How To Make Your Website Appear In Google


How To Make Your Website Appear In Google


How To Make Your Website Appear In Google-Top Tips!


Get the top tips on how to make your Website posts appear in Google to enjoy unlimited free traffic. See how you can have any website post get to page 1 rank in google in just minutes…


Rank Your Website Posts On Google In Minutes


Knowing the steps to take to get your website posts ranking on the first pages of Google in minutes can ensure you many page 1 rankings and is the best trick you can learn by far…

We’ve all heard that website content is KING and this ain’t gonna change anytime soon.

But it’s nowhere good enough these days just to write good content on your website posts without thinking about on-page SEO tricks and how to apply them.

Follow me below to discover 10 neat tips and tricks that can have your website appear in Google within the first page rankings.


Rank A Website In Google With These 10 Easy SEO Tips


Do you want heaps of free traffic coming into your product offers that people will actually see?  Or are you just starting in the IM (Internet Marketing) World and want some SEO Tips to get your new website to rank with Google?

These 10 easy to follow tips are the bread and butter of SEO and should complement any new post for better website rank in Google and Bing.


TIP #1) Website Content And Site Speed:


The importance of website content is not to be underestimated and a minimum of a 1, 500 words should be placed on each post or page. Whilst it’s far better exceeding the content limit and aiming for 2, 000 words instead, by doing this can actually outrank your competitors for competing spots in the search engine listings.

Whilst good content will always be “King”, people busily writing their content often miss the importance of keywords for SEO.

Although we all like to use naughty phrases from time to time if we’re annoyed or want to prove a point, never place swear words within your website post content.

Google hates this and even using a swear phrase that may seem innocent enough, Google can give you a slap in the face and ignore the content completely.

Your website Speed should be optimized to load up on peoples mobile devices in super-quick times.

Google has been warning us all for some time about our website loading speeds and now, fearfully – the time has arrived.

New Update For Website Speed: Google has released its latest update, the Google Broad Core Algorithm update for the 3rd of June 2019. Google core updates always have me feeling a little nervous with their algorithm changes.

How about you?😰

We’ve all been waiting for this core update with bated breath and Google has finally come out and said, “This new algorithm will look at your overall website loading speed.”  This can likely effect and penalize sites that load slower than 90/100 for mobile & desktop.

But don’t worry, we have you covered here


Mobile Page Loading Speed In Google Page Speed Insights


For every new website built with SiteRubix, you will get exclusive FREE access to the Kraken Image Resizer Plugin which Google will love and can get you website page loading speeds of 94 +/100 for mobile and 99+ for desktop, respectively.


TIP #2) Describe What’s Under Your H2 Title Tags:


Using H2 Title Tags is a great way to let the Google search engine know exactly what your post content is all about.

Let’s say your post was all about ranking your website on Google.

The H2 Tag that you use should reflect this topic and the underlying content should also keep in theme with the H2 title itself.

A good example of this would be as follows…

<h2>How Can You Make Your Website Appear In Google?<h2>

The best practices to make your website appear in Google is to follow the 10 tips that I have provided you with below…

This does not have to reflect the whole content under a particular H2 Title Tag but it’s a super idea to include within the first paragraph.

By following this tip, you’ll make it a whole lot easier for Google bots to read your content to give a good understanding of what the post is all about.

Google needs and does put relevant content for search phrases people are searching for on top of their list. If search engine spiders can quickly decipher what the post is about through your H2 Tags, then half the battle of getting our contents ranked – Is WON!


TIP #3) Choose A Low Traffic Keyword To Rank With:


Just as IMPORTANT as the H2 Tag, choosing a low traffic keyword to rank your post will actually improve your chances of getting page 1 rankings on Google.

There’s not much point going for extremely competitive keywords. These types of keywords are hard to rank for as trying to find a needle in a haystack, it’s just not gonna happen…

The far easier option is to find a post title keyword that has both monthly searches and competing website competition under the 100 score limit.

Get the full how-to and find the best-underutilized keyword terms by using the #1 Keyword Tool that I use.

Once you have found that perfect keyword phrase for your new post, just sprinkle 3 or 4 times throughout the content.

I find to get the best results, I place one Post Title Keyword near the top, 2 in the middle of my content, and one at the end of my post.

Please remember to make sure the keywords you are using make perfect natural sense within a sentence or paragraph. Google can also PING You for keyword stuffing if you go overboard with this.


TIP #4) Check Your Post Keyword Density:


It’s always a TOP idea to check your post for keyword density before submitting to the Google search engines. This handy Keyword Density Tool that I use with every finished post will analyze the actual amount of keyword phrases and the density of the keywords.

This is given in a measurement of a % score for one-word, 2-word phrases, and 3 keyword phrases. If too many keywords are present in any of the categories above, the keyword density checker tool will show them in orange.

Google and Bing hate keyword spamming and if your new post appears this way, you’ll most likely find it hard to rank if at all.

I find a keyword density score of under 3% density is fine for a 1, 500-word post + for the word sequences above and under 2.5% for a post that’s 1, 000 words & under.


TIP #5) Check Post External Link Has No Viruses


It’s also a ‘Top Notch’ idea to include a virus-free external link in each post you produce. Search engines love a link that leads from your website post to another that provides extra information for your readers.

External Linking serves 2 purposes to give your readers additional material to read to cover an overall topic and shows search engines that you’re supplying more value to your post by doing this.

Placing one external link per post works best but if you need to place more on your post, that’s okay too.


TIP #6) Always Include Your Tags & Categories In Posts


Tip #6 should always be included when writing your post. These forgotten ‘Allies’ neglected by many actually rank in Google & Bing.

Ideally, they both should contain the theme of the keywords of your post.

A good example of this could be…

Say, your post was about Dog harnesses and your Post Title was called, Dog Harness To Prevent Pulling.

So, in the Category of the post, you could put – Best Dog Harness To Prevent Pulling.

… And, The Best Dog Harness To Prevent Pulling in the Tag section.

Categories and Tags don’t always rank with search engines but often they do and whilst these SEO Tags also tell the search engines what your post is about, leaving them out is like leaving free traffic on the table…

If you have access to a professional keyword tool, place in the main Post Title, Dog Harness To Prevent Pulling and have a look at the keyword traffic & competition.

You’ll also see by adding the words THE and BEST to your title keyword, all three-word variants have searchable traffic with low competition.


TIP #7) Add 3 Comments To Your Website Post


Adding comments to a website post shows the search engines that people are engaging within the post.

What I’ve found that works a treat is by getting 3 comments then making it 6 comments by replying and solving issues or problems the commenter may have.

I’ve seen many website posts that the author of the post couldn’t be bothered replying to their comments or even worse, leaving 3 or 4-word replies.

You’d midas well leave no comment reply at all.

Google & Bing look very closely at the post comment threads…

An active comment thread also shows you have ‘Authority’ in the space you’re in and you are actively involved within the post.


TIP#8) Update Your Website Posts Regularly 

Whilst this is not a tip as such to get your website ranked on Google in minutes, I thought it was important enough to include.

Updating all your website posts every 2 months shows the search engines that your site is still active. Google, in particular, can punish your website if they discover nil or minimal activity on your site for longer than 3 months.

It is very hard to recover a website if Google lists your site as inactive – they simply won’t rank it!

You’d be better off building a whole new site than trying to rank a website with an “Inactive Tag’ placed on by Google.

Updated content also draws the attention of search engine spiders as they love fresh content.


TIP #9) Share Your New Post On Social Media


Share your new post on at least 2 Social Media Platforms. I find that Facebook and Twitter work best for me but the choice is yours here.

Google absolutely loves new posts with external links to social media. It’s like leading a Cat to milk and the more social media platforms you share your new website post with, the better…

I always share my new posts with 3 social media just before I’m ready to submit the Post URL to Google Console.


TIP #10) Submit Your New Website Post To Google Console


The last and probably the most important step to do is submitting your new website post to Google Console and Bing.

I always submit the new post over 3 stages and by doing this – works a treat!

  • Submit to Google & Bing Console when the post has just been finished.
  • Add some comments and replies and then re-submit again.
  • Share with 2 or more Social Media Platforms, then re-submit.

If you follow these top 10 tips to make your website appear on Google, you’ll give yourself a much better chance to rank the #1 spot within the search listings…

Start Learning Website SEO For Free




Thank you for visiting, How To Make Your Website Appear On Google. If you have any questions you’d like to ask regarding the top 10 SEO methods above, please leave your thoughts in the comment area below… I always reply back to my readers in a timely manner.



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  1. Hello Jeff, I like the article a lot. Thanks for sharing

    Being an aspiring blogger myself, I’m glad to come in contact with this detailed post that would help me when I monetize my blog with affiliate marketing. I particularly like the part of submitting to google console and writing long word meaningful content. Thank you.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Iam!😃

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post and brought home some tips at the same time.

      I also, enjoy reading good SEO tips because everything helps to get our website ranking on Google.

  2. Thank you for this article. It’s great to get an article about having my website appear on Google because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do! I find that interesting that Google doesn’t like swearing. I don’t swear on my website anyway because it’s not really occurred to me to swear. Sometimes I think people are too uptight about swearing and maybe this is one example. But it doesn’t affect me anyway.
    Is it really 1500 to 2000 words, and not just a thousand? The course I took told me about a thousand and lately I’ve been ending up with around 1,500. Where did you get this information? Do you have a source?
    That thing about the H2 tags is a good trick. I never knew that those particular tags mattered so much but I do happen to use them so that’s good.
    I use the same keyword tool as you and I definitely like it so thanks for mentioning it.
    I have heard to avoid using the same phrase in a category and in a tag, can you post a source for that?
    That’s interesting about keeping your site active I haven’t really had it be inactive yet but it’s good to know for the future.
    One thing I definitely want to do is check out that keyword density checker. I am not purposely keyword spamming but it would be good just to be sure.

    • Thank you for leaving such a detailed comment, Jen.😃
      I don’t swear either on my site but I’ve seen a lot of websites with sought of swear words in them. It doesn’t even matter if you use an abbreviated version, Google will still give you a good slap on the hand.
      When writing a post, you shouldn’t go under a thousand words. 1, 000 words is just acceptable in Goggle’s eyes and you should aim between 1, 500 and 2, 000 words a post.
      Try and keep your keyword density under 3% for all 1, 2, and 3-word versions and you should be sweet!

  3. These are really good tips on how to get your site ranked or for them to appear on Google. Keywords and content are very important in helping one get a very good chance of appearing on the search engine. Apart from all this, the speed of the site is also important because Google would not rank a slow site. Great one you have here.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Henderson!😃
      Thank you for your appreciation and it’s humbly accepted.
      Yes, Google has been warning us for a long time to get our acts together when it comes to site speed. In most cases of SLOW site speed, poorly optimized images and where you host your website are the 2 main causes.
      This should keep you a happy camper with the Kraken Image Resizer Plugin and how to get high-speed hosting for your website.

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