How To Work Part Time Online From Home


How To Work Part Time Online From Home


The Best Side Gigs How To Work Part Time Online From Home


Check out the best side gigs on how to work part-time online from home to earn 30K plus a month. Start a business on the internet that can provide cash for you well into the future…


How To Work Part Time Online At Home In 2021


Hi, my name is Jeff and I think you made a wise decision by reading my article on how to work part-time from home in 2021.

Did you know that far more people start a business on the internet whilst still working a full-time job?

In fact, most people can’t afford the luxury of working on their online business full-time as simply put – Life gets in the way.

Most people that are now making 30K plus each month online today actually started working on their internet businesses as a part-time interest.

Follow me below as we discover how to work part-time from home and how much side money we can expect to make along the way…


What The Online Gurus Are Not Telling You!


What Most of the online ‘Gurus’ that make up the vast majority of people making money online are not telling you is that they started working part-time first!

They most likely started off their online career working part-time creating a blog website first as they gained experience.

In fact, most of the GURUS that sell online courses, done-for-you make money online systems and digital software today, started their internet career over 10 years ago.

As they gain experience, a lot of ‘Gurus’ use paid traffic to promote products on ClickBank and other online platforms with landing pages.


How Does This Help My Online Business Start?


By knowing how successful people first started their online careers, can help us to evaluate our business start.

Knowone gets rich online these days by just pushing a few buttons and the very few that do, have either “Flucked” it or have HUGE bank accounts to pay for paid traffic campaigns.

Even paid traffic strategies in 2021 are becoming increasingly harder to make a buck and whilst it’s still possible, having at least 4 years of knowledge on how keywords work would be an advantage.


What Kind Of Online Business Can I Start?


When I first started working on my internet business for over 5 years now, I had the exact same question on my mind – What type of online business can I start?

I was still working a full-time job and the only thing I was really sure about was the fact that I wanted to improve my life.

This is the story of how I was able to create a full-time job for myself by working online part-time to build up an online business that now supports me.

Like I’m getting way too old to go back to studies and the longer I did my full-time job, the more I hated It!

It’s so confusing! There are literally thousands of options to consider when deciding to start a business on the internet so we will focus on the best way how to make money online part-time as a beginner.

This type of online business is called affiliate marketing and it’s the best workable model I’ve found to be the most beginner-friendly. 


What Is A Affiliate Marketing Business?


An affiliate marketing business basically involves promoting other people’s products to earn commissions online.

When a visitor clicks on one of your affiliate links, if they purchase a product, you earn commissions.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work Diagram


Just imagine the power of this type of online business when thousands of people are clicking on your links…

This is best achieved by learning how to build a simple website first where you write about products you have an interest in.


Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Career Choice In 2021?


Yes! Affiliate marketing is a good career choice in 2021 as it requires very little startup costs, no buying products, and having to find somewhere to store them.

Affiliate marketers get paid by referring people to other people’s products, services, programs, and businesses. 

When a customer buys something referred by the affiliate marketer, the company pays you a commission for each product sold.

Many online marketers that have really successful affiliate marketing businesses place affiliate links on their websites that lead to Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

The amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing can really add up especially when your website starts to get thousands of visitors per day.


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A Little About Me And Why I Built This Website


When I first started out on the internet, I was desperately looking for a way to earn money online with affiliate marketing so I could quit my dead-end job.

I was working 60 hours a week for little pay and the pressure of meeting the business owner’s expectations was relentless!

Eventually, as it panned out, the business collapsed but I was smart enough to do my homework and find a platform where I worked part-time to learn how to make money online.

I’m not going to say it’s going to be a walk in the park as I soon found out but if you really HATE your dead-end job like I hated mine.

All I can do is give you the best genuine advice to help guide you out of the ‘Rut’ once and for all.


Is Affiliate Marketing A Viable Source Of Income?


Affiliate marketing in 2021 is not a waste of time and in fact, is a really good field to get into working part-time online as a beginner.

If you start building your online business now working part-time, you can start to see some good profits coming in after the 1 year period.

With an ever-increasing amount of people searching online for goods and services, out of the Billions of searches done every day on Google – 15% of them are new.

This factor alone gives affiliate marketers an incredible opportunity and if you can get just a small fraction of this traffic to your website, you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a proven online business model but is not effortless and requires hard work, dedication, and most importantly – mentorship from legit affiliate marketers like me.


Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Part-Time In 2021?


I get this question all the time from people looking to work from home – Can I do affiliate marketing part-time in 2021?

Well, the answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, anyone can do affiliate marketing part-time and all it takes is to own a laptop, iPad, or home computer.

As most people are still working jobs and the whole idea of working part-time online is to build your home business so it looks after you…

This is how many internet marketers now making money hand over fist first started.


Is Affiliate Marketing Cost-Effective?


Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective online businesses you can start part-time and is all about promoting other company’s products.

A good example of an affiliate marketing product that you can promote for a company and can be anything from pet accessories, computer games, clothing apparel, baby clothes, etc.

There are literally thousands of products that you can write about on your new blog site and whilst having an interest in what you’re writing about helps, there is an abundance of information available to research from.

Once the person clicks on your affiliate links and purchases goods of any kind, you get paid commissions on the products.


To Get Rich Fast Online – Does It Really Happen This Way?


To get rich fast online – that is the question on every aspiring marketer’s mind but does it really happen this way in 2021?

Over the last decade, we have seen many of these “Get Rich Schemes” that sells a dream of making thousands each week and all you have to do is push a few buttons.

These make-money fast programs are more for internet marketers that have lots of experience behind them, a big email list to promote to, and a vast social media following.

For beginners and inexperienced marketers joining these programs expecting to earn money online with affiliate marketing this way can lose you a fortune.

The reality is that most beginners will just do their money hoping they can get a slice of that ‘Get Rich’ pie.


Angry Person Misled


Life just does not work this way and we all know deep down inside that if we want something worthwhile, we have to put the effort in.

Affiliate marketing is a very fruitful and legit online business to get into but you must have the right up to date training, and the ability to get 24/7 help & support for when we get stuck.


What Is The Cost With Affiliate Marketing In 2021


The cost of affiliate marketing in 2021 is much the same as it was in 2020.

I always recommend that beginners beginning their part-time online journey start with a WordPress website.

Grabbing yourself a FREE WordPress website with hosting is a great way to start building your online business and the #1 hosting & affiliate marketing training platform I recommend can be seen below.

This free website builder & hosting membership is yours to keep for life as long as you keep building your website.

They will however cancel your membership if you don’t do any work on your website for 6 months which is quite understandable.

Don’t you think?😀


How To Make Money Reviewing Products Online


Earning money online by reviewing products that are sold on Amazon and eBay is by far the most profitable and popular way to do affiliate marketing.

This kind of affiliate business model revolves around writing product reviews on the products you are promoting.

When people click on your links within the product review and buys a product, you get paid commissions.

A BIG plus here is that companies tend not to put relevant information people are looking for on their company website.

People want to find out if the product is any good, what colors they come in, and what others are saying about the product.

So what do people do?

They go in search of website product reviews that can help them out with the answers they are searching for.


How Much Are People Spending Online?


The amount how much money people are spending online is growing at an incredible rate and searches for products & services are hitting new records like never before.

The Corona Virus epidemic showed people a new way to buy their goods and people now more than ever are purchasing products online. 

Total online sales are expected to run over the 29 trillion dollar mark worth of global sales in 2021.

This means for you if you get just a tiny fraction of this new traffic, you can be in a good step to create an outstanding income for yourself.


How To Promote Products Online For Free


Would you like to learn how to review & promote products online for free with 10 full-length training videos that show you how to write successful product review sites?

This is completely free training and the best news of all, you do not have to give any credit card details to preview.

How good is that? 😀

>>You Can Grab Your Free 10 Training Videos Here!<<




Thank You For Visiting My Post!


If you enjoyed this post and come away with some valuable insights on how to work part-time online from home, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments area down below…

Naturally, we all want success and we all want it fast. But there is a means to achieving success and it takes a little bit of time. If you have jumped around from one “idea” to the next, or one “shiny object” to the next, you know exactly what I am talking about here.


Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


  1. Hi Jeff, I love your helpful website I come across on Twitter and like many others, I have started the journey to create an online business in December 2019. When I started out my online business I actually started with the 10 free lessons you recommend and I can honestly say they have been extremely helpful to start building my business. 

    I recently have started building my second website and I feel so passionate and excited for me to build my business out further and I definitely agree with you that affiliate marketing is a great way to build a long term sustainable business.

    Like with any business, some people become successful and other may not, and hard work is required, I believe online business work exactly the same but the opportunities are enormous with the ongoing shopping behavior of people.

    Best to you,


    • Hi, Jude!😀
      I’m pleased to hear you are going so well and starting a second website is truly inspirational.
      I have 4 websites, 2 make money online sites, and two niche websites.
      But I have been doing affiliate marketing for 5 years now so your accomplishments are going great.
      I reckon everybody can make a good living online with affiliate marketing if they are getting the right help & support, up-to-date-training, and coaching of professional marketers.
      Working online part-time from home is not that difficult, you have to really stick with it though to work.

  2. Hi Jeff, I am sure that many if not most of us starting in affiliate marketing do so part-time. It would seem to be a very bold thing to plunge into it full-time as a beginner. If I could express an opinion on this I do think that some niches are easier than others though. Or maybe with some niches, it is easier to see results sooner and with some niches, it takes longer to get established and be accepted. I did notice that you seem to focus your site on only very few select services that you promote. I see many other sites of people working in the Make Money Online niche and their sites are often plastered with banners and links from all manner of providers. However, your site has a very clean, deliberate, and focused look. Is that a conscious choice on your part and does that come from your experience? I would be interested to know your insights. Thanks, Andy

    • Hi, Andy!😀
      I try and offer people only free or cost-effective ways that they can actually learn how to earn commissions online with affiliate marketing without breaking the bank.
      Whilst affiliate marketing is one of the better and easier online methods to earn commissions online, it still takes lots of learning, time, and help & support before we should expect a good return for the effort we have put in.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I am with you Brother. I have been trying to make my way through learning how to make money online. Affiliate Marketing is by far the best way for one to get started. The overhead is minimal, there is no need to have any inventory, no shipping costs. Your main focus is to provide quality information that is helpful to people’s needs and allow them an avenue to get to these products or services for a small commission. 

    There are definitely so many other aspects to consider once you have learned and found your path. You can diversify through e-commerce, building your own training course, ebooks, web design to mention a few. I think you have provided a good list here for others to sort through and make that choice on their own. 

    You have hit the nail on the head though. If you are serious about making money online, it is very easy to do with a little training and some bank. Unlike a few years ago, setting up a site and getting off the ground was the most challenging part. With today’s technology, this is now the easiest part. Getting ranked and noticed through all of the competition is the hard part now. If you have a bit of bank, this can be accomplished through paid advertisement.

    I am now doing this part-time. I am taking my time and building quality sites and getting organic traffic for now. My goal is to be able to supplement my retirement once I am established and improve my lifestyle in my later years. Then I will pass this on to my children to continue my work and support their futures too.

    This information is right on target!


    • Thanks for commenting, Chad!😀
      I love what you have written here as working online part-time from home does rely on the fact that you are building an online business for future income.
      Unless you are paying for traffic that you’re running through a sales funnel, building up your online business can take some time using SEO methods for search engine traffic.

  4. Literally, this article is the perfect thing for me. I have been looking into affiliate marketing for who knows how long and I have never push the trigger to actually swing through with affiliate marketing. You have done an excellent job in actually providing some useful information on how to start. I know you speak generally about making money from home part time, but I appreciate affiliate marketing. Thank you for this website and for this information

    • Hi there, Heather!😀
      This is how most folks start their online business journey whilst still working their daytime jobs.
      This is the way I started over 5 years ago and whilst learning the art of affiliate marketing can be downright difficult at times, the rewards are fantastic if you stick with it.

  5. Hey, Jeff, thank you for this great information!  I saw your post and decided to chime in as I have been doing this affiliate marketing gig for almost a year and a half and I’m just beginning to see some success, so you’re correct that it’s not an overnight success.  If you think about starting a new business (which this is), it makes sense that it would take some time.  You are also good to point out that it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. I hope this helps many people who want to start their own work from home business!

    • G’Day, Cynthia!😀
      Yes, definitely not an overnight success story where you can make hundreds of dollars each day in your first week.
      But affiliate marketing is a proven model to earn commissions online and I personally know folks that are making well over 100K each month with their blogs.
      Keep up the great work and it’s only a matter of time before you are making a cozy living online.

  6. There are several things I like about affiliate marketing. One of them is that it can be done part-time. And the other is that it is cost-effective. I would like to start a business that I could do part-time and then scale to full-time when I’m making enough money to ditch my full-time job. I also like the convenience of being able to work from home and to get to spend much more time with my family. Thank you for this interesting read.

    • Thanks for commenting, Ann!😀
      Sounds like a terrific strategy and one that can be very profitable for you in the future.
      I too love how affiliate marketing is so cost-effective and when I first started to work part-time online from home over 5 years now, it only was costing me $47 a month.
      I especially appreciate my monthly membership has only gone up $2 a month to $49 over the last 5 years which I think is really fair.
      Although I have slightly more costs these days like a funnel builder and email autoresponder, affiliate marketing still only costs me peanuts per month.

  7. I agree that affiliate marketing is a great business to get into because you can do it part-time, go at your own pace and there isn’t much of a start-up cost. I know that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and there is a lot to learn.

    But I know if I continue to work on it, I will inevitably gain a following because I’m passionate about the subject.

    Ideally, I want to work on my blog part-time as I study to become a certified Holistic Nutritionist which will also help me become more of a trusted authority in my niche! So affiliate marketing is a perfect part-time gig until you can make it full-time.

    Thank you for your post as reading this has given me a clear focus on what I want to achieve. I will definitely check out your number 1 recommendation to start my website.

    • Hi there, Nicole!😀
      I love it when a plan comes together and you sound like you’re heading for a very successful online business startup.
      Studying to be a Holistic Nutritionist can definitely help you to be an authority within your niche and building your website part-time as you study is the smart way to go.
      Here are some tips for you I trust you’ll appreciate as you start to build out your website when writing out your blog posts.

  8. Thank you for putting the effort into this post and this is exactly what strategy you have suggested I’m going to do whilst building my online business. I recently graduated from my master’s program and I plan to still work my job while building an online business. I already knew that build a business online does take time, effort, and building up content on one’s website. Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best stay home jobs but I would like to know if there is any other work I could do online that you know of?

    • Thank you for your comment here, Alison!😀
      Working part-time from home is the exact route that I took when building my online business.
      Of course, knowing what we’re doing with internet marketing can go a long way to making money online and I would have starved if I tried this without any other income coming in.
      It’s so disappointing that a lot of people tend to think that making money online can be done quickly with done-for-you programs and most of them soon come to the realization that it’s not.
      This misleads people and they go away thinking that online marketing does not work and it’s all a scam!
      That is so unfortunate because if they learned how to earn commissions online the right way, most of them could be well on the way to making good extra monthly income.

  9. Working part-time from home with an online business is a great side job while still working full-time as well as a great way to make additional income when retired. I’m so glad that I have chosen to be committed to working part-time online from home as your post has reaffirmed for me and most importantly, it keeps me busy. Affiliate marketing is a great business model that takes time to learn but given commitment and persistence it pays off in the long run. I enjoy being semi-retired or un-retired and working a few productive hours a day in my online business. You have provided many good ideas to make this type of business a reality. Much appreciated.

    • Nice to meet you, Joseph!😀
      This is why I decided to write this post as most very successful affiliate marketers started working part-time online first and they graduate to work full-time from home as their earnings increase.
      It is the way that I entered affiliate marketing and I don’t think many people can last the distance going it full-time first. Maybe it could have been done 10 years ago with solid paid traffic strategies and a good sales funnel, but you would have needed good financial backing and the know-how behind you in the initial stages.
      As the competition rises with affiliate marketing, paid traffic strategies are not quite what they used to be and are quite expensive to deploy.
      Working and learning how to get free organic traffic from search engines with affiliate marketing part-time makes a lot of sense as this type of online business model can take a considerable amount of time to start earning.
      And as you have said, Joseph! Starting an affiliate marketing business part-time from home keeps us busy especially if we are semi-retired.
      I have seen a lot of my friends slide downhill health-wise after retiring from their full-time job and a lot of this can be put down to a loss of purpose in their lives.
      The ‘Secret’ to a long healthy life can be simply put down to keeping yourself busy and your mind active.

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