1: Always choose a ".COM" as your primary domain extension because .COMS usually rank the best in Google.Light Bulb Ideas

However, if that's not available for your chosen domain, then go for a ".ORG" or ".NET" as your second choice because they also have good  Google ranking power.

As for other domains like ".INFO", and ".BUSINESS", they're not really proven top rankers.

Tip#2: Try and refrain from using dashes like-this-one as they don't rank well with Google and don't tend to look very professional in my opinion.

Tip#3: Keep your domain name shortish because this is easier to remember and also looks totally awesome to your potential visitors.

The Bottom Line:

To ensure your new domain is appealing to everyone, keep it simple, make it short, sweet, and to the point, so it's memorable for every visitor to your website.


The #1 Place To Buy Your New Business Domain


Why there are some other good options available to you for buying and hosting domain names like NameCheap.com, GoDaddy.com, and Name.com just to name a few...Wealthy Affiliate Websites And Hosting

My #1 Choice is Wealthy Affiliate!

"But why, Jeff?!"

I'm glad you asked!

Well, for starters, Wealthy Affiliate gives you one of the fastest in-house website page loading speeds on the web and because we're all looking for the best value and price, you'll be hard pressed to find a better price anywhere...

Secondly, WA has superior Bot Net Security and is hosted with the Amazon c3 Large (Faster) which would cost you $29 per month if you were to host with anyone else.

Also included with your domain hosting at Wealthy Affiliate are free SSL Certificates (HTTPS) for up to 50 WordPress Websites (#1 most popular site building platform) and a whopping 30GBs of website space with 500k traffic allowance to your site each month.

Take a look at the comparison chart below that shows the differences with prices and features you get at Wealthy Affiliate to buy and host just one compared to another domain name place.



Compare WA Domains To The Industry


Lol! As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate comes out well on top for both price and features. Unfortunately for me, I still have 3 domains registered with GoDaddy and whilst luckily I'm not paying for SSL Certificates and an Email Service I get free at WA, it still costs me $40 for each domain per year to renew.

Thirdly, WA offers (.com, .org, and .net) at the best value price starting from $13.99 for .com domains and $15.99 for .net and .org domains. which include all the extra goodies as seen below...


The Best Domain Hosting Features


Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, lol. Every domain name purchased at Wealthy Affiliate comes with super fast hosting at no extra costs to you. In addition, WA automatically hooks up your website to the domain when purchased inside WA.


Will I Really Save Money At Wealthy Affiliate, I Hear You Ask?


Good question my friend.

The answer is a big, YES!!! 😊

But just don't take my word for it, the following information is going to save you big bucks, my friends!

So, let's say we have just one domain and website hosted with the WA Premium Membership. This would cost ya $49 per month which includes the full monty (everything that you need) to run your website.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can get up to 50 fully hosted WordPress Sites and all come with the same "Cost Saving" extras...

The comparison list of hosting charges is a good example of the money that can be saved by hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.



Wealthy Affiliate Versus Other Hosting Platforms


How can Wealthy Affiliate include all this for just $49 per month when others are charging gazillions each month, I hear you thinking?

Well, the answer is really, really easy!

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since the dawn of time, well not quite but they have been helping folks build websites since 2005. Like many Institutions that are more interested in their own capital gains, WA has over 1.4 members and the owners are quite humble in nature.

They are all about offering fantastic services at not-insane prices and this is one of the many reasons why they're my #1 Recommendation.


They Even Have A Free Membership To Check It All Out!



This is so cool! The free membership gives you the opportunity to completely "sus" them out at no risk to you. They're even gonna give you 2 free hosted WordPress websites and training to set them up.

But if you're serious about starting a profitable online business in marketing, then I would suggest the (total value) premium membership.

Instead of paying hundreds each month elsewhere, WA is only $49 a month and includes:

  • High-Speed Hosting
  • Domain Names Platform with no Yearly Increases
  • The Jaaxy Keyword Tool (Valued at $40 a Month)
  • 24/7 Fast Response Times on Website Support
  • Hosting of up to 25 Websites (Up to $250 a Month)
  • 500K Website Traffic Band Per Month
  • Heaps of Free Marketing Training Modules & Webinars
  • 24/7 Help and Support from Professional Marketers
  • One-On-One Mentoring
  • One Million Strong Image Libary

Totally exclusive to WA, a website comment area where you can receive unlimited comments to your site and just introduced (October 2018), you can now get paid to leave website comments for other members sites.


Let's Wrap It Up...


When it comes down to it, picking a domain name for your business website/marketing blog can be a quick simple headache-free process.

If you wanna follow my guidance and use the tools I've recommended, you'll be able to choose your perfect domain name in under 30 minutes - no sweat!

But just don't spend all day racking your brains on this one because it's easy peasy.


I'd like to thank you for visiting my post, What Is The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name From? If you have any questions or thoughts that you'd like to share about how to pick a great domain name, we'd Love to hear your comments below...



Hey everyone, my name's Jeff, just a true blue Aussie Bloke and the owner of The Best Stay Home Jobs. I hope you liked my post and got the answers you were looking for? I'm here to help YOU achieve your online ambitions just like I have😃 The products I review are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and often just flat out SCAMS but I will always give an honest opinion of them.
If you'd like to ask me anything about this post, you can do this in the comment thread below... I always reply back to my readers in a timely manner.


  1. I saw your title on Bing and couldn’t help myself clicking to find out what’s the post about. I’m already a member but I think WA is one of the best places to get a domain from and they include a lot with your purchase of domains. I like that Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to build online businesses and I think you’ve provided some useful tips for choosing the right domain for a new website.

    I don’t know anywhere online where you can purchase a .com domain for $13.99 which comes with privacy settings and free HTTP’s certificates.

    Do you agree, Jeff?

    • Hi there, Nate!

      It’s always a pleasure running into a Wealthy Affiliate Member. It’s true what you say but you left out one important point.

      Most online business/domain name platforms that sell domains add increased charges at renewal time each year. Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate has stated that there will be no increases for domain name renewals in the near future.

      You can’t get anything sweeter than that, Nate!

      Thanks for dropping in and I wish you all the success in the World.😃

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