Online Jobs For Making Money From Home

Online Jobs For Making Money From Home

Online Jobs For Making Money From Home – The Best & Worst!

What online jobs for making money from home is the safest way to start? See the best & worst jobs to make money from online to help you stop being ripped off on the Internet.

The Online Jobs To Make Money From Home

When searching for online jobs to make money from home on the web, you’ve probably already run into some really bad programs and lots of shady characters online.

I’m from an Affiliate Marketing background and I first started my online business way back in 2015 – Crikey, time sure does fly when you’re having fun – now it’s my time to give something back.😃

You see, when I was thinking of starting an internet business – I was unfortunate enough, to begin with an MLM Business that fleeced me out of my hard-earned savings.

I was as ‘Green’ as the hills and didn’t have a clue what it really takes to earn money online from affiliate marketing and this COST me a whopping $2,000 for my eagerness to make some fast cash.

Thank God those days are behind me and whilst there has been a lot of water flowed under the bridge, I still remember vividly when I was a beginner and trusted what people said about making money online.

What Are the Online Jobs To Make Money From Home?

So it all comes down to one question – What are the online jobs to make money from home?

Whilst there are literally thousands of ways to make money on the Internet, I found the best method to be Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is where you promote somebody else’s product to earn commissions online and when a customer buys goods or services, you get paid commissions or earn a passive income from recurring sales.

It’s a great way to get a footing in the front door and learn how to make money on the web.

I wish I knew back then what I now know today when I first started online but it’s all a learning curve that makes us a lot smarter and wiser as a person.

Why I Decided To Build My Website

I decided to build this website to help folks when they are on their quest when searching for the best make money programs that you can actually earn commissions online with.

Even though this site is relatively young at heart (1.5 years), I have 5 years of experience with how to earn money online with affiliate marketing and have also gotten to know programs that have excellent reputations and also the ones that are just out to take your money.

In my experience, and I’ve come across a lot of rubbish, there are a few brilliant courses in a barrage of just average that I can proudly put my name to and personally recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself.

Let’s take a look at my all-time top picks:


Ranked #1: Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is hands-down is the best affiliate marketing program I have come across.

This is the exact training I followed to enable me to start living again after losing my job as a manager in the Car Detailing Industry. It wasn’t all doom and gloom though as this allowed me to become my own boss.

As a member you get:Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

  • Newbie-friendly video training modules
  • 2 free WordPress websites
  • A high-speed web hosting facility
  • 24/7 site technical support
  • Community help & live chat area
  • Keyword research tool
  • Help from me personally
  • The best part! It’s 100% free to get started

My official rating for WA = 9.5 out of 10

Read More About Wealthy Affiliate Here!

Ranked #2: SiteRubix WordPress Site Builder

This SiteRubix WordPress Site Builder increases your Google Page Speed Insights score for impressive Mobile Speed rating 0ut of 100

Most websites on the internet only have an average mobile speed of 72.

As you can see below, this post is scoring a speed rating in Google Page Speed Insights of 85/100 with a desktop score of 96/100.

Google loves website pages that load fast and this is one sure-fire way of beating your competitors for first page rankings.

Google Page Speed Insights Mobile Score Out Of 100

The Siterubix Website Builder is a fantastic WordPress Site Builder that is simple to use for both Beginners and inspiring Internet marketers alike.

Chose from over 20, 000 easy to build themes with a click of a button and implement some of the best features for a WordPress Website in the World.

Google is now penalizing slower websites with its July 2019 Broad Algorithm Update. Rank over your competitors with mobile and desktop speeds that excel past the high 80’s in Google Page Speed Insights.

Below are just some of the amazing features and tools you’ll get with SiteRubix that’s sure to surpass any site builder system online at present and in the future…

  • Easy login dashboard with automatic website backups done daily.
  • Free 24/7 Site Support with quick response time and quick fixes.
  • Website Health Function.
  • Bot and Spam protected that comes with Free Privacy Settings.
  • One of a kind website high-speed function and image reducer plugin.
  • SiteRubix also comes with free email service and secure sockets. (HTTPS)
  • Site content builder with over 1 Million compressed website ready images.
  • Comment platform to get genuine comments on your posts.

My official rating for SiteRubix = 9.5 out of 10

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Rank #3: Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy keyword finder is the go-to tool for finding keywords for your affiliate blog, hobby blogs or business websites.

Finding the proper keywords can be downright confusing and time consuming on other keyword tools.

It’s the best Keyword Research Tool to help me rank my blog posts high in Google & get Free targeted traffic from Google to my website.

The Jaaxy Keyword tool features:

  • 4 metrics to find super powerful keywords
  • Website domain name finder
  • Finds where your keywords are ranking with Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Site ranking feature
  • A saved keyword list function
  • Search history function
  • + heaps more features at your fingertips

My official rating for Jaaxy = 9.5 out of 10

>Get Your FREE Trial Of The Jaaxy Keyword Tool<<

Rank #4: The HBA Funnel Builder

The biggest problem with most professional funnel builder on the market today is the costs.

The HBA Funnel Builder is a complete FunnelmBuilder Software for the quarter of the price – only $25/month.

A good funnel builder can cost you right up to $300 per month with most of them sitting around the $100 a month mark.

Most online marketers, especially people that just want to build some landing pages, thank you pages and create some popups to collect emails or direct to product offers and don’t really need as many of the features the more expensive funnel builders have built-in.

All these extra tools that most online marketers won’t need are added to the costs of your funnel builder – so doesn’t it make sense to trim some of the money that’s left on the table?

What Mike and Paul wanted to do here is address this problem and allow people to get a cost-effective funnel builder for only $25 a month.

HBF Funnel Builder has all the features marketers need to complete their daily online business tasks as the more expensive funnels do.

With the HBA Funnel Builder, there are no limits. You can build eye-catching Landing Pages, Thank You pages, Webinars, Membership Sites, Events Page, Product Sites, Product Store Checkout Forms, Contact Us, just to name a few.

The HBA Funnel Builder Software

And all these pages you can create as seen above also come with plenty of done-for-you templates that you can just change around to your own liking…

There’s also a wide range of done-for-you ‘Popups’ for collecting emails to build an email list or to redirect people to your product promotions and offers.

Some of the funnel builders you can purchase online and this is especially the case with most “Done For You” funnels you get with making money programs that I review, they have really slow load times…

HBA Funnel Builder, on the other hand – is lightning fast and hosted on premium Amazon servers.

Not only does the software load super quick, but there is also comprehensive training on how to start building your funnels and Mike explains the whole process in easy to follow steps – no stones left unturned here folks.

It only took me about 50 minutes to build a Landing Page with the ease of the drag and drop interface – something that would have been out of the question with my other funnel provider.

The money I saved by switching to the HBA Funnel Builder can now be better spent on other costs towards my online business and maybe an extra cup of coffee at my favorite Cafe.

Inside of the HBA Funnel Builder, you can create your funnels from scratch or choose from stacks of pre-built templates.

All the templates are fully customizable and host a good ‘Array’ of fonts, colors, etc.

There are also heaps of drag & drop widgets to add to your funnels and a colorful range of pre-designed popups to capture email addresses or direct people to product offers.

With the HBA Funnel Builder, there are no limits.

In my professional opinion, this funnel builder does everything a high-priced builder does but at a quarter of the price.

All the training is provided in the member’s area with easy-to-follow video training with timestamps that includes…

  • Domain integration with the HBA Funnel Builder.
  • Purchase domain names for $8.99 a year.
  • Your funnel domain name comes with FREE Amazon Hosting.
  • Selecting an autoresponder and integration.
  • How to create your funnels and popups.
  • How to sell your own products.
  • How to make a membership site.

What I did like about HBA Funnel Builder so far was the fact that the funnel builder is actually fun to use.

I used to have to wait for ages for my pages to load with my old software and this really did suck all the fun out of it.

I also liked that Paul & Mike explained what to do in clear understandable easy to follow lessons.

My official rating for HBA Funnel Builder = 9.5 out of 10

>FULL Perks Of The HBA Funnel Builder Here!<<

Rank #5: The 30 Minute Workday

The 30 Minute Workday system provides free lifetime access to Nick’s marketing platform and a complimentary 183 eBook in PDF format that goes through the steps on how to make your first 100K online by following steps that beginners and budding entrepreneurs can follow.

Nick simplifies the whole online marketing methods to start generating leads, creating your own products, and how to make money online with his 20 years + of knowledge showing you game-changing nuggets of GOLD that are very easy to follow.

Not only this, and this is pretty rare in the make money field – Nick also encourages you to join the free live chat community where you can ask questions 24/7 with other marketers…

Within the 30 Minute Workday dashboard, you get 3 training phases where Nick shows you exactly what to do with easy to follow training.

  • 1st Phase – This shows you how to start generating leads to build an email list.
  • 2nd Phase – Teaches you the skills to create unlimited income streams.
  • 3rd Phase – Unlock the skills you have learned to grow and multiply your money.

All the free step-by-step training on how to be successful online is contained in PDF format with a video introduction and contains a wealth of knowledge that especially beginners and intermediate marketers (4 years+) can benefit from.

Once you feel completely comfortable with what you have learned, Nick shows you how to give away this very popular type of marketing eBook that a lot of people are chasing to start building up the core of your online business – a buyer’s email list.

30 Minute Workday Free eBook To Giveaway

What I did like about 30 Minute Workday so far was the fact that you don’t need to give any credit card details to join and to access all the free training.

A credit card-free join-up is a must in my book and I don’t see this all too often. This is a good indicator that the system has nothing to hide.

I also liked that Nick explains in video format about each lesson before you proceed with the training.

As I dived right into this system as I do with all my reviews, it becomes quite apparent to me that the 30 Minute Workday method was no average system.

I can say without a doubt, you rarely run into a system online that offers heaps of training, shows you make money opportunities, and gives you help & support along the way for zilch, $0.

Most online platforms charge you between 10 & 20 bucks to join and then start hitting you in between the eyeballs with UPSELLS that can end up costing a fortune.

Totally credit card free online business opportunities don’t come by every day so I’m excited to present what I feel is the find of the century.

My official rating for the 30 Minute Workday = 9 out of 10

The Pros & Cons Of 30 Minute Workday Here!<<

Online Work From Home Program Reviews:

Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


  1. I love your number one recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate. Excellent platform with excellent packages! From the complete training to website hosting and the keyword tool they provide with their membership. I think that Wealthy Affiliate Is just the best platform for beginners. The community of professionals who are ready to assist me 24/7 is another asset and I can always get help when I have a website issue.

    • G’Day, Owen!😃
      Thank you for commenting on my Online Jobs For Making Money From Home post and I wish you well in your endeavors.
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for beginners to learn how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing and it’s a skill we’re gonna have to learn if we want to be successful online.

  2. I thought this was a terrific website. I loved your reviews they were so easy to read and had loads of pearls that I needed to understand how each company worked and what came with the credit card free offers. Excellent choice of products. Very illuminating.  Thanks for your advice and support. 

    I really appreciated your suggestion of HBA as a great funnel. It sounds easy to use.

    • Hi there, Lily!😃
      Glad you enjoyed reading this article and got some good tips out of it.
      Yes, HBA Funnel Builder is one of the easiest and fair price page builders online.
      I love the fact that they have heaps of pre-done templates to choose from where you just change around a bit to your liking.

  3. I find it a noble thing that you built your website to help people who are starting out find the best money making programs online. I agree that anyone starting out at the beginning should try out Wealthy Affiliate as you can use it for free as you get the feel of it. Thank you for the various recommendations. Cheers.

    • Thanks for commenting, Kadango!😃
      I reckon joining a platform with a free membership that does not require you to enter any of your credit card details is a NO brainer.
      I really ‘Feel’ for people that keep getting caught up with SHINY objects as they will probably keep forking out money without actually making anything.

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