Social Home Services HVAC Edition Review


Social Home Services HVAC Edition Review


Social Home Services HVAC Edition Review: Legit Or Scam Product?


Is this Social Home Services HVAC Edition Review, we will find out whether this brand new Digital Assets program serving HVAC Contractors for (Plumbers + Roofers) is legit or a scam product.


I welcome you to my Social Home Servives HVAC Edition Product Review:


You’re probably here because you have watched the Social Home Services HVAC Edition intro video or a friend has told you about this exciting new venture and you are checking out whether all the claims you’ve heard are all true.

Well, you have come to the right place my, friend.?

Jeanne Kelenda, an Internet Marketer of 8 years has been working on a new system that’s called – Social Home Services HVAC Edition for the past year. Her online business model is based around finding home contractors on Facebook (Roofers + Plumbers) to handle their business profiles on Facebook.

Jeanne says that the whole system can be set up in under 2 hours and virtually runs on autopilot. When anyone comes out with statements like this one, my “Spidy” scenes start to tingle…

Online businesses are online businesses and most do require work to keep going.

I did however like the concept behind Jeanne’s business model and I’m keen as I know you are to find out if her new business proposition is legit or just one of those scams that we run away from at full speed.

Are you excited in the thought of making around $100 per contract each month with Social Home Services HVAC Edition?

Let’s find out if her new online program will be the magic wand that will bring in multiple $100 sums of money each month, shall we?


Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Social Home Services HVAC Edition. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info…


The Social Home Services HVAC Edition Review:


In Jeanne Kelenda intro sales video, she explains how the best way to make a big income from local marketing was to do the SEO grind, find prospects, close them, work on ranking, and fulfilling her obligations.

She also goes on to say how she kept up with Google and Facebook changes and hoped she could keep up with everything to generate enough phone calls to justify her high fees.

Sounds like a very busy lass, do you agree?

In the next chapter of her video presentation, she claims to discover a better way that does not include:

  • No SEO to be done.
  • No Text Skills (writing ability).
  • Super Newbie Friendly
  • No Exp needed.

She also adds towards the end of her video that you can do this in your spare time and this is the very first Set and Forget “System” she’s done.

You can grab a sneak peek of her presentation below…



The basic idea is that you pay $27 for an exclusive pre-built program that would be everybody’s dream come true.

In reality though, the $27 really only gives you access to some very basic information. Nothing that’ll have you making money within the next 24 hours in my opinion.  Most automatic systems include a bunch of higher-priced upsells with still no guarantee of making any money.

Do follow me below as we discover if the Social Home Services HVAC Edition opportunity is a legit way to make money online or is it just another scam blowing in the wind…


My review will be detailed out in the following sections:


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Program Name: Social Home Services HVAC Edition


Program Creator: Jeanne Kelenda

Price: $27 + Upsells

Recommended? No

My Beginner Rating = 2 / 10

My Overall Rating: 4 / 10


Social Home Services HVAC Edition creator, Jeanne Kelenda has been an Internet Marketer for the past 8 years and this is her first “AutoPilot” system she has created.

I have not seen many of her programs online but we won’t put her in the “Not to Vault” for that.

The aim of her program is to recruit Plumbers and Roofers to sign up with clients to manage their Facebook profiles.

Her concept is based around that Contractors don’t have the time to do proper Facebook campaigns for their businesses and this made sense to me. They would have to be approached and sold the idea though, so some selling would come into it.

For your $27 join up fee, you are given 60 free images (Upsell after that) to mix around how you like and also have access to support through Facebook and some webinar training.

There is also an automatic Post planner that you have to purchase of Jeanne for $19 a month. This includes 25 accounts – after that, you will have to upgrade to add more accounts.

Costs are starting to add up here if you have noticed? … and it looks like you only getting clients in for the owner at this stage.

From what I can deduct, you’ll be finding clients for Social Home Services HVAC Edition and Jeanne pays you a commission for each person you get.


Social Home Services HVAC Edition Question And Answers Image


There are opportunities to take on the clients you get as your own client but you betcha there would be price tags attached to this.

This part is normally not mentioned until you are committed to the program and then the upsells usually start rolling in…

It seems in the initial stages of this program you could be outlaying cash for extra images, auto post planners, virtual assistants, and some graphics work if needed.

As in a lot of programs like this, The costs could balloon as you start to find more clients for the host.

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You pay your $27 to join up and learn how to recruit contractors like Plumbers and Roofers to improve their Facebook business campaigns.

You are likely to cop a couple of upsells finding the contractors that sign up.

Then Jeanne can use the contacts you’ve managed to get – for her own campaigns.

You can, however, decide to take on the clients for yourself and she does include some free training as seen below.


Home Social Services HVAC Edition Full Training


Like many of the automated programs you can find online, there are usually heaps of upsells you have to contend with.

The info provided is usually nowhere sufficient to get you up and running without extra funds you have to pay.

I couldn’t really tell if the $27 entrance fee included training if you actually wanted to manage the clients you find yourself.

In any case, I reckon it’s gonna cost ya a pretty penny to find out.





  • I liked the concept of the whole idea.
  • There would be some demand for her service.
  • Looks to be somewhat newbie-friendly.
  • There is free training and support.


  • Upsells are included.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • Is a Digital Assets program.
  • Misleading in the video presentation.





I haven’t rated Social Home Services HVAC Edition very highly in my ratings (4-10) because of reasons I’ll explain below…

Firstly, I found her Vimeo presentation misleading. Jeanne didn’t mention any upsells in her sales video that beginners would have to pay to start the program.

Secondly, there was no mention in the video of newbies having to find new clients that she can use with her digital assets program – I was under the impression I would have my own clients first off and to me this is misleading.

What do you think?

… And it will only cost you $27, Huh.

As in most of these done for you schemes, they often give you some sought of product. But to get the chance to make the money they are claiming, you’d have to invest a substantial amount of cash.

Even then there’s no guarantee you’ll make any money.

Thirdly and lastly, I did a search on the comment thread images and did award some points to Social Home Services HVAC Edition because they were all original.

Then I had to take the points off again for using a Pexels photo image as shown below.


Social Home Services HVAC Fake Testimonial


And the same dude recognized with TinEye on free photo images.


Social Home Services HVAC Fake Testimonial Pexels Photo


Upfront schemes that work shouldn’t resort to taking free images of Pexels to promote their products. Genuine products have plenty of people to back their products and this kind of “tomfoolery” is not a good way to start.Thumbs Down Rating

Sorry folks! No POT of Gold to be found here…

It probably would be better suited to experienced marketers.

But at the end of the day, you’d most likely have to pay for upsells to get any sales and this can quite easily balloon out of control.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Social Home Services HVAC Edition.



What They Often Forget To Tell Ya!


Well, I don’t reckon they forget to tell ya, just sugarcoat the truth from you a tad…

They’d rather not let you know about the true costs that are present upfront. Legit make money platforms normally tell you if there is an upgrade with their memberships/products.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the chances of making a fast buck online as a beginner are like winning the lotto with only 1 number.

Sorry, it’s just not gonna happen…

There are no real quick fixes to making money online. Survey and Media sites only pay you a small fraction of what your time is worth and they’re hardly worth doing.

Another problem with most make money fast propositions they don’t tell you, you don’t get to keep any real estate you’ve built up. Most of these schemes are “fly by night” and only last 6 months tops.

When they go down! You have lost everything and usually, there are no refunds or guarantees.

Building a substantial online business is something that’s taught and not given.

See what beginner-friendly Affiliate marketing business I do, just below. It’s completely free to enter and no credit details are needed to have a peeka boo.



There are no real quick fixes to making money online. Digital products, done for you systems, and one-click instant programs all make it sound so easy and your gonna make your first Million Dollars in a year.

Well, being all smart people, we know it doesn’t work this way, right?

When they go down! You have lost everything and in most cases, there are no refunds or guarantees.


Learn To Build A Real Affiliate Marketing Business


If you’re serious about building a real Affiliate Marketing Business and you’re sick and tired of upsell products like Social Home Services HVAC Edition then you might want to check out this free 10-course training as a much better alternative to this system.

Instead of being lied to multiple times and told you’ll start making money for only $27 you’ll actually be provided tools, training, and the help and support that walks you through how to create a real website (Not a digital product) that shows you how to pick a niche, write content, and get free traffic on Google.

The big difference between Jeanne’s business model and what I do… I get to keep everything I have worked for.

Authority affiliate websites can sell for $400,000 + and no one can take that away from you.

Is this something you would be interested in?

It takes a little time to build an online business that can enable you to give your life-sucking job the flick, but heck, if you really want this – you can do it too!

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If you have any questions or thoughts about Social Home Services HVAC Edition you’d like to share, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you and always reply back to my readers.



Hello everyone, my name's Jeff and the owner of The Best Stay Home Jobs. I have created this website to help you not fall prey with the many done-for-you system deceptions I come across online and keep you safe with your online startup.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and the products I review are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and often just flat out SCAMS but I will always give an honest and unbiased opinion of them.


  1. Hi!
    Great and very complete review about Social Home Services HVAC Edition. I haven’t heard of it before, but it was very interesting to read about it and your opinion. 

    When I first read that there was a way to earn that much money online without SEO, that caught my attention and make me doubt a little bit about this program. Then, when the upsells came in, that wasn’t very good in my opinion, as you wrote, because the introduction video didn’t mention them. So, this is very misleading, and I couldn’t trust anything like this program. If they have to hide this information from the beginning, then I don’t think it will get better at any moment in the future. 

    But the worst were the photos from Pexels. When they can’t prove their program with real and genuine testimonies, then I don’t think it is worth trying Social Home Services HVAC Edition out. 

    I hope your review helps more people understand what Social Home Services HVAC Edition is actually about and find a better alternative.

    I appreciate your genuine approach in your review and will be checking out your link to the online program you are recommending.

    Many thanks, Miriana.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts with us, Mariana?
      Most make money on the Internet programs of this nature do have a lot of upsells. The biggest issue is that platforms concentrate all the efforts in misleading people that their software is so easy to do and the money can start rolling through the door in 24 hours.
      Just ain’t going to happen…
      Most beginners that join schemes as this realize that this is too hard and end up bailing after purchasing some upsells.
      Do have a look at my #1 Recommendation, I know you won’t be disappointed.

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