Affiliate Shortcut Scam Review


Affiliate Shortcut Scam Review


Affiliate Shortcut Scam Review! Is This Product A Scam?


Can the Affiliate Shortcut product get you free traffic with expired Domain Names or is this a Scam? Everything told in this Affiliate Shortcut Scam Review.


I welcome you to my Affiliate Shortcut Product Review:


I come across this Affiliate Shortcut system in my junk mail the other day so I thought I’d check this all out for you to see if everything is above board or not.

It turns out that the Affiliate Shortcut was created by Jamie Lewis, an Internet Marketer that’s been on the make Money Online scene for some time.

But is the Affiliate Shortcut going to be a magic system that’s gonna put bundles of cash flowing into our PayPal accounts?

Whilst this system seems easy enough to setup up for beginners which is usually never the case, there was one major thing that was bugging me about the Affiliate Shortcut product.

So I put my thinking hat on and dived deep into this system to see if the Affiliate Shortcut was worth it to bring home the bacon, or just a complete dud to avoid?

Let’s find out together, shall we?

I respect your diligence and you’re probably here because you’ve watched the Affiliate Shortcut intro video or a friend has told you about this exciting new venture and you are checking out whether all the claims you’ve heard are all true.

Well, you have come to the right place my, friend.😃


The Affiliate Shortcut Product Review:


I thought the sales video and pitch was pretty relaxing and kinda made me believe it was totally possible to make money form Jamie’s, Affiliate Shortcut Product.

The idea behind the Affiliate Shortcut System is not NEW as he says but the software he’s using would speed up the whole process of finding expired Domains to get traffic from.

The Affiliate Shotcut Software allows you to the how much the expired domains is worth and the monthly traffic the expired domain gets.

Heck, it even got me excited and I already know how all of this stuff works.

Like finding these pockets of golden traffic just waiting to be unlocked from expired domains is every IM (Internet Marketers) dream.

So I put my beanie on and dived in headfirst to find out the facts that your itching to find out…

Is the Affiliate Shortcut Product a Scam!

It didn’t take me long to find the first RED FLAG which you’s should be wary of.



Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for the Affiliate Shortcut Product. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info…


I didn’t expect my first Red Flag to be this easy to find. Like, If the Affiliate Shortcut Product was totally legit, why do they have to pull these tricks?

You’d kinda expect if a program worked to get you traffic pouring in, wouldn’t you have real beginners that have just started in Internet Marketing back this up!?

What happens next is truly not surprising…

The chap just below is full of praise for finding the Affiliate Shortcut Product and boosts how being an amateur the system is now making him money. But wait, haven’t I seen his face somewhere else?


Affiliate Shortcut Product False Client Testimonial


Now here’s the ‘Kicker.’

He’s really an IM that’s been in the business for over a decade and he has even managed to get his sentence making no sense as seen above.

Yep, looks like a real amateur to me, lol.


Affiliate Shortcut Member Testimonial


You’d probably learn to shrug the fact that they are masquerading a professional Internet Marketer like Tom to be passing himself as an amateur that doesn’t know what he’s doing…

But the ‘Second Red Flag‘ that took me a good 3 hours of searching on Google to find (felt like it was the only post on Google) some facts that will uncover if the Affiliate Shortcut System is Legit or a Scam.

Do follow me below as we discover if the Affiliate Shortcut opportunity is a legit product to make money online or is it just another nasty money and time waster you should avoid.


My review will be detailed out in the following sections:


Do You Want To Skip The Time Wasters?

#1 Rated System To Make Money Online…


Program Name: Affiliate Shortcut

Owners: Jamie Lewis

System: Expired Domain Traffic

Price: $28.60 + Upsells

Recommended? No

My Beginner Rating = 1 / 10

My Overall Rating = 2 / 10


I have reviewed these types of digital systems all too often with the same kinda set up. The Affiliate Shortcut looks to be a typical DYF (Done For You System) so nothing new and authentic here at all.

Affiliate Shortcut claims you can get untapped traffic sources from expired domains that can be purchased from $10.

The whole system works by placing an Amazon link in the Forwarding Panel Tool to redirect traffic flow still coming in from the expired domain.


Affiliate Shortcut Expired Domain Redirect Panel


Jamie also says he’s got another 3 top money-making strategies built-in with his Affiliate Shortcut System.

The other systems may include lead Sale Pages, Training Modules, and Email Gathering Techniques if you can’t get his Affiliate Shortcut System to work.




The Affiliate Shortcut Program consists of getting traffic from expired domains to have money flowing into your bank account for $10.

If you can’t get any traffic to make any profits from Affiliate Shortcut, Jamie has other Affiliate marketing business models you can follow.

The biggest problem I have found with many Done For You Systems online of this nature is they can include costly upgrade features for paid traffic if you can’t get any traffic to your offers.

For the $28.65 you pay to join, I suspect they do include a product with some training so people can’t say this is a SCAM.

But the info & systems provided is usually nowhere sufficient to get you up and running without extra costs you have to pay.

The big problem with these types of systems is that the operators themselves end up making most of the profits due to beginners keenness to join up in the hope they can too.

Do you agree?

Sadly, these types of online programs seem to be the flavor of the month and usually come with hidden charges for extra done for you tools and resources.


What Experience Do You Need?


Programs like this aim are to drive free or paid traffic sources to Affiliate lead pages which isn’t a bad thing. A lot of Affiliate marketers make good money this way but you should have at least Intermediate level marketing skills in this area to succeed.

If you are a complete Newbie to these types of make money online systems, Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic can soon balloon your costs if you can’t get traffic with the expired domains you have purchased.

Getting free traffic from Social Media platforms can be another option to get you some views, but it can take some time (Years) to master how to approach this type of marketing.

I find the biggest problem with these types of systems is that the operators themselves end up making most of the money due to beginners keenness to join up in the hope they can too.

Do you agree?

Sadly, these types of online programs seem to single out beginners and usually come with extra charges for designed templates, autoresponders, and done for you tools and resources.

Jamie says on the video says you can get traffic by buying expired domains with his Affiliate Shortcut System for very little effort or experience. He also states you’ll only have to spend around 20 minutes per day on the online Biz.

But it’s simply not possible to create a thriving online business only putting in 20 minutes per day. Well, maybe in the magic land of “Give us a break”.

Earning life-changing money normally takes time and effort with the right training, help, and support.

=>>See Where I Learned Internet Marketing<<=



Main Disadvantages Of Affiliate Shortcut


The main disadvantage with a system like Affiliate Shortcut, your audience is never gonna get to know you.

The major problem here with such a system is that is you can’t build trust with your audience if you just have a link pointing towards Amazon.

You need an Internet Website Home that people can go to, see you as an authority in such a space to recommend the product your offering and to see that you have an online presence.

Remember, expired domains will probably not have a live website running on them. You are getting the traffic from old links that the previous site employed around the web. Just having a link within the elated domain pointing to Amazon without reviews and recommendations on the products people can see may not produce the results you are expecting.

Folks like to look at personal reviews on websites about products before they make a final decision, it’s kinda like buying a car straightaway without testing the car first…

People these days are far wiser online than they once were and won’t be just clicking on any links in front of them.


The Problem With Done For You Systems


The biggest problem with Done For You Systems is your going to be using all the Affiliate Shortcut done for you system but that only means your not gonna be owning anything.

When you are not owning anything, you will be at their mercy and if they go away one day, so will your entire business and you’ll lose all the work that you have built up – will be gone.

You may think they will last a long time, but I have seen systems come and go in a matter of months. This is why I have to constantly write reviews because new ones start up all the time…

With how I make money online, I own and nobody can take this away from me from underneath my feet.


Getting Traffic With Expired Domains


Without traffic to any system you use like Affiliate Shortcut, you won’t be making any money online or offline. I’m sorry but it’s not gonna happen.

Remember the ‘Second Red Flag‘ that took me a good 3 hours of searching on Google to find as I talked about in the intro of this review.

Now, there are 3 dirty little secrets I discovered that must be looked at before buying expired domain names.

Jamie’s Affiliate Shortcut Tool did show you stats on the traffic and price of the expired domain, but there’s much more than meets the eye, here…

Firstly, The traffic of an expired domain name depends greatly on the website and the rank of its pages in Google. Once the website has expired, and as Google runs into many 404 errors,  the pages start to get de-indexed from the search engines and organic traffic will decrease.

You do, however, get some traffic from links still existing on such places as social media and niche forums, but these links are gradually removed.

Secondly, You’d have to look at how many backlinks an expired domain has. As a general rule of thumb, the more backlinks, the better the traffic.

Thirdly, If you are looking at getting actual traffic, you’ll need to purchase the expired domain while it’s still warm otherwise you maybe just buying a pile of dead links.

Another important aspect to look at when buying an expired domain name that was not mentioned above is the actual traffic stats of the expired domain name.

The traffic numbers that appear on the domain name can also be misleading as traffic bots and traffic numbers that quote the peak, (monthly searches) which is not really a good guide of everyday circumstances.


Affiliate Shortcut Expired Domain Traffic Stats


The running shoes direct domain Jamie has boxed in Red has a Broad Searches/Month as 4, 400 but the Exact Searches/Month is only 28.

Now if you are looking for running shoes, most customers would key in the phrase – ‘Running Shoes’ not Running Shoes Direct as Jamie is going for. At that rate with also the considerations above, you’d probably have to buy a stack of expired domains for $10 just to get a trickle of traffic.

As a Goddady Affiliate user myself, There are also commissions given for each domain that is sold.




I’m not going to say that Affiliate Shortcut is a Scam.

They do offer an okay front end product for your joining fee but I reckon you’ll have to purchase some upgrades to Thumbs Down Rating

make the system work properly.

Like all Done For You Systems, there is a risk of not getting anywhere enough traffic to view your products and other methods such as PPC (Pay Per Click) and Social Media Advertising could prove costly.

I do think that beginners on a tight budget could struggle with this system to get traffic to their Amazon links to make a commission on products.

But at the end of the day, if the methods that taught are not working, you’d most likely have to pay for traffic to get to sell promotions and this can quite easily balloon out of control.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Affiliate Shortcut.

Find other POTS of Gold to be found…



Other Done For You Programs Reviewed:



Would You Like To Get Free Traffic From Google?


The biggest problems with done for you system systems normally associated with make money fast schemes are – what they’re not telling you! To have success with online marketing as a beginner, especially in Affiliate Marketing – there are certain conditions that must fall into place first.

You Must Get Traffic: Without eyeballs looking at your material, your not gonna make any money…

Whether it’s a website or a landing page setup, people must be looking at your promotions.

Do you agree?😃


The 6 Main Ways To Get Eyeballs To Make Money


Now, there are 6 main ways of bringing enough traffic to make an excellent living online. Free traffic from organic search engines, paid per click advertising (must know what you are doing), social media network advertising, YouTube creation, networking on the social media platforms and having your own website blog.

All six of these methods need the right training and takes some time to master. But hey, Learn to do all 6 and the Sky’s the limit.



#1) Free Search Engines Traffic: Free search engine traffic – known more commonly as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is by far the best and most reliable way to bring in mega-traffic to your website.

#2) Pay Per Click Advertising: Pay per click advertising (PPC) is Paid adds that you can place on the Google search listings. PPC Campaigns is one of the best methods to get eyeballs to a website, landing page, or sales templates.

Every click through to an affiliate product campaign costs a certain percentage depending on what keywords are nominated. Experience in PPC is essential here as a substantial bill can be run up if selected keywords don’t produce sales.

Much liked by done for you systems and making money fast systems.

#3) Social Media Advertising: This is another favored method used by schemes that use instant landing page templates at a click of a button. Training is usually provided with SMA but not to the point required.

This can also cost you a wad of cash if done wrong!

#4) Social Media Networking: This involves getting followers of your favorite social media platforms. With over 2 Billion users on Facebook alone, it’s a great place to get some free traffic to your affiliate marketing promotions with the proper training.

#5) Making Your Own Youtube Videos: Creating your own YouTube videos can add a significant boost to your traffic and SEO campaigns. Live Streaming YouTube videos is a great way to start building a following and getting more free traffic.

#6) Owning Your Own Blog Website: This is the most taken direction for people starting out online. Creating a website will teach you all the fundamentals of gaining ‘Free Traffic’ with search engines like Google & Bing.


What They Often Forget To Tell Ya!


Well, I don’t reckon they forget to tell ya, just bury the truth from you a bit.

They’d rather not let you know about the true costs that are present with making money quick schemes. After all, they probably wouldn’t get many takers if they did.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the chances of making money with these types of schemes as a beginner are like winning the lotto with only 2 numbers.

Sorry, it’s just not gonna happen…

There are no real quick fixes to making money online. Survey and Media sites only pay you a small fraction of what your time is worth and they’re hardly worth doing.

Another problem with most make money fast propositions they don’t tell you, you don’t get to keep any real estate you’ve built up. Most of these schemes are high-risk and only last 6 months tops.

When they go down! You have lost everything and usually, there are no refunds or guarantees.

Building a substantial online business is something that’s taught and not given.

So what beginner-friendly Affiliate marketing business I do that’s completely free to enter with no credit details needed to have a peek?




There are no real quick fixes to making money online. Digital products, done for you systems, and one-click instant programs all make it sound so easy and your gonna make thousands of dollars each month.

Well, being all smart people, we know it doesn’t work this way, right?

When they go down! You have lost everything and in most cases, there are no refunds or guarantees.


Learn To Build A Real Affiliate Marketing Business


If you’re serious about building a real Affiliate Marketing Business with 24/7 help and support and your sick and tired of low-quality products that fail to deliver then you might want to check out this free 10-course training as a much better alternative to this system.

Instead of being lied to multiple times and told you’ll start making money for only $28.60 you’ll actually be provided tools, training, and the help and support that walks you through how to create a real website (Not an instant sales page) that shows you how to pick a niche, write content, and get free traffic on Google.

The big difference between the Affiliate Shortcut model and what I do… I get to keep everything I have worked for.

Authority affiliate websites can sell for $400,000 + and no one can take that away from you.

Is this something you would be interested in?

It takes a little time to build an online business that can enable you to give your life-sucking job the flick, but heck, if you really want this – you can do it too!

Start Creating Your Website Real Estate Today!




Thank you for visiting my Affiliate Shortcut Scam Review. If you have any questions or thoughts whether Affiliate Shortcut is a Scam or anything else you’d like to share, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you and always reply back to my readers.



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