The How To With Solo Ads


The How To With Solo Ads


The How To With Solo Ads – What Are Solo Ads About?


What are solo ads about and can we get mega traffic and sales using this type of paid traffic method? Learn the how-to with solo ads when using them to earn commissions online and for building an email list.


The How To With Solo Ads – What Are Solo Ads For In 2021?


Using solo ads in 2021 is the act of paying for traffic and visitors to your campaigns through somebody else built-up email list.

Then the idea is to drive the solo ad paid traffic to funnels such as landing and sales pages.

Hi, my name is Jeff and I think you made a wise decision by reading my article on the how-to with solo ads in 2021.

Normally, solo ads work by charging you a rate for each click that you receive to your campaign.

Each solo ad vendor has his/her price fixed per click you receive and a general rule of thumb to apply is the higher the price, the better the clicks can be.  

Follow me below as we discover the how-to with solo ads in 2021 and how much traffic can we expect from this paid traffic method.


What Are Solo Ads About?


Solo ads are about paying for the traffic of vendors with huge emailing lists off platforms like Udimi.

Solo Ads is basically paying a sum of money per click to marketers that have a ‘Huge’ subscribers list and then they will send your offers to their email list.

Different vendors charge a varied price range for each solo ad click you get but the average cost ranges from $00.35 to $1 per click.

The reason why solo ad vendor’s costs are different is that each vendor sets their selling costs on a pay-per-click basis.

Usually, the higher the costs with each pay per click, the better quality of email list you’ll be sending your campaigns to.


What Is Targeted Web Traffic With Solo Ads?


What is targeted web traffic when it comes to paying for solo ads?

Most marketers that pay per click with solo ads do so to get targeted buyer traffic to an offer either on a landing page or a website.

This is done by submitting an ad campaign to the vendor you’re buying the solo ads from and then the vendor, submitting your ad to his email list.

Getting targeted solo ad traffic can be done in any niche but most of the vendors deal with making money online, network marketing, and business opportunity email lists.


Are Solo Ads Worth It?


Solo ads can be worth it but this can depend all on your ad campaign structure, the lists you’re sending them to, and how saturated the lists are at the time of sending.

This is because running a successful solo ad campaign can require a lot of testing in the initial stages.

Once you have struck the right cord, engaging with solo ads to earn commissions online can be very profitable indeed!


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A Little About Me And Why I Built This Website


When I first started out on the internet, I was desperately looking for a way to earn money online with affiliate marketing so I could quit my dead-end job.

I was working 60 hours a week for little pay and the pressure of meeting the business owner’s expectations was relentless!

Eventually, the business collapsed but I was smart enough to do my homework and find a platform where I could learn the art of making money online.


What Are Solo Ads For In 2021?


Solo Ads in 2021 are for getting targeted visitors to your website campaigns and sales page (landing page or funnel) promotions.

Then the idea is to create an email opt-in form to start building your own list from the solo advertising visitors that you in turn can promote back to.

Solo Advertising can work really well and normally evolves around making money online niches and network marketing.

This opens the door to promoting make-money online products from ClickBank, WarriorPlus, Shopify, JVZoo just to name a few where traditionally getting traffic from organic search engines is near impossible.


What Is Solo Ad Marketing For?


Solo Ad Marketing is for marketers that want to get traffic to their website funnels and landing pages.

Launching solo ad campaigns is often desirable when you can’t get traffic through conventional methods.

Often getting the kind of traffic needed to earn money online from affiliate marketing for promotional products off social media can take years.

You’ve got to have a huge following and since making money online with affiliate marketing is a numbers game, you wouldn’t expect too many commissions rolling into your PayPal account.

Search engine traffic is also near zilch unless you’re prepared to write 1500 word reviews and build hundreds of posts about the different products you are promoting.


How To Advertise With Solo Ads In 2021


Adverting with solo ads in 2021 can be done through platforms like Fiverr and Udimi that hold vendors that are willing to sell their email lists at a price.

Different vendors charge a varied price range for each solo advertising click you get but the average cost ranges from $00.35 to $1 per click.

The reason why solo advertising vendor’s costs are different is that each vendor sets their selling costs on a pay-per-click basis.

Usually, the higher the costs with each pay per click, the better quality of the email list you’ll be sending your promotional ads to.

So in summary: A solo ad seller is someone who has built a large email list and is willing to share their list with people.

They will rent out their list to other online marketers by sending a guaranteed minimum number of users to a website. These users are referred to as “clicks.” These usually come at a minimum of 100 click solo ads.


How To Make Money Online With Solo Ads


The best way how to make money online with solo ads is to run your promotional campaigns through a sales landing page with an opt-in form.

This way you can make sales and build your own email list in the process.

Building your own email list is essential as people’s attention spans are becoming less than a ‘GoldFish” which is 4 seconds.

It is said that around 98% of people that visit your landing page will not buy any products from you the first time around.

This can be put down to the fact that a lot of landing sales pages don’t build up trust and hold authority with the visitor – not as an established website can.

So building up an email list with the solo ad clicks that you can promote to at a later date will be far more advantageous.

This is because it can take on average 7 contacts to make a person buy something…


Can You Trust Solo Ad Vendors?


Many Solo Vendors can be trusted with delivering the number of clicks you have paid for which is guaranteed if you purchase a vendor through Udimi.

But as is normally the case, there are solo ad vendors that you wouldn’t want to trust.

Whilst many solo ads vendors guarantee you the clicks you have paid for and requested – this does not cover the quality of the visitors you receive.

Many vendors have over-saturated email lists that can get constant promotional bombardment and this can lead to a very ‘Poor’ attention rate.

This can be very detrimental to your efforts and this is why a lot of trial and error can come into play.

It may be okay if you have very deep pockets but people on a budget should do their homework first before engaging with a vendor.


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  1. Hey there, I really enjoyed going through your article on the how to with solo ads. It was really educating and also very interesting to read as well. I must say that I really enjoyed it and it hit me differently because I am someone that is struggling to attain financial independence, so articles like this always get the better part of me.

    • Hi there, Colleen!😀
      Thank you for commenting and I’m happy you enjoyed reading my how-to with solo ads post.
      I would not recommend solo ads if you are struggling to make money online. This way of getting clicks to your promotions is very trial and error and can cost you a fortune to get it right.
      For example, you have to get the ad that you send the solo vendor just right to convert people into clicking on your promotion and your landing page has to be set up in a professional manner so your sales pages convert.
      Most marketers that use solo ads use them to build an email list of their own so you must know all about email marketing.
      It is said that you have to contact a potential customer at least 7 times before they will buy anything off you.

  2. Hello there! Although I have heard about solo ads, I didn’t know how solo ads work before reading your post. It almost seems like the reverse of Google Adsense where instead of myself getting paid to click on other’s website, I would be paying to have others click on my website. It does sound like the price can really stack up but it does seem like a different way of marketing. I may check this out some more at a later time when I have gained more online experience. Thanks for this really detailed post!

    • G’Day, Mike!😀
      Yeah, Solo Ads require you to pay a vendor to use his vast email list to promote your own products using a landing page or a blog website.
      Then you add an opt-in form to start building your own email list with the traffic.
      It’s certainly a wise decision to wait until you’ve gained more experience as Solo Ad Marketing can require lots of trial and error before you hit the sweet note.

  3. Solo ads are a very interesting subject that I would like to learn more about. It is definitely something I need to learn more about. I have saved your website for future reference. I have a question, as I understand it, you need an email list in order to really use solo ads. As of yet, I do not have any email list for my website. I’m assuming in order to use a solo ad campaign you need a fairly significant email list, is that correct?

    • Hi, Allen!😀
      Thanks for the comment and a great question you have asked here.
      You don’t need to have an established email list to do Solo Ads as you can build one up with the visitors you get.
      The main purpose of Solo Ads is to promote products using other people’s emailing lists (Solo Ads) whilst building up your own email list.

  4. Thanks for this refreshing view on solo ad campaigns. Your how-to with solo ads post was really an eye-opener for me as I have always maintained that buying traffic is not a sustainable way of doing business online but seeing that this can actually help you build your own email list, I’m thinking that it may be worth a trial. thank you for elucidating this aspect of solo ads!

    • Hi there, Mawa!😀
      Using Solo Ads to build an email list can be a lot easier to collect email subscriptions than other paid traffic methods as the visitors you get are more targeted.
      But in life, there are no guarantees on the quality of the clicks you are purchasing off Solo Ad vendors, just the delivery of clicks you have paid for is normally guaranteed.

  5. Thanks for this article Jeff on What are solo ads, I had always wondered and thought that maybe the people offering their lists were all scammers. You have changed my mind. It sounds as though Udemi is a fairly safe place to find a list seller but I can see how that list could be saturated if it is sold often. I was determined to drive traffic through good SEO and quality content and I still will do this promoting on social media but I can see where this marketing tactic could have a place if I could get a list of appropriate buyers.

    I appreciate you explaining it and giving me some tips.

    • Thank you for commenting, Lily!😀
      Yes, SEO is a great way to get organic search engine to your website, and building up a social media following is also a good way to drive traffic.
      If your thinking of getting traffic to your site using Solo Ads, I find that they work best when used in conjunction with a sales funnel and an opt-in form to collect emails to build your list.

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