A Niche To Market With


A Niche To Market With


A Niche To Market With – How To Find A Niche To Market!


An Insightful post into what Is a niche to market with online and how to find a niche to market that’s gonna be profitable. See how to find niche products to promote that are best to rank well on Google.


What Is Online Affiliate Marketing In 2021 & Beyond?


Hi, my name is Jeff and I think you made a wise decision by reading my article to answer your questions on how to find a niche to market with.

At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we only tell it as it is so you can get up-to-date reliable information with finding a niche to market to.

Affiliate marketing can be downright frustrating as I have learned over my 5 years and nobody wants to put all their heart and soul into building up a home business just to fail.

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money on the internet and today will be looking at affiliate marketing and how to find a niche product to market with.


What Is A Niche To Market With Affiliate Marketing?


This post deals with finding a topic to promote in 2021 using affiliate marketing and shows you step-by-step how to find a niche to market to

Affiliate marketing is still the most popular form of online marketing to get into and is still one of the best online money earners in 2021.

This most popular form of making money online, Affiliate marketing is simply the act of promoting other people’s products with affiliate links. When somebody clicks on your link and purchases a product, you earn a commission.

Of course, there is more to it than just pasting some links into a website to earn commissions online from affiliate marketing.

Although the principle of promoting products on a website with affiliate links is the core principle of affiliate marketing, how you go about it often can predict whether you’ll succeed with your online business or fail.


What Is A Niche To Market With For?


A niche to market with is for anyone that wants to start their own business online without having the drama of carrying stock and counting inventory.

The whole idea behind finding a niche to market with is to find a product that you can promote on the internet to earn commissions online with affiliate marketing.

The niche affiliate marketing model is for all types of marketers but the biggest problem that people face is actually finding their niche.

As most people that start with affiliate marketing will tell you, finding a niche product to promote is by far the hardest part.

Some people are lucky enough to find a niche that they are passionate about like pet accessories or electronic gaming but for the majority of us, it’s not that easy.


What Is A Niche To Market With About In 2021?


A niche to market with is about finding online products to promote with review-style blog sites being the most popular method.

So in a nutshell: The definition of a niche to market with can be simply put as promoting other people’s products to earn a commission online.

You can also promote your niche product on social media platforms but you’ll need some sort of landing page or website for this.

Using paid traffic is also another option to get eyeballs looking at your promotions but I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners.

The most popular way by far is to create content on a review-style blog website and give people interesting facts about the product/service you’re promoting. 

Information to add for attracting potential customers from clicking on your products/services through your affiliate links can be:

  • How the product/service is rating with other users.
  • What people are saying about the product.
  • How easy is the product to use?
  • Does the product perform up to expectations?
  • Your recommendations about the product.
  • An honest final opinion/summary about the product.


A Niche To Market With – What To Expect From This Post!


Finding a niche to market with on the internet with online affiliate marketing can be made a lot easier by getting good advice the first time around.

What you can expect to learn and gain from this post includes…

  • how to find profitable niches to promote.
  • How to find your niche with blogging.
  • How to create your first website for free.
  • how to rank your niche website on Google using keywords.
  • How to use ClickBank to find niches.
  • How to find niche products on Amazon.

You’ll also see where you can start to build an online affiliate marketing business from scratch and where to get the best free tools to start your home biz. 


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A Bit About Me And Why I Built This Website


When I first started out on the internet, I was desperately looking for a quick way to earn commissions online with affiliate marketing so I could quit my dead-end job.

I was working 60 hours a week for little pay and the pressure of meeting the business owner’s expectations was never-ending!

So I first started my journey looking at YouTube reviews for make money systems online, and I was unfortunate to run into several programs that just fleeced me of my money.

After purchasing 2 systems that both ‘Sold’ me a dream of making money online and purchasing some of the Upsells…

In the end, I never got either system to work and never made a ‘Cracker’ from what I initially thought would be a walk in the park.

I did get ripped off well over 2 thousand dollars in the end so I take great pleasure to build this website for beginners and people that haven’t made a dime yet for the beginner in me that I once was.


How To Find A Niche To Market With In 2021!


Finding a niche to market with in 2021 is the essence of affiliate marketing and is basically about searching out a product online that you can make money from.

Niche marketing is best done with a review-style blog website where you write a review about a particular niche and place affiliate links within your content.

When a person clicks on your link and purchases a product, you get paid a commission.

There are literally millions of products that you can promote online but the trick is to find a niche that’s not too competitive and can get your product review posts ranked on Google.

There’s not much point in building a niche product business online if nobody is gonna see your efforts.

An example of a niche-driven website could be as simple as offering cycling and safety tips for the family.

Then inserting affiliate links to platforms like amazon that sell bikes.


Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam Or What In 2021?


People are starting to think that affiliate marketing is a scam because of all of the many get-rich schemes that are online.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not!

None of us want to work a dull 9 to 5 job until we die. It’s competitive, boring, and usually takes us nowhere in life except to pay the never-ending bills!

Aspiring marketers can deny themselves many opportunities that exist online with affiliate marketing because of a very small number of scammers offering them ‘Hacks’ on the internet with claims of making a lot of money online with little to no work involved.

Affiliate Marketing is a proven online business model since way back in 2000 but is not effortless and requires hard work, dedication, and most importantly – mentorship from legit affiliate marketers.


Find A Niche To Market To For Beginners


The task of finding a niche to market to as a beginner can be a nightmare in itself.

People say that you have to be passionate about the ‘Niche’ you select as this converts to more posts on your website without getting bored.

Whilst having an interest in your niche will definitely increase your chances of making money online, it is not the ‘Sole’ ingredient to have success.

If you don’t have particular interests or hobbies around a niche that you’d think will go well, just having an interest in doing research online for your niche will suffice.

Some of the most popular niches that people market can be seen below…

  • The health and fitness niche.
  • Romance and dating.
  • Clothes and fashion niches.
  • Financial and investment.
  • Self-improvement and self-help.
  • Make money online niche.
  • Cooking and food recipes.

Within the very competitive niches above, you can find ‘Millions’ of sub-niches that can be much easier to rank for on Google as a beginner.

It’s totally okay if you have 10 years of experience online and a big following, you can promote broad niches and make good money.

But for people that are lacking experience, it’s far better, in the long run, to start building a website and learn the basics of affiliate marketing.


How To Make A Website For Free!


For a niche-focused business online, I suggest you start with a blog-style website. When done correctly with long-tail keywords, this can drive traffic from the search engines to your new site.

You can learn how to make a website for free easily enough as knowing how to do HTML coding isn’t required for a beginner’s site build.

Out of the many varied website platforms available to name a few like Wix, Webflow, and Weebly.

The best advice I can give to you is to grab a FREE WordPress Website.

Making a website with WordPress allows you total control with your site design to pick from over 50, 000 theme templates that can best relate to your type of business.

 A lot of people when first starting to learn how to build a WordPress website often opt for a free WordPress.com site but I don’t think this is the best option.

Sure, you can get a free website but there are so many limitations you’ll have to put up with…

  • Can’t add advertising images to posts or side widgets.
  • Can not add custom plugins for extra functionality and appearance.
  • Can’t add advertising banners to posts and in the side widgets area.

Thank goodness building a WordPress Website in 2021 has become so much easier, and literally, anyone wanting to build a beautiful site to build up a niche-oriented site.


The Best Way To Make A Free Website In 2021


The best way to make a website with WordPress in 2021 is to do it for free of course.

I have done all the hard work for you and found the best WordPress Website that includes full functionality, high-speed hosting, 24/7 site support, and 10 full-length training videos like…

  • How to set up your new site and how to add plugins.
  • Guide on how to set up your privacy and disclaimer pages.
  • How to a fantastic “About Me” page.
  • How to set up your website Home Page.
  • Shows you how to find a good niche.
  • Shows you how to add affiliate links to your website.
  • How to add website sitemaps and submit to Google.
  • Keyword research techniques to rank your articles.
  • Getting your new website ranked on Google.

Also added as a bonus, your free WordPress Website comes with 24/7 site support, automatic backups & easy login features, and lightning-fast hosting.

There’s also a paid option for $49 a month that you can build up to 25 fully-fledged websites and in-house capabilities to purchase cheap .com domains that come with no renewal increases each year.

This Fab Deals also comes with a professional keyword tool valued at $20 a month, a plagiarism checker tool for around 10 bucks a month, and 24/7 website support to fix bugs included with every site which is priceless.

The ease at which you can build a website for yourself is astonishing and considering it can cost you up to $100, 000 if you get a site developer to create one for you, it’s also great value.

Added Bonus: Did you know that you can sell your niche affiliate website once it is well established for 6-figure sums of money.

>>Start Your New WordPress Website  Here!<<



How To Rank Your Website On Google With Keywords


It’s all fine and dandy to build yourself a great-looking niche website but what if no one is looking at your new site?

Knowing how to rank your website on Google with keywords can not only give you a fighting chance to be seen, it can give us the best opportunity to earn commissions online with affiliate marketing.

There are an array of sub-niche keywords we can use to get free traffic from Google and whilst the “Broad-Niche-Keywords” get a lot more traffic, they are near impossible to rank for.

Keyword Stats From Jaaxy Keyword Tool

You are much better off finding a sub-niche keyword marked in ‘Yellow’ above that actually have a chance to rank with statistics like; 

  • Sub-niche keywords with a good average click rate.
  • A moderate traffic flow per month.
  • A low QSR on other competing websites.
  • A great KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator).
  • And a high rating SEO score.

The lower the QSR (Website Competition) the better. A QSR of below 50 competing websites is a good starting place.


A Niche To Market About On Amazon!


Finding a niche to market about on Amazon can reward you in time and the majority of marketers doing this type of affiliate, make a solid living online.

A vast majority of affiliate marketers pick a product to promote on Amazon and get a commission when somebody purchases through their website link.

Amazon has millions of products that you can promote to earn commissions online and sporting goods are one the most profitable niche items.

This is closely followed by health and wellness products but there are literally millions of subcategories within these 2 niches.

With this being said, there are plenty of niche products to promote on Amazon but one has to get training on how to spot them.


A Niche To Market About About On ClickBank!


Finding a good niche product to market about on ClickBank can determine whether you’ll make any money online or keep on seeing a $0 payout balance in your CB account.

Finding niche products to promote with ClickBank is fairly easy and all you have to do is to head off and click the “Market Place Tab” that’s found on the top of the ClickBank members page.

There’s also a search bar located to the top-right if you know the type of niche you’re searching for.

Once you have clicked on the “Market Place” tab, a dropdown will reveal categories of products/services/software (Niches) you can look at to promote.

There are also filters you can put on to make your search broader like…

  • Rank: Finds the best offers on a combination of factors.
  • Average $/Conversion: Represents the average commission an affiliate earns for each conversion
  • Initial $/Conversions: Represents the average commission an affiliate initially earns for each conversion to the vendor’s offer.
  • Recurring $/Conversion: Represents the average commission you can earn for each rebills payment of the vendor’s product.
  • Gravity: A grade score out of 100 that measures how many affiliates have successfully promoted products with higher gravity scores preferred.

You can also filter products by country location, age group, the sex of the target audience, etc.


What Is The Cost Of Starting An Online Business?


The cost of an starting online business, ie, affiliate marketing is way way less expensive by a longshot than starting any other type of internet venture.

Online affiliate marketing is a good career choice in 2021 as the industry keeps on growing by 12% each year and it requires very little startup costs.

You don’t have to buy products, and then finding somewhere to store them!

And the ‘Joys’ of not having to create a product yourself to sell.

All you really need is a website and somewhere to host your new site.

This can be done for a little over $10 a week which should include such things as hosting your website, training on how to build your site, and technical support when things go wrong.

Not many affiliate marketing training platforms online today offer all the services above in the 1 package.

This means you can pay extra for website technical support, professional training on how to build out your website, and added expenses for support structures to get help, and a professional keyword tool to help rank the site.

Learn How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business!




Thank You For Visiting My Post!

If you enjoyed this post and come away with some valuable insights about a niche to market with online, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments area down below…

Naturally, we all want success and we all want it fast. But there is a means to achieving success and it takes a little bit of time. If you have jumped around from one “idea” to the next, or one “shiny object” to the next, you know exactly what I am talking about here.


Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


  1. Having a notion that we need to narrow down to a niche is not enough. I have been learning about affiliate marketing, and I have discovered that we should be aware of competition in our niche. One of the reasons we fail is because our competition is wining. There are only 10 spots on Google’s first page. So I would like to rule in niches that aren’t very competitive in order to create a good stream of income.

  2. If affiliate marketing were so easy everybody would be doing it. Thanks for telling it like it is and letting people know there is work involved. 

    I have looked at Clickbank and “gravity” sort of confuses me a little. You say it tells you how many affiliates have made money with a product. Is it Gravity a percentage or actual number?

  3. Hi Jeff, I’ve just gone through this helpful article you’ve shared with us here about a niche to market with – how to find a niche to market. Many people just enter into the world of affiliate marketing without proper knowledge about profitable niches that can rank well on google and the information your site is revealing is very important to help such people and in general, beginners. This post explains everything one needs to know about affiliate marketing to avoid struggling like many others who made wrong, uninformed decisions from the beginning, without proper knowledge and understanding of what they are doing. I’ll be sharing this post to spread the word and help other people to have clear knowledge and understanding of how to find the best niche for affiliate marketing.

    • G’Day, Kokontala!😀
      Thank you for sharing this “A Niche To Market With” post with others as there are a lot of struggling marketers trying to
      ‘Crack’ the affiliate marketing code.
      Finding a niche to market with to earn commissions online is one of the biggest problems for beginners along with doing proper keyword searches that can actually allow them to rank in Google.

  4. Hello there, Jeff! This is an informative and very detailed post! I am actually already in the affiliate marketing business for a few months now and am in the stages of trying to find a niche. I got really lucky and ran into it affiliate marketing somehow when I was looking for ways to make money online. Interestingly, I ran into it before I knew how well known it was. I definitely agree with you that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it definitely does take a lot of time and patience. I really love the flexibility that comes with this opportunity. I am still learning things here and there so I am not quitting anytime soon! Thanks for this!

    • Hi, Mike!
      It is nice to meet you and I think you are heading in the right direction with your affiliate marketing business.
      To be a good affiliate marketer, you do really have to ‘Hang’ in there as believing you can earn commissions with affiliate marketing in just a couple of weeks can be a false reality.
      Do keep up your hard work, Mike as you can only harvest a bounty with what you sow.

  5. I absolutely love your site and how easy it is to understand to make money at home online. You explain affiliate marketing in an easy to understand terms. I now understand that it takes time and patience to get into that sort of career change but after reading your pages am very interested in starting up my own post\blog page to try this out.

    • It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lennie!😀
      Thank you for your kind words and I happy I could steer you in the right direction.
      Affiliate marketing does take some time before it grabs traction but when it takes off, you can easily quit your day job.
      If you are interested in finding a niche to market with on a blog-style website on a totally free membership that includes training on how to set everything, I think this would be the best place to start.

  6. It can be hard figuring out what niche to go with. I’m going through that process myself. I think a lot of us start off too broad with keywords that have too much competition. There are so many websites coming online each day, and by reading your article the trick is how best to stand out in a niche that has low competition but a lot of searches. It’s like cracking a code.

    • Thank you for commenting, Jamie!😀
      Yes indeed, there’s not much point with starting a niche business if not many people are going to see your efforts. There is a lot of competition for ‘Broad’ niche keywords as you can imagine and look for sub-niches that have low competition for websites competing for the keyword and a good average monthly flow of visitors.
      You should also make sure with your sub-niche that you have plenty of niche-related keywords to go with your niche product posts.

  7. Hi Jeff. It’s always nice to read your posts/articles. Wow! 5 years of experience is a lot. I only started a year ago and I have soo much to learn 

    You are right about a person finding their niche being one of the hardest things. There are billions of niches out there so I imagine it can be a hard choice, especially for those who have many hobbies.

    For me it didn’t take not that long because I chose something I used everyday and was familiar with. It’s important to be comfortable with the niche are planning to invest your time with.

    • Hi there, Greg!😀
      Being familiar with your niche certainly makes the task a little easier but if you are a person that does not have any hobbies or interests, there is an abundance of information online you can obtain to do research on any niche product that you’d think you would have an interest in.
      It’s certainly something to think about if you’re a bit of an ‘Academic and prefer to stay home and read.

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