Giveaway Profits Review


Giveaway Profits Review


Giveaway Profits Review – A Legit Product Or A Scam Software?


Is Giveaway Profits by Glen Kosky a Legit Product or a Scam Software that gives away free products to earn a commission? See the true facts with this unbiased Giveaway Profits Review before buying.


I welcome you to my Giveaway Profits Review:


Hi, my name is Jeff and I welcome you to my Giveaway Profits Review by Glen Kosky to see if this free product giveaway software lives up to what he’s claimed on the sales page or is this going to be a way beginners and folk can lose their hard-earned money?

I come across the Giveaway Profits system in my email list so I thought I’d check this all out for you to see if everything is above board or not.

This truthful Giveaway Profits Review will give you an unbiased and genuine approach to whether this system is worth considering.

Not just what others are saying just to get a commission on this product.

This brand new product released by Glen Kosky where he gives you the right to give away 2 of his best top-selling products for free to build an email list and earn commissions on the upgrades they purchase.

With pre-approved affiliate links, good looking email banners to collect emails, and proven products by Glen Kosky to promote that have sold thousands of copies up to date.

The Giveaway Profits system is basically a product that collects email addresses for you to build a list and earns commissions on autopilot with just a few tweaks in the member’s area.

For the $22 to buy the front-end product, Glen gives you 2 of his previous money-making platforms to giveaway, completely free and training on how to set everything up.

Well, this all sounds pretty cool but is this feat really possible with the NEW Giveaway Profits Product?

If I may, just a couple of simple questions before we get started…

Are you a beginner and you’re thinking about joining Giveaway Profits to make some extra money online?

Have you just started online or your experience level with web marketing not so high?

If you answered ‘Yes‘ to one of the questions above, then I reckon you should pay close attention to this Giveaway Profits Review.

It could save you pouring out loads of money down the track…

Likely chances you are here to find out if the Giveaway Profits system works and most importantly, can you make money from this product, right?

If this is what you want to know, I’m glad you have found my Giveaway Profits Review because here you’ll find all the answers to your questions you need to be answered about this cloud-based product.

There are lots of SCAMS out there, so doing diligent research before you join is definitely the way to avoid scam products and save you a TON of your hard-earned money.

So a BIG ‘Well Done’ to you for that!😃

To be upfront with you right from the start, I’m no way affiliated with Giveaway Profits as you will see by my disclaimer just below.



Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Giveaway Profits. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info…


Here you’ll find out what you want to know about this program in one place to make an informed final decision.

Not just read about or watch what all the others are ‘Hyping’ out about just to sell a product that may or may not work for you in the end.

I respect you being diligent and you’re probably here because you’ve watched the Giveaway Profits intro video or a friend has told you about this exciting new venture and you are checking out whether all the claims you’ve heard are all true.

Well, you have come to the right place my, friend!


The Make Money Online Giveaway Profits Review:


Can you really make money online with the Giveaway Profits system and can you trust Glen Kosky to deliver a good product for beginners and seasoned marketers alike to earn extra income?

Naturally, we all want success and we all want it fast. But there is a means to achieving success and it takes a little bit of time. If you have jumped around from one “idea” to the next, or one “shiny object” to the next, you know exactly what I am talking about here.

Glen Kosky has been in the IM (Internet Marketing) space for quite some time and Giveaway Profits is his latest edition.

Glen launched a product called Viral News Jacker (an automatic 3 in one instant website post) that was released in early October 2019.

Other products by Glen Kosky include the BulletProof Method, Freebie Commissions, High Ticket Hijack, AffiliSites Pro, and Commission Funnels.

The fact that all these programs were released late last year in 2019 shows that he really likes to pump them out and all products did not rank that well with me within the reviews.

The Giveaway Profits Method gives you access to 3 different email gathering templates that are ready-made for you.


Giveaway Profits Email Gathering Template


Then Glen shows you how to promote the email gathering templates with free traffic to visit your offer.

He also pre-approves the affiliate links you’ll be using that are easily placed within the templates.

How Giveaway Profits works is by giving away up to 2 free products for the return of the person’s email address.

You then get to keep the person’s email address where you can promote other products to at a later date.

From the email free giveaway template, the customer is then redirected to either Commission Funnels or Commission Shortcut upsell page that you’re promoting and if they buy, you get commissions.

There’s also an option to drop your own Affiliate URL to promote your own products from the same email templates for the more experienced marketers amongst us.

Well, sounds easy enough – doesn’t it?

The Giveaway Profits frontend price of $22 includes the software and training on how to set everything up.

It also includes 2 fully optimized programs that you can ‘Giveaway’ with your promotional templates.

Whilst I thought the email templates to giveaway the free programs looked clean and straight to the point which could lead to conversions…

I thought the biggest obstacle for beginners and inexperienced marketers with this could be getting the actual traffic for people to see the products you are giving away.

The Other RED FLAGS I thought were a real kick in the pants about the Giveaway Profits product was…

First Red Flag 🚩

I get really suspicious when a Done-For-You System is only charging a one-off payment for a complete front end product without a comprehensive list of UPSELL costs displayed on their sales page.

You could bet your loose change jar that your likely gonna have to pay for further upgrades that are needed to make the whole system work.

There are most likely other upgrades on the platform for other products you can give away, advanced training strategies, traffic strategies, tools & resources, and the list can go on and on…

So I reckon it could cost ya a bucket full of money in the end.

I really hate this because not having a comprehensive list of UPSELL PRICES on the Giveaway Profits Sales Page can mislead people to making an indecisive decision without knowing the full cost of a program.

2nd Red Flag 🚩

The vendor providing customers with misleading information about the fact that the product is beginner-friendly when in fact, it’s not (From my point of view).

The product itself looks fairly easy to set up but looks can be deceiving…

In reality, people that buy this product should have solid experience with targeted traffic methods, paid ads, and product promoting.

3rd Red Flag 🚩

I thought I had heard Glen’s intro video to Giveaway Profits and seen the sales page before!

Well, I knew I was right.

After some researching through my previous reviews, I discovered that the Giveaway profits intro video and sales page was a close replica of a system called Freebie Commissions – a system that also gives away free gifts…

It looks like Glen has been a bit lazy here and has used the same intro video as Freebie Commissions and the sales page was also much the same.

I’d go out on a limb here and say that the Giveaway Profits platform is just a rehashed version of Freebie Commissions to sell older products that have already done the rounds.

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Is Giveaway Profits A Legit Product Or Scam?


Do follow me below as we discover if the Giveaway Profits opportunity is a Legit product to make money online or just another money time-waster that should go into the junk pile.



This Unbiased Giveaway Profits Review is detailed out in the following sections:


Do You Want To Skip The Time Wasters?

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The Giveaway Profits system is all about giving away a free product to people to start building you an email list and earns commissions for you from DFY online products.

Then the Giveaway Profits software redirects people that have given you their email address to a sales page that promotes money-making online opportunities that they can purchase.

This is all done by offering people something for free to get them interested in what you’re offering them.

If they purchase the upgrades throughout the system you decide to promote, you get paid a percentage of the total amount.

The frontend product of $22 includes some training videos, the software itself, and a choice of 3 ready-made email gathering templates you can use with the giveaway products.

Another bonus here is that you don’t have to be approved for your affiliate link and is easily placed within the free giveaways template.


Program Name: Giveaway Profits

Creators: Glynn Kosky

System: Email Capture Software

Frontend Price: $226 Upsells

Suggested Experience Level = At Least 4 Years

Recommended? No

My Beginner Friendly Rating = 2 / 10

My Overall System Rating = 3 / 10


The Giveaway Profits Upsells To Contend With!


The following UPSELLS are suggested as add-ons to better run the Giveaway Profits product. They say you can operate the system just with the frontend product but the money you’ll most likely make – can be a far cry from the figures shown on the sales page.

Like many of these Done For You Systems, you’ll have to contend with many out of pocket expenses to start your online Biz. Upsells can come in many shapes and forms depending on the system but the one consistent is, your likely gonna pay to find out.

On top of the $22 you’ll be paying to get the frontend product, the following upgrades can be suggested to run the Freebie Commissions business model.


Upsell OTO #1: Unlimited = $67 – Downsell = $47


Giveaway Profits Upsell #1 gives you access to unlimited giveaway funnels, unlimited landing pages, more landing page templates, and a graphics & banner ad creator.

The Price Of Upgrade #1 = $97


Upsell OTO #2: DFY Funnels = $97 – Downsell = $67


Giveaway Profits Upsell #2 includes 3 extra giveaway Done-For-You Funnels on top of your 2 provided with the frontend product.

Includes more images and products, etc.

The Price Of Upgrade #2 = $97


Upsell OTO #3: Automated Traffic Flow = $97 – Downsell = $67


Giveaway Profits Upsell #3 gives you different types of training strategies on how to get traffic to the promotions.

The Price Of Upgrade #3 = $97


Upsell OTO #4: Conversion Booster Tools = $67 – Downsell = $47


Giveaway Profits Upsell #4 allows you to put in Facebook pixels, Facebook comments, and a Facebook chat widget.

The Price Of Upgrade #4 = $67


Upsell OTO #5: Bonus Page Builder = $67 – Downsell = $37


Giveaway Profits Upsell #5 allows you to create bonuses that are automatically downloaded to a custom template.

You may have seen these bonuses that are included in people’s review blog sites that are promoting Giveaway Profits

The Price Of Upgrade #5 = $67


Upsell OTO #6: Licence Rights = $197 – Downsell = $97


Giveaway Profits Upsell #6 gives you the right to sell Giveaway Profits as your own product to keep 100% of the profits throughout the upgrade funnels.

The Price Of Upgrade #6 = $197


Please Note: The Downsells mentioned for all upgrades just mean that you’ll get fewer profits, products, or tools.

I guess it may not pay to go for the cheaper prices because they may not contain some of the tools you might need later on.


Upfront Costs You May Have To Pay!


Not including the frontend price of $22 to get the basic software and training, the following upgrades can be needed in the initial stages if you’re a beginner or inexperienced.

So just starting, you’d probably need Upgrades #1, #2, #3, & #4, to start off with.

Just for starters, you’d probably be looking at $22 to join and then $67 for upgrade 1, then $97 for upgrade 2. $97 for upsell #3, and then $67 for upsell #4.

Most of the upgrades listed above do look like they include vital tools you’ll probably need as a beginner.

As you can see, the costs soon add up!

So the Freebie Commissions System can cost you just around $347 to start off and still no guarantees of making any money.

…And this price doesn’t even include the monthly payments of around $20 per month for an email autoresponder you’ll need to collect emails if you ain’t got one.

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The Pros & Cons Of Giveaway Profits


The Pros & Cons of Giveaway Profits can vary from the good to the bad. One consistent with “Done For You” systems that I review is trying to get timely help to questions asked, training that can quite easily overwhelm beginners, and Upsells that may have to purchased to make the system work,



  • Help for software issues is available through lodging a support ticket.
  • Some training and software is included for the $22
  • A Facebook support group is included.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.



  • Support ticket responses can be very limited with large requests.
  • No refunds are likely with purchased upsells.
  • The amount of training can overwhelm beginners.
  • Free traffic can be hard to get as a beginner.
  • Additional Upgrades can be present after you join.



The Problem With Done-For-You Systems


The biggest problem with Done-For-You Systems is your going to be using all the Giveaway Profits funnel templates and tools but that only means you are not gonna be owning anything.

When you are not owning anything, you will be at their mercy and if they go away one day, so will your entire business and you’ll lose all the work that you have built up – will be gone.



You may think they will last a long time, but I have seen systems come and go in a matter of months. This is why I have to constantly write reviews because new ones start up all the time…

There are usually no REFUNDS given and your online business will collapse around you.

With how I make money online, everything I have built I own and nobody can take this away from me from underneath my feet.

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What Experience Do You Need?


Hitting the button to engage the Giveaway Profits funnels looks to be the easy fun part!

But if you haven’t got a huge email list and unlimited traffic sources to start off with, promoting the funnels to giveaway the free DFY systems could be a relentless task.

Done-For-You Programs like to show you how to drive free or paid traffic sources to lead magnets to capture emails and to sell affiliate products. This isn’t a bad thing and a lot of Affiliate marketers make good money this way.

But the problem is you should have immediate level skills (4 Years Experience) in this area to succeed.

If you are a complete Newbie or just starting out online with minimal experience to these types of online money systems, Paid traffic sources can soon balloon your costs if you can’t get the free traffic with the methods that are taught.

Then there’s always the option of hammering your friend and rellies, but this rarely ends well.

Getting free traffic from Social Media platforms and the like can get you some views, but it can take some time (Years) to master how to approach this type of marketing.

I find the biggest problem with these types of systems is that the operators themselves end up making most of the money due to people’s keenness to join up in the hope they can too.

Sadly, these types of online programs seem to single out the inexperienced and usually come with many upgrades for extra ready-made tools and resources you’ll most likely need as a beginner.

The common theme with MMO (Make Money Online) platforms I review is they all say you can earn thousands of dollars each month with their method for very little effort or experience.

This claim may be feasible if you have really, really deep pockets to fund Huge PPC Campaigns.

But it’s simply not possible to build a profitable online business putting in around 60 minutes a day.

Earning that type of coin online normally takes putting in effort with the right training, help, and support.

Do you agree??

=>>Like to Learn Affiliate Marketing For Real?<<=






The Giveaway Profits system works by showing you to make money online by introducing people to Done-For-You Products that they can buy.

But because it’s highly likely that you’ll have to purchase the Upgrades to get the training needed to get people seeing your promotions if you are a beginner – costs can soon add up.

Then there’s the option to promote Giveaway Profitsitself and other related products.

But in most cases, if your experience with IM (Internet Marketing) is limited – you’ll probably struggle to get free traffic needed to make sales until you’ve built up some experience.

Many online programs of this nature can include heaps of Upsells too if you can’t get free traffic to your promotions. This can include Paid Advertising, Paid Traffic, Tools & Resources, and the list can go on and on…

For the $22 you pay to join, I suspect they do include a product with training so people can’t say this is a SCAM.

But the info & systems provided is usually nowhere sufficient to get you up and running without extra costs you may have to pay.




I’m not going to say that the Giveaway Profits System is a Scam because they do offer a product for the $22 paid to get the front end software.

But in my opinion, I didn’t like that most of the Upgrades may have to be purchased if you’re just starting up.

If you’re just starting out online, all the information provided, free or included in a ‘Paid’ Upgrade can quite easily overwhelm a Beginner or Inexperienced Marketers.

This rarely ends well for first-starters and most people QUIT because they think it’s all too hard!

As in most of these Done For You Systems, they often give you some sought of product.

Thumbs Down RatingThey will give you a product but it will probably differ a lot from what they misled you to believe from the sales pitch.

But at the end of the day, you’d most likely have to pay for traffic if you can’t achieve this with the methods shown. 

… And this can quite easily balloon out of control!

I have to conclude that I do not recommend the Giveaway Profits product.

Sorry folks! No POT of GOLD to be found here…

See my #1 best pick that actually shows you a proven method to make money online and comes with more tools & resources you could poke a stick at.

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Other Done For You Systems…



What Giveaway Profits Often Forget To Tell You!


With most online systems that I review like the Giveaway Profits product, they often forget to tell you what it takes to make money online.

Well, I don’t reckon they forget to tell ya, just hide the truth from you a tad…

They’d rather not let you know about the true costs that are present with making money quick schemes. After all, they probably wouldn’t get many takers if they did.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the chances of making money with these types of schemes as a beginner are like winning the lotto with just 1 number.

Sorry, it’s not likely to happen…

There are no real quick fixes to making money online. Survey and Media sites only pay you a small fraction of what your time is worth and they’re hardly worth doing.

Another problem with most make money fast propositions they don’t tell you, you don’t get to keep any real estate you’ve built up. Most of these schemes are high-risk and only last 6 months tops.

When they go down! You have lost everything and usually, there are no refunds or guarantees.


My Final Verdict With Giveaway Profits


Overall, I am skeptical when it comes to how long it can actually take to start earning money with this software.

I don’t believe that the Giveaway Profits product will work as easily as it claims after having spent several years reviewing similar software.

There are many fundamentals to making money online and it’s rarely as easy as they claim.

This is especially the case for people attempting to make money online without much experience as they often can not get the traffic and help they need to get the system working.

That’s my opinion anyhow which is why I wouldn’t recommend it.

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There are no real quick fixes to making money online. Digital products, done for you systems, and one-click instant programs all make it sound so easy and your gonna make money in the first 24 hours.

Well, being all smart and intelligent people, we know it doesn’t work this way, right?

When they go down! You have lost everything and in most cases, there are no refunds or guarantees.


Learn To Build A Real Affiliate Marketing Business


If you’re serious about building a REAL Affiliate Marketing Business with 24/7 help and support and you’re sick and tired of low-quality products that fail to deliver then you might want to check out this free 10-course training as a much better alternative to this system.

Instead of being lied to multiple times and told you’ll start making money for only $22 you’ll actually be provided tools, training, and the help and support that walks you through how to create a real website (Not an instant sales page) that shows you how to pick a niche, write content, and get free traffic on Google.

The big difference between Giveaway Profits and what I do… I get to keep everything I have worked for.

Authority affiliate websites can sell for $400,000 + and no one can take that away from you.

Is this something you would be interested in?😃

It takes a little time to build an online business that can enable you to give your life-sucking job the flick, but heck, if you really want this – you can do it too!

Start Creating Your Website Real Estate Today!




Thank you for visiting my Giveaway Profits Review. If you have any questions or thoughts about whether Giveaway Profits is a Scam or anything else you’d like to share, please do leave me a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you and I’m always here to help.



Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


  1. Thank you for your review of Giveaway Profits. The name is very enticing and because of that, I have to do my research before I am getting involved and how I found your Giveaway Profits Review. Just like I thought the price tag and the name are just too good to be true. So many red flags and also upsells. I hate when they sell a product just to have you land another of their product. I’m entitled to know what I am getting. Oh well, that is a no for this program.

    • Hi there, Nuttanee!😃
      Yeah, the name of some of these done-for-systems sure gives away what the Giveaway profits are likely to be.
      I’m glad you got the vital information you needed to make a decisive decision with my Giveaway Profits Review.
      Just like they say – “back to the drawing board.”

  2. Thanks to you I will definitely be adding Giveaway Profits to my over-stuffed red flag bag!

    Whenever I see a laundry list of upsells like this I start to feel ill.  Like you, I’m also powerfully skeptical about any claims of a DFY system as well.

    It’s just not that easy to build your own online business and as you aptly stated, you still don’t own anything with the Giveaway Profits Funnel. A wise mentor of mine once said, owning your own website is your own real estate, it always sticks with me.

    To answer your question, I totally agree with you, there is no way 60 minutes a day is not going to build you a profitable business.  Well, maybe if we could afford a huge team of affiliate marketing genius chipmunks we could!

    Thank you for this very honest Giveaway Profits Review! 

    • G’Day, Phillip!😃
      Thank you for engaging with my Giveaway Profits Review post and I agree with what you said here 100 percent.
      Building your own online business that you own is the far better option because I’ve seen systems like Giveaway Profits close their doors after only 6 months.
      When these ‘Don For You” systems close down – you have lost everything and your online business can disappear overnight.

  3. Thanks for the Giveaway Profits review that you shared here and I’m quite delighted that you have given this review here. The Giveaway Profits system seems lit like the normal cheap scams that based their means strictly on making a profit from little things like upsells. Actually, upsells are a big red flag for me in most cases. Also, the red flags are quite too much than to overlook them. Thanks so much

    • Thanks for commenting on my Giveaway Profits Review!😃
      Yes, Upsells are a big warning sign for me too especially when they have no information about this on the sales page.
      This does mislead people to thinking that they’re buying a product to make money online for a certain price indicated.
      Maybe if you were an experienced marketer with traffic and other systems already in place but for people first starting out online, it’s most likely you’ll have to purchase most of the Upsells.

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