1-Click Blog Post Review


1-Click Blog Post Review


Unbiased 1-Click Blog Post Review – A legit Product Or Scam?


Totally Unbiased 1-Click Blog Post Review to see if this YouTube content software by Akur Shukla is a Legit Product to build automatic blog posts from scratch or a not to be trusted Scam?


Unbiased 1-Click Blog Post Review From The Desk Of Ankur Shukla:


Hi, my name is Jeff and I think you made a wise decision by reading this Unbiased 1-Click Blog Post Review to see if this NEW software app from Ankur Shukla and can live up to what’s been claimed on his sales page for beginners to build an online business from scratch?

There are far more biased reviews online than unbiased ones that give you a clear indication of whether this Ankur Shukla product will actually work for beginners to make money online.

Most website reviews and YouTube videos you’ll see online are written & produced to promote the product and programs.

And not being totally truthful and honest with you if the product can really work or not.


Quick Summary Of The 1-Click Blog Post Review Software

1-Click Blog Post is a WordPress Plugin and cloud-based software that’s designed to save your time to build automatic blog posts from scratch.

If you have a WordPress Website, that’s great but if don’t own your own site – you can copy and paste the downloadable content onto Ankur’s done-for-you templates.

The 1-Click Blog Post Product allows you to take content from YouTube videos and then turns that content into posts that you can put on a blog website.

This allows you to get SEO rankings for each post and receive free traffic from search engines like Google & Bing.

The 1-Click Blog Post front-end product for $27 at the time of writing this review includes the software itself and with video training on how to get started.

But at the end of the day, can this 1-Click Blog Post software make you money online with no experience required as they say on their sales page?

Let’s dive in and see if this 1-Click Blog Post system from Ankur Sukla is a legit product that’s worth the price tag or is just going to be another done-for-you system for you to spend money on.

If I may, just a quick question before we get started…


Are You Just Starting Out With Internet Marketing?


You are awesome and made a really smart choice by reading this 1-Click Blog Post Review.

Hi, my name is Jeff Hogan and when I wrote this review, I look at these money-making propositions from the Newbie perspective.

Very quick question – Have you just started online or your experience level with web marketing not so high?

If you answered ‘Yes‘ to the question above, then I reckon it may pay to read this honest and unbiased 1-Click Blog Post Review from top to bottom.

It could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars of your hard-earned savings.

Likely chances you are here to find out if the 1 Hour Workday software can work to get you free traffic from scratch and most importantly, can you make money from this product – right?

There are lots of ‘Shifty’ characters out there, so doing diligent research before you join is definitely the way to avoid scam products and save you a TON of your hard-earned money.

So a BIG ‘Well Done’ to you for that!😃

To be totally transparent with you right from the start, I’m no way affiliated with 1-Click Blog Post as you will see by my Disclaimer just below.



Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for 1-Click Blog Post. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info…


Here you’ll find out what you need to know about this program in one place to make an informed decision based on real facts.

Not just hear and see what all the others are ‘Pitching’ about just to get a commission on the product.



A Little About Me And Why I Write These Reviews


I first started to write reviews for done-for-systems, training courses, plugin software, membership sites, software apps, email marketing courses, and other make money online programs for one reason only.

You see, when I was green as the hills just starting out online, I was unfortunate enough to run into several programs that just fleeced me of my money.

Like, the owners of these 2 make money online DFY systems did provide some training the actual software itself, but trying to get answers to the many questions I had over the training was virtually impossible.

In most cases, I waited patiently for days expecting to get a reply that never comes and then left to my own devices winging it on what I thought would make the system work better – purchased the Upsells!

We’ll I never got either of the systems to work and never make a ‘Cracker’ from what I initially thought would be a walk in the park.

I wish I knew what I now know and whilst things a lot brighter today, I never could get that bitter taste out of my mouth.

It did cost me well over 2 thousand dollars so I take great pleasure to write these reviews for beginners and people that haven’t made a dime yet for the beginner in me that I once was.


What Is The 1-Click Blog Post Software About?


The 1-Click Blog Post Product allows you to grab other people’s content of their Youtube videos that have the CC (Closed Captions) option turned on

Closed Captions are a feature that shows all the spoken words of the YouTube video and is freely downloadable if they have it switched on.

You can virtually pull any content from Youtube videos in any niche by just adding a keyword into the software.

Then thew whole idea here is to then place the content that you want to promote and turn it into blog posts for a website.

If you don’t own a WordPress website to put the content on you can either pick up a free hosted WP site here or Ankur provides a cloud-based hosted version.

The front-end product of $27 at the time of writing this review includes the software itself with overview training on how you can draw content from YouTube videos.


What Are The Disadvantages Of 1-Click Blog Post?


I thought the main disadvantages to the 1-Click Blog Post WordPress Plugin that Ankur does not tell you on the sales page or from most of the people reviewing this product are…

The First thing I didn’t like at this stage about the 1-Click Blog Post product was the fact that you’ll be using other people’s content to try and rank your posts.

Apart from the fact that you’ll have to re-edit most of the text or even worse, completely rewrite the content, you get from Closed Captions.

The whole theory behind the 1-Click Blog Post is to grab this content and then make blog posts that are then suppose to rank on Google & Bing.

But if you don’t spend many hours re-editing the content – how will this stolen content suppose to rank on the search engines?

The answer is that they won’t…

Just copying the same content of other people’s work will not get you any SEO rankings and can get you slapped with a Google penalty right from the start.

The last thing I didn’t like was the fact that whilst the methods provided by Ankur with the front-end product can work for people with experience – beginners will most likely struggle to find the right keywords to get your NEW posts ranking on Google.

It can take many years of practice to get to know what keywords work and ones that don’t.

Using a professional keyword can help you to find the right keywords but there’s also a ‘Sharp’ learning curve using these tools.

There’s not much point with picking keywords that can end up on Google’s miscellaneous section where no one will see them.

Getting views to any online campaign that we set up needs traffic and instead of over ‘Hyped’ sales pages telling how easy it all is, 100% legit systems always tell you what it really takes to make money online.

>>Discover A Proven Method To Making Money Online<<




This Unbiased 1-Click Blog Post Review is detailed out in the following sections:


Program Name: 1-Click Blog Post

Creator: Ankur Shukla

Software: Content Creation Plugin To Make Blog Posts

Front-End Price: $27 at the time of writing +  5 Upsells

Suggested Experience Level = At Least 3 Years

Recommended? No

Beginner Friendly Rating = 4 / 10

Overall System Rating = 2 / 10


What Are The 1-Click Blog Post OTO Upsells?


The following OTO UPSELLS is suggested as add-ons to add extra features to the 1-Click Blog Post Software. They say you can operate the system just with the frontend product but the money you’ll most likely make – can be a far cry from the figures shown on the sales page.

And then, of course, is the section on the 1-Click Blog Post dashboard where they introduce you to Upsells that can complete the whole system.


1-Click Blog Post Upsell OTO #1: Pro Version = $47


The 1-Click Blog Post OTO Upsell #1 allows you to add a video, thumbnails (Feature Image), and time codes to make the content more interactive.


1-Click Blog Post Upsell OTO #2: Click Headline Plugin = $37


1-Click Blog Post OTO Upsell #2 lets you find great headlines for your posts for unlimited sites.


1-Click Blog Post Upsell OTO #3: Foto Finder = $37


The 1-Click Blog Post Upsell #3 lets you find unlimited images to use with your blog posts.


1-Click Blog Post Upsell OTO #4: Tag Machine = $37


1-Click Blog Post OTO Upsell #4 finds relevant tags to place on your blog posts.


1-Click Blog Post Upsell OTO #5: Developers License = $47


The 1-Click Blog Post OTO Upsell #5 gives the right te sell this product as a service to clients.


Upfront Costs You May Have To Pay!


Not including the front-end price of $27 at the time of writing this review to get the basic software and training, the following upgrades can be needed in the initial stages if you’re a beginner or inexperienced.

So just starting, you’d probably need Upgrades #1, #2, #3, & #4 to start off with.

Just for starters, you’d probably be looking at $27 to join and then $47 for upgrade #1, $37 for upgrade #2, then $37 for upgrade #3, and then the final upgrade #4 of $37.

As you can see, the costs soon add up!

So the 1-Click Blog Post System can end up costing you around $185 to start off and still no guarantees of making any money.

>>Build A Online Business Without All The Upsells!<<




The Pros & Cons Of 1-Click Blog Post


The Pros & Cons of 1-Click Blog Post can vary from the good to the bad. One consistent with “Software” systems that I review is trying to get timely help for questions asked, getting traffic to the system, advanced traffic training that can overwhelm beginners, and costly Upsells that come with the system.



  • Help for software issues available.
  • Software and training is included for the $27
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.



  • People can’t often get the click-through rate expected.
  • You’ll have to completely re-edit the content.
  • Support ticket responses can be very limited with large requests.
  • Sales Page is misleading.
  • Upsells can be present to use the content tool.
  • Additional Upgrades can be present after you join.
  • The money-back-guarantee is for software issues.


The Red Flags To Be Wary Of!


Red Flag #1 🚩

The vendor providing customers with misleading information about the fact that the product is beginner-friendly when in fact, it’s not (From my point of view).

If you are a beginner entering the affiliate marketing arena for the first time, getting traffic to your offers can determine whether you’ll be successful or leave the platform without making a cent.

In reality, people that buy this product should have solid experience with SEO techniques, keyword strategies, niche product selection, and promotional methods.

Red Flag #2 🚩

I get really suspicious when a complete system is only charging a one-off payment of only $27 for a front end product at the time of writing with no UPSELLS displayed on the 1-Click Blog Post sales page.

The way the sales page is worded, you’d think that you’re getting the whole shebang for your 7 bucks entry fee.

But there are most likely other upgrades on the platform for advanced training for bringing in extra traffic, extra done-for-you products to promote, email swipes and the list can go on and on…

So I reckon it could cost ya a bucket full of money to find out.

I really hate this because not having a comprehensive list of UPSELLS on the 1-Click Blog Post Sales Page can mislead people to making an indecisive decision without knowing the full costs a program can cost.



Plugin Updates For Only One Year!


1-Click Blog Post is a brand new product by Ankur Shukla that has launched on Sep 8th, 2020 but I noticed that the prices shown on his sales page only give you updates for this WordPress Plugin only for 1 year.

WordPress Plugins continuously needs updates to function correctly and also to keep security threats from invading them.

If the creator of this plugin decides to stop updating his software, then the plugin can be virtually useless within weeks.



If this happens, The chances of losing the whole online business that you have built up can disappear overnight.



Is The 1-Click Blog Post Software A Scam?


I’m not going to say that the 1-Click Blog Post software is a Scam because they do offer a product for the initial amount of money paid to get the front-end system and some general training is included.

But I didn’t like the fact that Ankur is charging $37 for his ‘Headline’ tool when you can pick it up for $22 on his sales page where he’s promoting this headliner software.

In my opinion with 5 years of experience online, I do think this system would be better suited to the more experienced Internet Marketers that have a good content spinning tool.

But if you’re just starting out online, all the information provided, free or included in a ‘Paid’ Upgrade can quite easily overwhelm Beginners and Inexperienced Marketers.

Thumbs Down RatingThis rarely ends well for first-starters and most people QUIT because it all becomes too hard!

As in most of these Done For You Systems that I review, they often give you some sought of product.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend the 1-Click Blog Post Product for beginners.

Check Out my work home jobs that are beginner-friendly




What They Often Forget To Tell You!


With most online systems that I review like the 1-Click Blog Post System, they often forget to tell you about what it really takes to make money online.

Well, I don’t reckon they forget to tell ya, just hide the truth from you a tad with earning disclosures info or a link on the bottom of their sales page.

They don’t tell you that you can spend many hours re-editing the content on your website in order to help your ranking efforts.

Google does not like people that take shortcuts with producing content and getting slapped with a site penalty is a REAL possibility.

They’d rather not let you know about the true costs that are present with this system. After all, they probably wouldn’t get many takers if they did.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the chances of getting your blog posts ranked with these types of software as a beginner is like hoping to win the lottery with only 1 number.

Sorry, it’s not likely to happen…

There are no real quick fixes to making money online. Survey and Media sites only pay you a small fraction of what your time is worth and they’re hardly worth doing.

Another problem with most make money online propositions they don’t tell you, you don’t get to keep any real estate you’ve built up. Most of these schemes are high-risk and only last 12 months tops.

When they go down! You have lost everything and usually, there are no refunds or guarantees.


My Final Verdict With The 1-Click Blog Post Product


Overall, I am skeptical when it comes to how long it can actually take to start earning money with this new Ankur Shukla software.

I don’t believe that the 1-Click Blog Post product can work as easily as it claims after having spent several years reviewing similar content software.

Ranking duplicate posts on Google is not gonna happen and it can take you hours of re-editing work of the content with appropriate keywords for them to rank.

There are many fundamentals to making money online and it’s rarely as easy as they claim.

This is especially the case for people attempting to make money online without much experience as they often can’t get the help and support they need to get the System working.

That’s my opinion anyhow which is why I wouldn’t recommend it.

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There are no real quick fixes to making money online. Done-for-you systems like 1-Click Blog Post make it sound all so easy and your gonna be getting buckets full of traffic to make money.

Well, being all smart and intelligent people, we know it doesn’t work this way, right?

When they go down! You have lost everything and in most cases, there are no refunds or guarantees.


Learn How To Build A Real Online Business & Email List…


If you’re serious about building an Affiliate Marketing Business with a REAL emails buyer’s list that you can market to as a much better alternative to this system.

Instead of being sold a dream and told you’ll start making money for only $27 you’ll actually be provided tools, training, and the help and support that walks you through how to give away a free product to build your email list.

This is a totally FREE Course on how to build up an email buyer’s list and how to make money online by either promoting your own products or affiliate offers of any kind.

Is this something you would be interested in?😃



Other Latest Done For You Systems…



Thank You For Visiting My 1-Click Blog Post Review!

If you have any questions or want to share your own thoughts about the 1-Click Blog Post Product, hit me up in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you and I always reply back to my readers.



Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful make money online marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Best Stay Home Jobs, we tell it as it is and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.


  1. I totally agree with you Jeff, platforms like this come and make it feel like they are the real deal and that it is possible to make money quick online when the actual truth is that one cannot make money online without putting in some work and making sure that everything works fine.

    • Hi there, Suzy!😃
      You said it and they should be made to disclose at the top of the sales page what it really takes to make money online – not just a small disclaimer or link at the bottom of the landing page
      I really hate it when advertised programs don’t put their Upsells on the promotion page too!
      In my opinion, this is very misleading as they can represent the product you’ll be getting for around 2o bucks to include everything and this is rarely the case.

  2. Thanks for sharing this 1-Click Blog Post review. The deception pf making a good income relatively quickly is promised my so many websites and platforms. Its god to be able to get a heads up on what is really going or what should be expected. As you said, no one wants to waste their hard-earned money. This was a good review.

  3. Hello Jeff, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this business and it’s really good that I have been here to see such helpful content and it’s really cool. I have been involved with so many online businesses and I have been slammed a lot. This is why I read lots of reviews before going into any business.

    • G’Day, Justin!😃
      You are becoming a real regular to my review posts which is great to see.
      Maybe one day we will find a program that offers what they say without having to pay and pay extra to get the system at it’s potential best?

  4. I was also not convinced by this 1-Click BlogPost. Thanks for the comprehensive and detailed review. I am also skeptical about the content you copy from other sources, in this case from youtube, because this is actual plagiarism. If you are thinking of investing a few hours in text processing and re-editing, then you can invest those hours in writing your completely original post on this particular topic. Again, great review, thanks!

    • Hi, Nina!😃
      Yes, you can spend hours editing the content to make it unique.
      As you have said, Nina. It’s far better creating your own original content because this will give much higher rankings in Google.

  5. I read through the review and of the One-Click Blog Post Software and appreciate your honest objection to using other peoples video content to add posts to your own site in order to rank with google for instance.  I was always taught that hard work done by your own hands will always pay off in the end. I was taught that where you might not succeed monetarily from your hard labor, you will always be able to look back and be proud that you came by it honestly.  That in itself is fruit from your labor in my book  I know that taking short cuts might seem like you are succeeding, but eventually, you will be found out and be viewed possibly as a fraud.  Look at Bernie Madoff, for instance, who most of his life was very wealthy off the backs of many hard-working people who trusted him to invest millions with him.  Mr. Madoff was the Wall Street tycoon who scammed millions from people who thought they were otherwise investing and receiving a return on their investment.  When in reality he was taking money from other investors to pay for the dividends.  So there was no real investment in anything worth investing in like a company or Real-Estate, only payments made from money taken.  He existed this way through most of his adult life until it got over his head.  Unfortunate for him, he is in jail, divorced, one child committed suicide and the other died of natural causes.  He is all alone.  So the moral here is too always do what is right.  True, this is an extreme case, but the outcome over time is not a good one for those who cheat, in any case.  Thanks again for your honesty about your reviews.  I am with you 100%.  You are now in my book a trusted person who I will listen too on your reviews.  Good job sir.

    • Thank you for commenting, Dave!
      This is totally true in what you have said and I think it’s way better being poorer and having lots of people around that you love than being a ‘Shark’ with know none to share anything with.
      Hard work with building your online business for the future is the only TRUE method we have and when you become successful – the rewards are so much sweeter.

  6. Hi Jeff and thanks for sharing this 1-Click Blog Post review with me. The simple fact that the whole basis of this business idea is that you can somehow build a legitimate website by stealing content from others is just ridiculous in the extreme. The only time that sort of thing worked was back in the days before copyright laws. In the UK the first copyright laws were introduced in 1710 and in the US in 1790 under the then-new US constitution. Before copyrights were legally defended book publishing was a precarious business. Printers could literally steal the books of authors they had no business relationship with, rush through a print run, and flood the market reaping all the profits, and the poor author wouldn’t see a cent. In fact, it was the advent of copyright laws that were also part of the reason that book publishing took off as it did in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Like you, I am very reluctant to label anything a scam, but a product based on the idea of stealing someone else’s content could hardly be labeled legit either.

    Thanks again for this very revealing review.

    Best regards, Andy

    • G’Day, Andy!
      Loved your copyright from the 18th Century information. You are 100% right here – If you don’t extensively edit the content that you grab of the web, you can certainly get ‘Pinged’ with copyright infringement.
      Google also hates duplicate content that you don’t own and they can penalize your online business too.

  7. Hi there, Jeff!

    Very interesting topic, I am new to online marketing, I have never heard of 1-Click Blog Post so I decided to look up your review. Why would anyone take information from YouTube and turn it into a post, when it is not their work? The information you have given is important for beginners so we don’t fall for their scams.

    • Thanks for commenting, Vanessa!😃
      People like to take the easy road to make money online but unfortunately, this path is only for the very ‘Lucky’ few that fluke it.
      Sadly, we all have to work hard for what we get but this makes it all the better when we finally reach our goals.
      If your interested in building a REAL online business you’ll be proud of, check out the platform that I have been with for 5 years.

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