How To Create a Website With WordPress For Free

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How To Create A Free Website With WordPress For Free

How To Make A Free Website Using WordPress


Want to know how to make a free Website using WordPress in under 30 seconds. Then wait no more... Learn how to build a website using WordPress with step by step free training, free hosting, and heaps of help from caring people. 

If you desire to have a free WordPress site up and running to start an Affiliate marketing business, for starting your own business or want to sell products to consumers - then I have the perfect solution for you...


The Best Free Website Building Software



The SiteRubix software allows you to build a WordPress website in half a minute. Yep, in just 30 seconds from now, you'll be the proud owner of a fully functional WP website.

The 2 best ever website platforms working together side by side, SiteRubix, and WordPress offers you the opportunity to build 2 stunning websites for free.

You don't even need to give credit card details.

So whatcha waiting for?

Get your $0 cost site below:


8 Awesome Reasons Why SiteRubix Rocks!

  1. A professional appearance for visitors
  2. Excellent platform for Bloggers
  3. Great website design for Affiliate marketing
  4. Easy to use for business purposes
  5. Easy peasy site navigation
  6. Super fast page loading speeds
  7. Web page content that's high-quality
  8. A Content Management System (CMS)
  9. Image Optimizer

The SiteRubix platform is built to help you achieve all 8!

There are plenty of extra cool features making this website builder nothing short of AMAZING!


Full Review Of The SiteRubix Builder


6 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Ultimate CMS!


No doubt that you have heard heaps of good stough about WordPress on the grapevine, and there's a very good reason for that... Because it's the BEST Content Management System (CMS) out there today - and it's no exaggeration.

In fact, your looking at a WordPress website right now! 😉

These days, anyone can build a stunning website without knowing all that complicated jargon such as HTML and it's all thanks to a CMS like WordPress

And here are 6 intelligent reasons why WordPress outperforms other CM Systems currently available online:

  1. The whole CM System is very easy to install
  2. A couple of clicks with the mouse and your good to go
  3. No coding knowledge is required - everything is dealt with
  4. More than 40,000 plugins for improving sites functionality
  5. There are over 2600 website theme templates to pick from
  6. Heaps of Help & Support from a caring community when you need it
  7. Krakin WordPress image plugin for high-speed image resizing

Need I say more on the subject, huh?

Are you ready to start building your site RIGHT NOW?




Hey everyone, my name's Jeff, just a true blue Aussie Bloke and the owner of The Best Stay Home Jobs. I hope you liked my post and got the answers you were looking for? I'm here to help YOU achieve your online ambitions just like I have😃 The products I review are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and often just flat out SCAMS but I will always give an honest opinion of them.
If you'd like to ask me anything about this post, you can do this in the comment thread below... I always reply back to my readers in a timely manner.


  1. Very cool site, Jeff. I’ve got 2 WordPress websites and I totally agree, it is the most user-friendly platform out there today. Blogging is a great stay at home job, where the only thing that can hold you back is you! Unlimited income opportunity. It’s also super easy to upgrade in the Site Rubix platform and put it on your own domain without losing any of your work.

    I also think the features of the easy login dashboard and the high-speed functions described on your full review of the SiteRubix is amazing. I have never seen these options for a WordPress website before.

    This will make life a lot more easy for me.

    Do you think I can transfer my website contents over to SiteRubix and would this be too hard?

    Looking forward to your reply, Elaine.

    • Thanks for dropping and leaving your comment.

      Sounds like you have experience with WordPress websites, that’s great, Elaine. You can transfer your original content data quite easily using the WP Site Support. They do all the heavy lifting for us and are really helpful, Kaboot.

      Here are all the extra features you will get when you transfer:

      1) You can host up to 25 WordPress Websites.

      2) 24/7 Site Support for all hosted websites.

      3) Easy Login + Automatic Backups of your websites.

      4) High-speed hosting with a secure connection (HTTP’S).

      5) Over 2000 WordPress Themes to choose from.

      6) Password encrypted Email Server.

      If your thinking about switching, you can contact me here and I can give you a hand 😃

  2. Hello Jeff, thought I’d drop in and say hi! I must say that this article is very helpful and informative, especially for beginners just starting their online business. WordPress is my favorite platform for building websites out all the other site builders I have tried. It also has great free plugins which can greatly increase the rankings in search engines. Thank you for sharing, I know people will benefit from this.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Daniel!😃
      Well, what can I say – I totally agree with you here, Daniel.
      I too think that WordPress is a good option for beginners to learn how to build a website because they are so user-friendly.
      There’s a reason why over 50% of all websites built online today are made with WordPress – they’re simply the best in my opinion.

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