HBA Funnel Builder Review

HBA Funnel Builder Review

HBA Funnel Builder Review – Is This A Good Product To Get?

Genuine HBA Funnel Builder Review to see if this low-cost funnel builder software from Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings is a good product to build professional looking funnels for only $25 a month. 

Genuine HBA Funnel Builder Review From The Desk Of Mike Hobbs:

Hi, my name is Jeff Hogan and I think you made a wise decision by reading my Genuine HBA Funnel Review to see if this low-cost funnel building tool from Mike Hobbs & Paul Hutchings can match the high-priced competitors in performance, features, and easy to follow training to get the job done.

The biggest problem with most professional funnel builder on the market today is the costs.

A good funnel builder can cost you right up to $300 per month with most of them sitting around the $100 a month mark.

Most online marketers, especially people that just want to build some landing pages, thank you pages, and create some popups to collect emails or direct to product offers and don’t really need as many of the features the more expensive funnel builders have built-in.

All these extra tools that most online marketers won’t need are added to the costs of your funnel builder – so doesn’t it make sense to trim some of the money that’s left on the table?

What Mike and Paul wanted to do here is address this problem and allow people to get a cost-effective funnel builder for only $25 a month.

HBF Funnel Builder has all the features marketers need to complete their daily online business tasks as the more expensive funnels do.

A Quick Overview Of The HBA Funnel Builder

With the HBA Funnel Builder, there are no limits. You can build eye-catching Landing Pages, Thank You pages, Webinars, Membership Sites, Events Page, Product Sites, Product Store Checkout Forms, Contact Us, just to name a few.

And all these pages you can create as seen above also come with plenty of done-for-you templates that you can just change around to your own liking…

There’s also a wide range of done-for-you ‘Popups’ for collecting emails to build an email list or to redirect people to your product promotions and offers.

Some of the funnel builders you can purchase online and this is especially the case with most “Done For You” funnels you get with making money programs that I review, they have really slow load times…

HBA Funnel Builder, on the other hand – is lightning fast and hosted on premium Amazon servers.

Not only does the software load super quick, but there is also a comprehensive training on how to start building your funnels and Mike explains the whole process in easy to follow steps – no stones left unturned here folks.

It only took me about 50 minutes to build a Landing Page with the ease of the drag and drop interface – something that would have been out of the question with my other funnel provider.

The money I saved by switching to the HBA Funnel Builder can now be better spent on other costs towards my online business and maybe an extra cup of coffee at my favorite Cafe.

Become An Affiliate And Receive 80% Commissions!

It was only by accident that I stumbled upon the HBA Funnel Builder but like all great discoveries in life, they often are.

A mate of mine from the online marketing platform that I still belong to too this very day gave me the heads up to this high performing low-cost funnel builder at only $25 per month.

Well, I could have bought him anything he wanted…

Not only am I saving $65 each month by sacking my original funnel builder software, but HBA Funnel Builder also has an affiliate program that gives you an 80% commission for each person you bring in.

This was a lot better than the measly 20% I was getting with my ‘Old’ funnel builder company.

Commissions are paid every Friday like clockwork instead of waiting for a month like others and there’s a money-back guarantee – so it’s a no brainer!

What a great idea as you only need to get 2 referrals to have your very own funnel builder and still be in profit.

You probably know of plenty of people that are marketing on the internet that are paying way too much for their funnel builder you can share with.

I love this part – you can easily make your investment back and HELP a lot of people in the process.😃

What Is HBA Funnel Builder All About?

The very first thing you will see when you enter HBA Funnel Builder, you’ll meet Paul and Mike where they introduce themselves and do a demo for you.

With the HBA Funnel Builder, there are no limits. You can build eye-catching Landing Pages, Thank You pages, Webinars, Membership Sites, Events Page, Product Sites, Product Store Checkout Forms, Contact Us, About Us Pages, Make Money Online Pages, and lots more.

Or choose from an extensive range of done-for-you templates in the categories above you can edit yourself.

There’s also a fantastic BONUS that gives you a complete funnel to a free 180-page marketing eBook where you can giveaway to build your email list.

30 Minute Workday Free 180 Page Book

Inside of the HBA Funnel Builder, you can create your funnels from scratch or choose from stacks of pre-built templates.

All the templates are fully customizable and host a good ‘Array’ of fonts, colors, etc.

There are also heaps of drag & drop widgets to add to your funnels and a colorful range of pre-designed popups to capture email addresses or directing people to product offers.

With the HBA Funnel Builder, there are no limits.

In my professional opinion, this funnel builder does everything a high-priced builder does but at the quarter of the price.

All the training is provided in the member’s area with easy to follow video training with timestamps that includes…

  • Domain integration with the HBA Funnel Builder.
  • Purchase domain names for $8.99 a year.
  • Your funnel domain name comes with FREE Amazon Hosting.
  • Selecting an autoresponder and integration.
  • How to create your funnels and popups.
  • How to sell your own products.
  • How to make a membership site.

What I did like about HBA Funnel Builder so far was the fact that the funnel builder is actually fun to use.

I used to have to wait for ages for my pages to load with my old software and this really did suck all the fun out of it.

I also liked that Paul & Mike explained what to do in clear understandable easy to follow lessons.

This Genuine HBA Funnel Builder Review is detailed out in the following sections:

Software Name: HBA Funnel Builder

Creators: Paul Hutchings & Mike Hobbs

System: Funnel Builder & Popup Software.

Front-End Price: $25

Recommended? YES

Beginner Friendly Rating = 7 / 10

Overall System Rating = 9 / 10

A Little About Me And Why I Write These Reviews

I first started to write reviews for done-for-systems, training courses, membership sites, software apps, funnel builders, email marketing courses, and other make money online programs for one reason only.

You see, when I was green as the hills just starting out online, I was unfortunate enough to run into several programs that just fleeced me of my money.

Like, the owners of these 2 make money online DFY systems did provide some training the actual software itself, but trying to get answers to the many questions I had over the training was virtually impossible.

In most cases, I waited patiently for days expecting to get a reply that never comes and then left to my own devices winging it on what I thought would make the system work better – purchased the Upsells!

We’ll I never got either of the systems to work and never make a ‘Cracker’ from what I initially thought would be a walk in the park.

I wish I knew what I now know and whilst things a lot brighter today, I never could get that bitter taste out of my mouth.

It did cost me well over 2 thousand dollars so I take great pleasure to write these reviews for beginners and people that haven’t made a dime yet for the beginner in me that I once was.

Doing your research is the best way to find legit and genuine programs to avoid being stung by scams

The Pros & Cons Of HBA Funnel Builder

With the HBA Funnel Builder platform, the Pros outweighed the Cons by 9-1, and the overall system ranked very highly for ease to use for beginners and professionals alike.


  • The funnel builder is super responsive.
  • Easy step-by-step easy to follow training.
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions.
  • Free 180 page marketing eBook.
  • All the training is free to access for life.
  • The funnel builder is state of the art.
  • Video Training included with your membership.
  • 80% Commissions are paid weekly – not monthly.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Lots of training to get through but this is not a bad thing.

Is HBA Funnel Builder A Legit Product?

I’d have to say that the HBA Funnel Builder software is a 100% legit product that comes with step-by-step training on how to build your funnels.

Paul and Mike have over 20 years of experience between them and I do like their moral scope to help people with an affordable funnel builder.

There’s far too many people ‘Ripping’ off other people in today’s world for monetary gains and Paul and Mike could have charged a whole lot more for this software if they wanted.

Out of the 400 software products I have reviewed online, I’ve only seen 2 that were worth their salt and a system that everybody can use – just not the professional marketers.

This says a lot to where their ‘Morals’ lay as producing such a quality product that they could have charged a lot more for is admirable.

Thumbs UpAs in most of these systems that I review, they often give you some sought of product for your sum of money paid but then often hit you up with an amount of Upsells that could sink a ship.

You won’t hear me say this much but…

“I have to conclude that I do recommend the HBA Funnels Builder product for beginners and inexperienced marketers.”

Go here to start building your Funnels today!

My Final Verdict With HBA Funnel Builder

It’s not every day that you come across a product that offers so much value that you can access for only $25 per month.

Most funnel builders online can cost you around 100 bucks a month and do little more than the HBA Funnel Builder.

In Fact, I was so impressed I purchased the HBA Funnel Builder myself.

I sacked my other funnel building software because I think they loved my money more than they loved me.

The HBA Funnel builder does everything the other high-quality ones do and are fun to operate, a quarter of the price, have a large selection of funnels to chose from, and heaps of other features that will blow your mind.

>>Go and check the HBA Funnel Builder for yourself<<

Other Free Training Systems…

Thank You For Visiting My HBA Funnel Builder Review!

If you have any questions or would like to give us your thoughts about the HBA Funnel Builder Product, hit me up in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you and I always reply back to my readers.

Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


  1. Jeff,

    Well, you have me sold. I could not stop reading your review of the HBA Funnel Builder. Like you, I am an Affiliate Marketer and Online Entrepreneur. This year I set some aggressive goals to get my businesses out there, build traffic and drive conversions. So far, I have been dabbling around with some software that has promised the sun and the stars but not delivered. I have grown tired of parting with my money. It is too expensive!

    The one Con that you highlighted is the amount of training which I see as a good thing. That means I will learn a lot and with an 80% commission for each sale, that is a no brainer!

    I cannot wait to get started!


    • This is what it’s all about, Cassandra!😃
      We all have to save money online and cutting expenses for funnel building products that are charging us far too much for much the same features should be first on our bucket lists.
      It always makes my day when I can find such important tools as a funnel builder and save myself an extra $75 a month.
      I was also quite taken by their affiliate program that pays 80% commissions for each person you bring into HBA Funnel Builder and the best thing of all – they pay their affiliates each and every Friday.
      This sure beats waiting a whole month to be paid!
      I know you will be pleased as punch with this software that has been on the market for over 2 years now and the other higher priced funnel builders should be shacking in their boots…

  2. Hello,
    This is a revelation to me, as I am only aware of Aweber and ClickFunnel as the only funnel builders. I am already moved by your super informative review and keen to register for the HBA Funnel Builder.
    I am new in affiliate marketing and saving myself that kind of money each month would really help. I would be very grateful when I get such a platform to add to my online business.

    • Hi there, Kwame!😃
      You feel like how I felt when I first discovered the HBA Funnel Builder.
      I must say it was a great feeling when I first engaged this funnel building tool into my online business as I’m now saving myself $75 each month.
      This is money better spent and the money I saved in my pocket can go towards updating my GetResponce Autoresponder to receive a higher amount of email subscribers.
      It all helps and considering the HBA Funnel builder has all the functions I need as the higher-priced funnel builders – it’s is a win-win!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing us an interesting and informative article. The main theme of this article is the HBA Funnel Builder review. It is really laudable that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your post and gained a lot of cognition about the HBA funnel builder. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like the pros of the HBA funnel builder. I think anyone can easily make money by an affiliate through this funnel builder.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your HBA Funnel Builder Review and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you allow me.

  4. This is a good review on HBA Funnel Builder, I think this product has a lot to offer regardless of how much it might cost, the benefits you’ve highlighted are very useful and enticing too. Another part that I enjoy the most is that of training on how to build your own funnel with Paul in a very detailed and simple way, thanks for sharing.

    • G’Day, Collin!😃
      The thought the price of $25 a month for a quality funnel builder was the ‘Sealer’ for me.
      And I did think that the training was clear to understand and easy to follow along with.
      I have been looking for a cheaper funnel builder just going on 6 months now and I actually found out about HBA Funnel Builder through an acquaintance.
      God bless him. If it wasn’t for him, I’d probably be still looking and paying an extra $75 per month…

  5. Hi there, Jeff! Thank you for this review on HBA Funnel Builder. I think regardless of how much it might cost it is a very good product it is worth it cos as it has a lot of usefulness and benefits. I love your review and will like to share it with my friend and colleagues. I look forward to reading more reviews from you.

    • Thanks for commenting on my HBA Funnel Builder Review, David!😃
      I use this tool myself to build my funnels and I particularly like that they include heaps of premade funnels that you can just change around a bit and in-house domain names that you can purchase that link up directly with your funnels.
      I think $25/month is a steal considering most funnel builders can cost you over $90 a month that does the same thing.

  6. I’m an affiliate marketer and at this moment, I’m looking for some means that would help me increase my traffic. This HBA Funnel builder seems like a perfect solution for me. The price is really affordable, only $25 a month is not much. I also like that you can purchase a domain name for only $8.99, that’s great. Plus 80% commission, it even seems too good to be true! 
    Your review is very helpful, thanks for that!

    • Hi there, Lenka!😃
      I’m with you and HBA Funnel Builder also has an affiliate program that you can earn 80% commissions for each person you bring into this very affordable funnels builder.
      I especially like the fact that they have heaps of pre-made funnels to choose from that you can edit to your liking.

  7. This is great information on the HBA Funnel Builder! I am in the online marketing arena but I am a relative beginner and don’t know a lot about building funnels and landing pages or email marketing. So far all of my efforts have gone toward building content to get organic visitors from Google. A funnel builder is likely my next step in expanding my business so I really appreciate your HBA Funnel Builder Review on this inexpensive funnel builder that still has a lot of the professional features!

    • Thanks, Dave!😀
      I always love helping people out as it’s in my nature and I applaud you for building your website out to get organic traffic first.
      We all need free traffic of the web to earn online commissions and this is certainly the way to do this.
      The HBA Funnel Builder will always be there for you at a low cost as the vendors of this funnel builder are really nice guys.

  8. I love your website.  It is so crisp and clean.  Your HBA Funnel Review was very interesting. I found it interesting because I have been on the lookout for a well-priced funnel builder for my websites.  I have seen other funnel builders going for more than $75 a month for the same tool so I think the HBA Funnel Builder is a steal at the price.  I can see by your review, they also include very thorough training and tips.  This will suit me as I’m a little slow to learn when it comes to new things.  Keep up the good work and the information you are writing.  It is very helpful.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Pamela!😀
      Yes, the HBA Funnel builder does come at a perfect price for our budgets and this extremely professional funnel builder does everything of their more expensive counterparts.
      I love saving money on software tools and to save $50 a month is way better in my pocket than theirs.

  9. Thank you for a very insightful, detailed, and honest review of the HBA Funnel Builder.

    I don’t currently use a funnel builder, but it is certainly on my list for the future. It’s great to know that there are some low-cost options available such as the HBA Funnel Builder.

    I am actually quite nervous about using products such as this because I don’t want my site to end up with loads of pop-ups and look scammy or very similar to other sites etc. Would be interested in your thoughts on this!

    • Hi there, Lawrence!😀
      I used to feel the same way as you about popups because I hate the ones that appear right in your face when you haven’t even started to ‘Scroll’ down the page.
      I betcha heaps of people like me, just click off them straight away and I’m a bit confused why they practice this method.
      Maybe they think we are all stupid and are gonna click on what they have to offer just because it is there.
      I don’t think this way and I try very hard to treat people the way I would like to be treated myself.
      Popups do work to convey a message, Lawrence. Just make sure you give folks online enough time to enjoy reading your article before you present them with an offering.

  10. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this genuine HBA funnel builder review from the desk of Mike Hobbs sounds really interesting. I like HBA funnel builder because it helps increase online traffic. Thank you for the review. I’ll definitely give it a try 

    • Thanks for commenting, Charity!😀
      Definitely, a good funnel builder is essential for affiliate marketing and why should you pay up to $100 on other software that does the same job when you can spend $25 a month.

  11. HBA funnel builder seems like the perfect alternative to the more expensive funnel builders that are available online.

    Can you tell me if there are any extra costs for adding your own domain name and is there training on how to build the funnels?

    And also, is adding a domain name to my funnels easy to do?

    Thanks, Jonh!

    • Hi, Jason!😀
      Of course, there’s full training on how to build your funnels and how to implement your own domain names.
      HBA Funnel Builder also have their own ‘Domain’ name feature where you can purchase domains for your funnels for only $8.99 per year with NO price increases with renewals.
      They also have a ‘Big’ range of premade funnels to pick from where all you have to do re-edit to your liking.

  12. Hello Jeff, 

    This HBA Funnel builder product is a good find for me. I have been working online for a bit now with affiliate marketing and finally want to start building funnels. Everything you have presented here is right on the mark. I will be looking into HBA Funnel Builder. I would also like to look into becoming an affiliate partner with them. So you know if they are with a network like Clickbank or CJ?

    Thanks for sharing, will be checking in on this one. 


    • G’Day, Chad!😀
      Yeah, I thought the HBA Funnel Builder was an extremely good find as I was paying just under $100 each month for my old funnel building software.
      The HBA Funnel Builder does everything you need with building funnels, creating opt-in forms, creating online product store websites, and much more.
      They do have an “Affiliate Program” to promote HBA Funnel Builder directly on the platform itself and pays you a generous commission of just over $20 a month recurring for everyone that picks up this very affordable funnel builder.

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