How To Make Money With Online Programs


How To Make Money With Online Programs


How To Make Money With Online Programs On The Web


See my list compilation of the best ways how to make money with Online Programs on the Web. Discover the best website programs to earn the best money online when starting your new online biz. We start off with the most recommended (best of the best) top picks and a comprehensive online reviews list of Make Money Schemes that crop up daily below.


Are You Looking To Make Money With Online Programs?


When searching online for ways to "make money" with programs on the web, you've probably already run into some really shady characters online.

I'm from an Affiliate Marketing background and I first started my online business way back in 2015 - crikey, time sure does fly when you're having fun - now it's my time to give something back 😃

I decided to build this website to help folks when first searching for the best make money programs that you can actually earn income with.

Even though this site is relatively young (at heart), I have 4 years of experience with make money online programs that have excellent reputations.

In my experience, and I've come across a lot of rubbish, there are a few brilliant courses in a barrage of just average that I can proudly put my name to and personally recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself.

Let's take a look at my all-time top picks:



Ranked #1: Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is hands-down is the best affiliate marketing program I have come across.

This is the exact training I followed to enable me to start living again after losing my job as a manager in the Car Detailing Industry. It wasn't all doom and gloom though as this allowed me to become my own boss.

As a member you get:The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Platform Logo


  • Newbie-friendly video training modules
  • 2 free WordPress websites
  • A high-speed web hosting facility
  • 24/7 site technical support
  • Community help & live chat area
  • Keyword research tool
  • Help from me personally
  • The best part! It's 100% free to get started

My official rating for WA = 9.5 out of 10

My #1 Recommendation




Ranked #2: SiteRubix WordPress Site Builder


SiteRubix WordPress Site Builder


The Siterubix Website Builder is a fantastic WordPress Site Builder that is simplistic to use for both Beginners and inspiring Internet marketers alike.

Chose from over 20, 000 easy to build themes with a click of a button and implement some of the best features for a WordPress Website in the World.

Google is now penalyzing slower websites with its July 2019 Broad Algorithm Update. Rank over your competitors with mobile and desktop speeds that excel past the 90's in Google Page Speed Insights.


Website Speed Score For Mobile With Google Page Speed Insights


Below are just some of the amazing features and tools you'll get with SiteRubix that's sure to surpass any sitebuilder system online at present and in the future...

  • Easy login dashboard with automatic website backups done daily.
  • Free 24/7 Site Support with quick response time and quick fixes.
  • Website Health Function.
  • Bot and Spam protected that comes with Free Privacy Settings.
  • One of a kind website high-speed function and image reducer plugin.
  • SiteRubix also comes with free email service and secure sockets. (HTTPS)
  • Site content builder with over 1 Million compressed website ready images.
  • Comment platform to get genuine comments on your posts.

My official rating for SiteRubix = 9.5 out of 10

Website Blue Button




Rank #3: Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy keyword finder is the go-to tool for finding keywords for your affiliate blog, hobby blogs or business websites.

Finding the proper keywords can be downright confusing and time consuming on other keyword tools.

It's the best Keyword Research Tool to help me rank my blog posts high in Google & get Free targeted traffic from Google to my website.

The Jaaxy Keyword tool features:

  • 4 metrics to find super powerful keywords
  • Website domain name finderThe Jaaxy Keyword Tool Logo
  • Finds where your keywords are ranking with Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Site ranking feature
  • A saved keyword list function
  • Search history function
  • + heaps more features at your fingertips

My official rating for Jaaxy = 9.5 out of 10

Jaaxy Get Info Button





Hey everyone, my name's Jeff, just a true blue Aussie Bloke and the owner of The Best Stay Home Jobs. I hope you liked my post and got the answers you were looking for? I'm here to help YOU achieve your online ambitions just like I have😃 The products I review are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and often just flat out SCAMS but I will always give an honest opinion of them.
If you'd like to ask me anything about this post, you can do this in the comment thread below... I always reply back to my readers in a timely manner.


  1. Seeing that I am also looking to one day become a success in the affiliate world I am pleased to find out that there is another trusted website similar to Wealthy Affiliate. Prior to your article, I was not aware of Affilorama. I have also had experience with Jaaxy keyword tool and appreciate the extended information that you provided.

    But overall, the article was very informative and I really appreciated. Also, the additional links that you listed about WA Bootcamp Training and the ClickFunnels Program was also very useful.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Stacii!😃
      Affilorama and ClickFunnels are pretty good platforms to promote but they do have their differences.
      ClickFunnels is for the more experienced marketers as they require you to build landing pages and knowing SEO to drive traffic to them is essential.
      Affilorama is also an Affiliate Marketing platform but I find their training is a little hard to follow for beginners.
      I’m a member of all 3 platforms but for the best value and results, I think Wealthy Affiliate rates best.

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